Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Briefs

 Here is my Weds Brief for this week. The continuing adventures of Ben and Tom  links to fellow authors appear at the end of my story.  Enjoy

This week's prompt:....  Take your hands off him!

Alternative prompts

I cry when I hear that music because....


Use a gravestone, a popsicle and a pair of feathered slippers.


There was just something about... that made me want to hide under a blanket


What do you want from me?
One Step Too Far by Lily Sawyer 
Ben looked at the set of photos that sat on the top of the mantel in the living room.  Some had been taken while they were on vacation in the Bahamas.  Tom loved scuba diving; Ben smiled when he remembered how Tom had convinced him to try his hand at snorkeling.  The water was crystal clear and it brought a different meaning to swimming with the fishes.

Tom was one handsome fella; he looked like he could easily have been a model instead of a firefighter.  Last year he’d participated in the “Hot Men of the Firehouse” calendar—he was Mr. October.  All the proceeds had gone to the Firemen’s Fund.   Ben had to admit he drooled when he first saw Tom’s photo. His lover wore his pants, bare-chested, an ax in his hands.

“I’d want to be rescued by you,”  he’d told Tom that night.  “In fact, I think I need you to rescue me right now.”  He winked at his sexy man and fell back onto the couch.  “I need some emergency kissing right this minute.”

“Oh, yeah?”  Tom was all over him in a flash. He showed Ben how skilled he was with his hands, among other parts.

Ben smiled at the memory of that night.

Tom had been working his three-day shift and today was his last day.   Ben decided to surprise Tom by coming by the firehouse and taking them out to their favorite restaurant.  They both loved Italian, and Bel Cibo had outdoor dining on the patio in front of the restaurant. 

The weather was so beautiful that it would be perfect for eating al fresco.

Ben had visited the firehouse several times. Tom’s fellow firefighters never gave him or Tom a hassle for their being gay.  Or at least they’d never seen anyone having a problem with it.

“Hey Steve, how are you doing?”   Ben spotted Tom’s friend checking the hoses in back of the truck.

“Hey Ben.” They shook hands and fist bumped.  “What brings you down to the house?”

“I wanted to surprise Tom.  I want to take him out to dinner.”

“Ah, well he’s changing in the locker room.  You know the way, right?”

“Oh yeah. Speak to you later, Steve.”  Ben made his way to the second floor of the building, saying hello to more of Tom’s friends along the way.

“Look, Bill. You’re a nice guy but I’m not interested.” 

Ben heard Tom’s voice from the hallway.

“Come on, Tom.   All I’m asking is to go out for one drink.  What harm is there in that?”

“It’s what comes next that I’m worried about.”

Ben could hear Tom shut his locker. 

“Can I help it if I’m attracted to you?”

“You’re a nice guy, Cam, but I’ve already got someone special in my life.  I’m sure you’ll be able to find yourself a nice guy too.”

“I found a nice guy… you.”

Ben had had enough. He marched into the locker room and the scene that greeted him made him see red.  

“Take your hands off him!”  Ben was across the room and standing in front of Tom.


“You heard what he said, he’s already spoken for.”

“So this is the guy, Tom?”   Ben heard the guy ask Tom then he laughed at him.  “This is who you’d rather be with than me?”

“Yeah, I’m the guy he belongs to. You want to make something of it?”  Ben was in Cam’s face.   Cam stood over him while Tom kept back.

“You really want to do this?”  Cam shook his head.   He tried to shove Ben out of the way, the next thing he was lying flat on his back.

“What the hell happened?”  Cam looked over to Tom and Ben as the two men left.  They looked over their shoulders and Tom said, “I forgot to mention that Ben has a black belt in Karate.” 

“So I’m your man, huh?”  Tom said as they made their way to the parking lot. 

“Yeah.” Ben kissed Tom’s lips.  “And you better not forget it.”

“Oh, I won’t.   Did you come to surprise me today?”

“Yep.  I wanted to take you out to dinner at Bel Cibo. I thought we could dine out on their patio.”

“I’d love that.”  Tom returned the kiss.  “Just like I love you.”    Tom left his car at the firehouse and the two lovers took off in Ben’s car to enjoy a romantic evening for two.

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  1. That was hot sweet and funny... these are a few of my favourite things... sorry got all Sound of Music on you there. I really liked the story.

  2. Mm, how will they work off the terrible tension of jealousy? . Very enjoyable brief, Lily ;-)

  3. Very nice. Love the jealousy angle.