Thursday, March 8, 2012

Silver Shorts update

I just wanted to update my readers about my Silver Shorts story.   I made a boo boo when I thought it was supposed to be posted this week.  I found out that it will not be posted until next Weds.   I am waiting for it to be looked over by someone at Silver and then I'll be posting next week.

In the meantime here is a little tease.

The prompt I am using is  I hadn't realized my driver's license expired officer...

Ticket To Ride-by Lily Sawyer

Joe Miller got some good news,  he was made partner in a law firm and treated himself to a brand new Audi.   He wants to really see what his new baby can do so he takes him down towards the beach, to what he thinks is a deserted road.  He enjoys the feel of his powerful car, everything is going so well until he sees the flash of lights of a patrol car behind him and he has to face the strong arm of the law (that isn't the only thing that is strong on him)

Coming next week 

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