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Silver Shorts

Welcome to Silver Shorts.  Every week,  Silver Publishing authors will be given prompt or four to play with and one week to submit flash fiction and short stories to be offered as free reads to their customers. This week's theme is: "There isn't room in this closet for the two of us!"

I am posting my story here, to DL the free stories please visit Silver's site:
Silver Shorts

In the meantime here is my free read

Silver Short

Prompt - "This closet aint big enough for the both of us..."

Built on Love-by Lily Sawyer

Hal Lender wasn’t a nine to five, stuck behind a desk kind of guy; he loved working with his hands. Which was why going into the construction business was the smartest decision he’d ever made.

“Hal did we get the flooring delivery yet?”

That voice was the most wonderful sound Hal had ever heard, and it belonged to his best friend, Ryder Jones. They met in high school and became instant friends.  They both tried out for the football team and congratulated each other on the back when they made it.    Ryder was taller and more built than he was; maybe that was why they made him a wide receiver.   Hal was a tight end; he didn’t care what position he played, he was just happy to be on the team with his best friend.  The same friend who became a whole lot more when they got accepted into the same college, UCLA paid for by their football scholarships.    They were both hoping to end up in the pros, but it’s funny how things can change in a matter of minutes.  It was the last play of the last game in their junior year when a tackle from behind sent Ryder falling to the ground.  His knee was injured, sure they repaired it but it meant he was forced out of football for good.   Hal tried his best to carry on, but his heart wasn’t in it anymore.  

They did everything together and after Ryder quit football they sat down in their dorm and made some major life decisions.   Ryder’s father owned a construction company and after graduation he and Hal went to work for him. 

“It just came in this morning,” Hal answered the man who had become the love his life.   They did a little fooling around in college, well once they figured out that was how things were going to go for the two of them.  You just never know when love is going to hit you, and Hal never thought he’d fall in love with his best friend, or visa versa.   Having the full support of their friends at school certainly made things a lot easier during those four years.  

Tell their families was another matter, they were both scared shitless.   He and Ryder were both stunned when their families didn’t even blink and eye; in fact Hal’s mother was wondering what took them so long to say anything. 

Ryder’s father was proud of his son, it didn’t matter to him that he was gay.   Moe Jones couldn’t think of anyone he’d be more happy to see take over his construction business than Ryder.   So this is how one Hal Lender found himself working as manager of Ryder construction and Ryder was now head of the company.   His father retired about a year ago and gave over the keys to his son. 

“Hey Ryder?”  Hal looked up from the paperwork he’d been filling out on the newly installed granite island in the kitchen.   The rest of the workers were on their lunch break.  They’d been working on one of the ranch style homes in this new development in Santa Barbara for months.   They celebrated big time when this contract crossed Ryder’s desk.   It meant big bucks for the company and Hal showed Ryder just how happy he was when they made it to their bedroom that night.   Hal had picked up the “Kama Sutra for Gays” book and couldn’t wait to show Ryder some new moves.    His lover’s moans of delight and squirming body were all the evidence Hal needed to know he was taking Ryder up to the summit of their mountain of love.  “Ryder?”   Where did his man get off to, he sure could pull a disappearing act at the oddest times, he needed him to sign this requisition form for more drywall.

“I’m back here.”  There was that voice again, it didn’t matter to Hal that Ryder wasn’t trying to be sexy, pretty much everything that man did was sexy to Hal.   Hal followed the voice to the finished master bedroom.   It was a spacious room with tray ceilings and a bay window that looked out to a big backyard.   There was an ensuite bathroom.    The sounds of a power screwdriver caught his attention and he finally found his man.  He snuck up behind him and wrapped his arms around Ryder.   His lips kissed the back of Ryder’s sweaty neck.

“This closet ain’t big enough for the both of us.”  Ryder whispered in a husky voice, Hal knew he was turning him on with his amorous moves.

“Nonsense, it’s a walk in closet. Plenty of room for us and then some.”

“I don’t want the ‘then some.’   I only want you, Hal.”  Ryder had turned around and put the screwdriver down on the shelf he’d finished installing.   They wrapped their arms around each other and their lips met.  “We really don’t have time for this, the guys will be back from lunch any minute.”

“Did that ever stop us before?” Hal knew he was being unprofessional, but when he was this close to Ryder the head down below did all the talking.  “Come on, baby, we can do a quickie in the closet.”

“Hal,” Ryder’s fingers were combing through Hal’s dark hair, the tall, blond former wide receiver was putty in his hands.

“Just to let you know I finished my book, I think I’ll practice chapter twelve on you.”  Hal slowly unzipped Ryder’s jeans and pulled open the material, his hand snaked inside his boxers and pulled out the large cock that was already dripping wet.  “We can’t let you go back to work like this, Ryder.”   Hal dropped down in front in worship of Ryder’s burgeoning member; he never could get enough of this man and probably never would.   He’d never miss an opportunity, like this one, to show this man how much he loved him.  He started off by licking Ryder’s cock like a popsicle, pearl white droplets drizzled down the shaft and into Hal’s hungry mouth.  By the time Hal pulled the cock into his mouth Ryder was a quivering mess, leaning up against the closet wall for support.  The blond’s fingers were bunched up in his hair giving him hard pulls, a sign to Hal that he was very close to coming.   Hal bobbed his head up and down and his tongue lapped at the slit on top of Ryder’s cock until…. “HAL, uhhhh.”  The sound echoed in the room.   Hal helped Ryder to the floor and he rested against Ryder’s lap, their arms intertwined like the vines on a tree. They needed a few minutes to gather their strength. 

“What about you, Hal?”  Ever the concerned, unselfish, lover, Ryder wanted to make sure he was taken care of.

“I took care of it.”  Hal’s cock lay spent against his open fly, evidence that Ryder wasn’t the only one receiving pleasure. 

“Next time I take care of you, okay?” Ryder kissed him.

“Okay lover.”  They continued to lie there, then put themselves back together.  Just in time for their worker’s return.   “Do you want to come out of the closet now?” Hal joked.

“Baby I think we came out a long time ago.” Ryder said.

“We sure did, I do have one question though.” Hal was always a spur of the moment kind of guy, one that said what was on his mind.


“Do you want to get married?”

Hal didn’t know if he should laugh or be concerned at the open-mouthed expression on Ryder’s face.

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