Sunday, June 26, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

This is my first six sentence sunday.   I decided to tease you with my latest book "Love On the East End." Gabriel owns a restaurant and William owns a winery.   You know what happens when food and wine come together.
Love on the East End

Gabriel took an apple pie out of the fridge and some chocolate ice cream out of the freezer and they each took a serving and decided to enjoy dessert and wine in the cozy living room. Gabriel stopped long enough to light the gas fireplace while William found himself a spot on the sofa.

"Mm, this is good."  William said between bites of ice cream and pie.

"It's even better with the company I have with me now."


  1. Interesting, but I never think of chocolate ice cream with apple pie, only vanilla. But you stopped just when it was getting good! Fun six and welcome to SSS, Lily.

  2. Welcome and yum!! Great six!!

  3. And now I'm hungry! Great six. Welcome!
    Have a Great Sunday,
    Kristin Wolfgang

  4. Great description. Thank you.

  5. Thank you. Right now I am having a hic up with my publisher. I have to get the book back online. She has reverted the rights back to me, she has decided to take a step away from publishing. This happened on Mon and hit me very quickly.