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Silver Flash #21 Pleasant Surprises

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This week's prompts were The ticket felt hot n his hand. How the hell had he managed this? It was like a dream come true. 

"The difference is that I lie for a reason!"
You'll see which one I used.

Flash 21- Pleasant surprises

“Yes, yes. I understand, you’re walking away from the deal.”  Ben’s finger’s combed nervously through his dark hair as he hung up the phone.  The real estate business was still struggling to turn around. It was hard to broker a deal.  This buyer decided to walk away from this deal because the seller refused to budge on his price.  Ben could understand, they’d already lowered the price on their home two times; if they lowered it anymore they’d be walking away with nothing.

Ben looked at the folders on his desk filled with paperwork from buyers in various stages of negotiation. He sighed in frustration, took a sip from his coffee mug, the one that said, “You’re the greatest.” He finally looked at the photo of Tom that sat on his desk. The mug was a gift Tom had given him after he closed on a big contract.  He’d gotten a big commission and they used it to buy the cozy house they were currently fixing up.

There were so many things they’d discovered about each other, Ben couldn’t believe how handy Tom was.  He redid the master bathroom, surprising him with a Jacuzzi tub.  A big smile broke out across his face when he remembered how they initiated that tub by having some mind-blowing sex that night.

That wasn’t the only thing Tom surprised him with.

He thought about what he did the other night. 

“Tom?” he called out from the mudroom, he was taking his shoes and socks off and undid his tie.  He put his attaché case down in the living room next to the coffee table.  Ben followed his nose to the smell of food slowly wafting through the house from the kitchen.

“Mm, something smells good.”  Ben found his lover standing over the stove mixing a big pot. “Is that what I think it is?” He asked after kissing Tom’s lips.

“It’s my famous spaghetti and meatballs.  The guys at the firehouse can’t get enough of the stuff.”  Tom gently smacked Ben’s hand when he took a taste of the freshly baked garlic bread that was sitting on a cooling rack on the counter.

“Hey! That’s for soaking up the sauce.”

“Can I help it if I can’t resist your cooking?” Ben gave him an innocent look.

“Yeah, okay, you can have a taste.”

Ben took another piece of bread and dipped it in the hot sauce. “Mm, this is the best, sweetheart. I love it.”

“As much as you love me?” Tom wiggled his eyebrows at him.

“Hm, that’s a tough one to say.” Ben laughed when Tom swatted him with the kitchen towel.

Ben helped Tom set he table and bring spoon up the plates for both of them.  They sat down at the dining room table.

“Tom is something wrong?” Ben noticed how quiet he’d gotten. He was fidgeting in his chair.

“No, I just got something to show you.”

“What, what is it?” Ben had a feeling something was up.

“Go down the hallway and see.”

Ben looked at Tom and quickly got off his chair and sprinted down to the end of the hallway.  The door to the room containing his office was closed and it had a red bow and ribbon across it.

“What did you do now?” Ben looked at Tom suspiciously.

“Open the door,” Tom was fighting hard not to smile.  Ben stepped inside, Tom had redone the room fresh paint on the walls, in a neutral color, a new desk and an ergonomic chair and a new stereo system completed the room.  Ben had mentioned to him that he liked to listen to music while he worked.

“Ben? Do you like it?”

Ben knew he was standing there with his mouth hanging open looking like an idiot. He turned around and flung his arms around Tom’s neck and hugged and kissed the stuffing out of him.

“Like it, oh baby I love it!” 

They made love on the carpeted floor.


Ben’s phone rang, bringing him out of his reverie.  After he hung up on his client he began to think of something special he wanted to do for Tom.  

Now how was he going to surprise his man? He looked online and spotted something that caught his eye, but he knew it was virtually impossible to get.

Still it was worth a try. A couple of clicks here and there and then all he could do was hope for the best.

Ben was surprised when, about a week later, a courier came to the office with an envelope for him.

He’d been so focused with the phone call he was on he wasn’t paying much attention when he signed for it.

He opened the envelope and out popped two tickets to the Lady Gaga concert that was being performed in Hershey that weekend.

The tickets felt hot in his hand. How the hell had he managed this? It was a dream come true.


Ben thought of an interesting way to surprise Tom with the tickets.    He decided to hide them in the Lady Gaga CD case that was in Tom’s car.   Ben had given the “Born This Way” CD to him recently, also surprising him with it.  He had the guys at the firehouse let him sneak it into Tom’s locker on his day off.    Ben remembered the phone call he’d gotten the next day at work from his very excited firefighter.

They lovers had plans Friday evening, they day before the concert.  They were going to take a drive down to the farmer’s market to stock up on some fresh produce and assorted other goodies.  They loved to buy from the Amish; they had the freshest and best tasting food.

The market was about a half hour drive and they usually passed the time talking or listening to music.

“I’ll drive,” Ben offered.

“I thought you hated driving.”  Tom had his keys out and was about to open the driver’s side door of his car.

“You do so much driving at the firehouse,” Tom was the driver at the station, he’d often tell Ben how amazed he was at how many people wouldn’t get out of the way when they heard the siren blasting.  “I want to give you a break.”  He smiled at him.

“Okay,” Tom started to move towards Ben’s car.

 Ben remembered to put the CD into his car.   They got in and drove down Route 30.    They started to chitchat about work, the colors they were going to paint their bedroom. 

“Hey how about some music?”  Ben asked him, non-challantly.

“Okay, let’s see what you got here.” He picked up the case Ben kept his CDs in and started to flip through them.   “Hey what’s my Lady Gaga CD doing here?”

“I know it’s your favorite so I brought it along.   How about we play that one?”

Ben pulled onto the shoulder of the road and put the car in park.  He didn’t want to miss the look on Tom’s face when he opened the case.

“How come you pulled over to the side of the road?”

“Wow you sure are full of questions.   I just needed a break.  Open the CD and pop it in.”

Tom opened the case and the tickets fell into his lap. “What the….” He picked them up and looked at them.  “Ben?  What’s this?”

“What does it look like?”  Ben asked as the smile he couldn’t contain any longer broke out on his face.

“It looks like two tickets to tomorrow night’s Lady Gaga concert, but they can’t be that show has been sold out for over a month.” 

“Well I guess then we’ll be pretending to be there tomorrow night cause that’s where we’ll be.”  

“H-how,” Tom was speechless; it took him a moment to stop staring at the tickets in his hand and to look over at Ben.   “I can’t believe it.”

“You like it?”

“Like it! I just can’t believe we’re going.”  Tom reached over and Ben felt Tom’s hand reach behind his neck and pull him towards him and the blond’s captured his lips.  

“Oh baby I love you, love you so much.”   Tom realized this was not the best place to be doing this.    “Let’s go home.”

“But we didn’t get to the market.   I want to get you something special for dinner tonight.”

“I already got something special.  You.” 

“Tom.”  Ben quickly put the car in gear and found a place to turn around; they made it home in record time and barely got in through the front door before the loving started.


My fellow flashers 


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