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Silver Shorts Free reads

Here is my story for week 8.    Here is the direct link to DL all the FREE stories

I participated in weeks 6 (Built on Love) and 8 (Special Packages)

Silver Shorts 2

Prompts are-

"The box was still there..."
"We fell in love..."


"You can only eat so much..."
"I cannot believe you..."

Special Packages

Rick loved his job; he got to drive around all over town, delivering packages and making people happy. It was about as close to being Santa Claus as you could get, only instead of driving a sleigh he drove a big brown truck with UPS emblazoned on the side.

There were some customers that were one shot deals and some, like the building he was pushing his hand truck into, that were daily visits.  Riverhead Imports was one of those, receiving shipments from Islip airport on Long Island, New York.

The elevator doors opened on the fourth floor. He traveled the familiar path toward the end of the hallway, stopping at the wooden door with the that sign stated that Riverhead Import offices lay inside. He pushed the door open and was greeted with a “Hi Rick,” from the sexy receptionist behind the front desk.   Clay Butterfield had caught his eye the first time he’d ever made a delivery to this office.  He had some amazing features:  dark hair, crystal blue eyes—the man was sex on a stick.  He should have been walking a runway ,not sitting behind some desk punching computer keys and answering phones.  But then Rick would have been deprived of his daily dose of eye candy, the one he looked forward to each day.

“Hey Clay, how are you?” Rick put the boxes near the front desk and handed Clay the electronic tablet to sign.

“I’m good.” The phone buzzed and he picked it up “The boss wants me.”

Rick’s heart raced in his chest as Clay came up close and personal and shoved something into his hand.

“I never thought a man in shorts could be a turn on. You’ve got sexy legs.”  And before Rick’s brain could process what just happened, Clay disappeared. Shorts were part of the typical UPS warm weather outfit.  He knew countless women and gay men checked him out, but knowing Clay was one of them made him tingle inside.  He didn’t look until he, and his hand truck, were in the elevator.    He finally opened up his hand and looked at what was written on the paper Clay had snuck into his palm—his phone number, with the words “call me”. 

He got into his truck and quickly transferred the number into his cell phone.

That evening he sat on his couch with his I-phone in his hand and Clay’s number staring at him.   “Come on, just hit send already!”  he yelled at himself.  He could be such a chicken, especially when it came to hot men.     Finally, he pressed the button and waited while it connected to Clay’s phone.

After the fourth ring, he started to wonder if Clay was really interested.

“Hey, Rick, I’m sorry I just got out of the shower.”

Rick’s cock twitched as the image of Clay dressed in nothing but a towel flew through his mind.

“Um… oh uh… yeah that’s okay, Clay.”  He fumbled around for things to say.  He was getting more and more nervous by the minute. 

“I was wondering if we could get together for dinner, I know this nice bistro, maybe I could swing by your place, say around seven?”

Rick thought his heart was going to burst out of his chest. “I’d like that very much. Seven’s fine.”

“I’ll need your address.”

After Rick told Clay where he lived and they’d ended the call, all Rick could think about was what was he going to wear.   He didn’t go out on many dates, and not ones with classy guys like Clay.    He finally settled on black dress pants and a green, short-sleeved, dress shirt with a v-neck.

Rick lived in a townhouse community. The streets were laid out in a sort of maze; he hoped Clay didn’t get lost.   A knock on the door answered that question.  He broke out in a smile when he opened the door.   Clay was dressed in black, which made those blue eyes stand out even more.   He had an amazing body, one Rick wanted to explore as soon as possible.  He hoped Clay felt the same way.

“Come on in. I hope you didn’t have any problems finding the place.”

“No, and we have GPS to thank for that.”   He flashed that million-dollar smile that made Rick’s insides turn to Jello.  “Are you ready to leave?  I made a reservation.”

“Sure, I’m ready.”  He grabbed his jacket and locked up.

Clay drove a silver Kia that had all the bells and whistles.   The stereo had an incredible sound; he liked how the display gave the artist and the song’s name.

“I hope you don’t mind Lady Gaga.” 

“No, I like her songs.”

They drove to the restaurant and Clay gave his keys to the valet.   They made their way into the bistro and were seated at one of the outdoor tables behind the eatery.  “I hope you don’t mind eating alfresco.” 

“No, no.  I like it a lot,”   Rick commented as he took in the view of the water. He wasn’t much of a city person—he wouldn’t need the fingers on both hands to count the times he’d been into Manhattan.

The sommelier came by with a bottle of Chardonnay that Clay had ordered soon after they’d sat down, and presented it to Clay.   He took a sip of wine and nodded his approval.  Rick was given an appropriate serving, which he sipped.  “Mm, tasty.”

“I hope you didn’t mind that I took the liberty of ordering the wine?”

“No, I like a man who takes charge.”

“Really? Well, I’ll have to keep that in mind.”  Clay smiled seductively.   Rick had been able to keep his cock under control—until now.   He was anxious to get him back home and see what Clay had up his sleeve.

They dined on seafood: Rick had a fisherman’s platter, and Clay had rock lobster and steak. 

“Would you like to see our dessert menu?” the waiter enquired, after taking their empty plates away.

“Oh gosh, no,”  Rick said.  Clay looked at him. “You can only eat so much. I do have to watch my figure after all.  Can’t be getting fat. I wouldn’t be able to fit into those shorts you like so much.”

“Good thinking, but you know what?”  Clay leaned forward and locked gazes with Rick. “Right now I’m thinking of how to get you out of your clothes.”

“Come on, let’s go.”  Rick abruptly stood up. 

“Wait, I’ve got to pay the check.”

“Oh yeah.” Rick was so anxious to get out of there, he forgot about that formality.  He reached into his wallet for his credit card.

“You put that away, this is my treat.”


“No buts, my treat.”  He called over the waiter, who quickly put together their bill.   Clay signed the credit card receipt and they were on their way.

Rick gave Clay a quick tour of his place, but the room they were really interested in was the bedroom.  

“You’ve got a nice place here, Rick.  Especially your bedroom.”  

Rick did have a nice bedroom. He’d had it remodeled not too long ago: new wooden floors, new paint, and a new king-sized bed he couldn’t wait to try out with Clay.

“Thanks, I think you’ll really like this.”  Rick pulled off his shirt and fell back onto the bed.

“You like?” Rick asked.  He leaned back on his elbows, showing off his naked chest to a hungry Clay.

“Yeah, oh yeah!” Clay crawled onto the bed until he was right over Rick. “Yummy.” he leaned down and planted a kiss on Rick’s lips.

“I’ve been hoping to get you here, like this,” Rick confessed.

“Oh yeah?”  Clay said, between lavishing kisses on Rick’s neck; without looking up he attacked his nipples, lapping and sucking on them. 

“I thought it was just a fantasy, that it was never going to happen.”

“And I never thought I’d get a UPS man in bed either.  So it looks like both our dreams have come true,”   Clay said between his kissing journey down Rick’s chest andstomach and pulling Rick’s pants off to reveal the big prize that stood at attention between Rick’s thighs.

“Mm, tasty.”  Clay licked the white droplet at the top of the plump cockhead.

“Wait, I didn’t get dessert yet. “ Rick watched Clay strip naked for him and sat on the bed in the six-nine position. 

“Okay, here.  I’m tired of your whining,”  he teased. 

“We’ll find out who’s  going to be whining…or should I say moaning.”

Both men got to work, sucking each other off.  It was moments like this that Rick was glad he’d read that book, “The Joys of Gay Sex.”   He put the chapter on blowjobs to good use.   He licked Clay’s large balls and sucked on them.   Then ran his tongue up the huge cock up to the top and wrapped his mouth around the plump head. 

Moans filled the room until both men came.

“Oh boy,”  Clay whispered.

“Wow,” Rick managed to mumble.  “If this is a dream, I don’t want to ever wake up.”

“Mm, me neither.  Will you be by the office tomorrow?”

“You’re not staying?” Rick hoped this was not a one-time thing.

“I’ll stay if you want me to,” Clay assured him.  “I was thinking of quitting until you showed up.”

“Really?  I had no idea.  I do make daily deliveries to other companies you know.  I could let you know who they are, if you want to change jobs.”

“No, I think I’ll stay there for a while.  And here too.”   Clay swept his arm to encompass the bedroom, then wrapped it around Rick’s shoulders and hugged and kissed him.   They held each other and fell asleep.

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