Sunday, March 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I am working very hard to finish my WIP  "Four Doors Down."   And I thought I'd share with you a part I just wrote.   (btw Bob is a cat)

“Am I going to get it?”   Tristan put Bob down and helped him out of his harness.  Alex set Bob’s bowls in the kitchen and made sure he had access to the hallway bathroom.  

“You just bet you’re going to get it.”    Alex threw a pillow that was on the couch at Tristan, hitting him in the face.  

“You meany!”   Tristan threw it back at him.   Their pillow war lasted until Alex fell back onto the couch and Tristan joined him or more like covered him with his own body and smothered him with kisses.


  1. A pillow war makes for great foreplay. Nice six!

  2. Nice six, though I think you went over again. They look like a fun couple and I do like it when animals are included in stories.

  3. Great six. Prelude to sex, I'm sure.