Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome author May Water

I'd like to welcome May Water as guest blogger today. Let's find out more about her and her book "Raw Hide and Seek: Lassoed Lovers."

1. How long have you been writing?
About two years. After leaving the education & child services field I started writing for fun while I figured out what I wanted to do next . My first erotic romance, MAGNIFICENT KING, was publihed six months after I decided to write. I absolutely fell in love with the whole writing & publication process. Now I can't stop. My eleventh erotic romance releases this month.
2. What is your favorite genre to write?
So far it's been historical erotic romance. It's gratifying in both the erotic and historical aspect. I get swept away in the past. Modern life isn't as appealing to me. I also have a few murder mysteries in the works. Those are also fun, but I do admit that those have quite a bit of sexual hanky panky going on as well.
3. What are you working on now?
I have quite a few erotic romances in different stages of completion. I was working simutaneously on Book 2 of the LASSOED LOVERS series (RAW HIDE AWAY) and a gay werewolf tale. The werewolf tale was submitted for a Halloween anthology. Now I can slip fully into the Old West.
4. When you start a new story do you begin with a character or plot?
Character. More specifically, a heroine. I have a ton of heroines in my mind. All with their own story to tell. My job is to get as many of their stories out before I die.
5. Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it?
The LASSOED LOVERS series was partly inspired by my own adventures in California. Even though I spent most of my time in New England, I've been travelling back & forth to southern California since I was a kid. I just moved back to Boston after living in Southern Cali for four years. I'll always be a Cali girl at heart.
Welcome to Summerville, Colorado. Maddie Catalan holds all the spunk of a true Old Western gal. Parker Leeds, horseman extraordinaire, is the only male to keep up with her. A romantic future for the pair is possible, until she hooks onto bad boy Romney Barnes.
Maddie loses herself in his rough handling. Even after he hops on a locomotive to Boston the day after she loses her virginity, she has visions of becoming his bride. His visions definitely do not include her, however.
Maddie moves to her aunt s town to teach. She soon discovers that Rom was already engaged to another. Sensuous Trina kisses Maddie's boo-boos (and a whole lot more), helping her heart heal. Yet Maddie is bent on vengeance.
An angry Rom shows up months later big mistake. Violence erupts. Maddie is left scarred and broken. Will Parker seek Maddie again? Or will she hide, never be found?
Note: This book contains excessive violence and sexual assault of the heroine.
Genre: Historical, Western/Cowboys
Length: 54,385 words
Parker shook his head as he lightly touched all of the other small puncture wounds scattered over her arms, chest, and neck.
“Are they anywhere else?” he questioned.
Maddie nodded and pulled the waistband of her riding pants down. “That’s the last one,” she whispered. He gazed at the deep scar right above her pubic hair and sighed. Then he gazed up at her.
“How did your leg break?” he asked.
Maddie exhaled sharply before speaking. “I wish I could remember more. I do remember running through the woods though. I scrambled to get away from him. I remember feeling terrified, and not knowing if he was right behind me. The last thing I remember was tumbling off of something. Randy and your uncle Jerry found me unconscious a couple hours later at the bottom of an embankment. I told you I was a monstrosity,” she whispered. He heard the catch in her voice.Parker glanced up at her face. Her lip quivered as she locked eyes with him.
Parker sat on his knees and hugged her fiercely. Her chest heaved as she sobbed. It was then that Parker let loose his own tears. After a few minutes Parker pulled away from her. Her eyes were red and puffy. He was certain his own were as well.
“Maddie, you are not a monstrosity. Don’t you see what you are? You are a survivor. A living, breathing, vibrant, beautiful survivor!” he exclaimed vehemently. Maddie tilted her head as she gazed back at him. The intense love which shone from her eyes staggered him.
“But the scars, my leg…” Her words were quickly cut off by his mouth upon hers. This time it was no tender kiss. It was a kiss laden with passion. Her body responded immediately, and she leaned into him. She returned his kiss hungrily, exploring his mouth with her tongue.
Parker deftly slid her down into the mud. She watched with amazement as he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. Then he lay atop her, smoothing the hair away from her face as he gazed into her eyes. The feel of his strong chest crushing her breasts set his heart into overdrive.
“I love you, Maddie,” he panted as he kissed her neck all the way down to her breasts. When he drew a nipple into his hot mouth, she wound her hands into his hair and pushed his mouth down firmly.
“My God, Parker, yes,” she moaned. The hard bulge in his trousers pressed into her crotch. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist.
Parker kissed every inch of her face, neck, arms, and chest. Scar or no scar, his lips worshipped her. She dug her fingernails into his back and clung to him as he pressed his groin into hers. When he was poised above her, she kissed his strong biceps and gazed into his eyes.
“So you don’t care?” she asked meekly.
“You’re perfect,” he whispered. And he truly meant it. Scars or no scars he loved her. No matter what she had been through, he loved her. “There’s nothing on this planet that could stop me loving you. You’re stuck with me, Maddie Catalan.”
* * * *
Maddie melted at his words. She felt the ever-present force which swirled around them intensify. Her body vibrated with its powerful frequency. A frequency so high it drowned out all the evils of her past. She knew the force was love. She grasped his strong shoulders and pulled him down to her, kissing and nibbling his sweaty neck. She was suddenly consumed with a frantic need for Parker. The need to belong to him was overwhelming.
“Make love to me,” she whispered anxiously as she reached down to release his cock from his pants. Parker smiled softly as he shook his head and locked eyes with her. Then Maddie looked down. His stiff dick looked so pink against his tanned stomach.
“When I make love to you, it will be as your husband. I love you and you deserve that,” he whispered before kissing the tip of her nose. Maddie felt her stomach flutter.
“I love you, too,” she whispered when he leaned down to lavish kisses on her breasts again.
“It’s about time,” he panted when he lifted his head. Maddie chuckled as she grasped his thick hair, pressing his face harder on her breast. All the while, part of her brain was focused on his cock pressing into her leg. Then he kissed his way down her belly, dipping his tongue into her belly button before making his way to her riding pants. She flung her arms back in the mud as he wiggled her pants off of her. She surrendered to him willingly and parted her legs.
When his tongue dipped into her cunt, she moaned, arching her back and winding her hands in his hair. A sweet pressure built inside of her as she pumped her hips.
Please make love to me,” she panted. Parker poised above her. His erection dug into her thigh. She saw the inner struggle on his face, so she stroked his jaw.
“Maddie, we’re not even engaged,” he said sadly.
“Then let’s get engaged. Right now,” she whispered as she reached down to grasp his stiff cock.
After a career in childhood human services, I discovered a passion for writing erotic romance. I dove in head first. Now I'm quite addicted. My first 10 books were released between May 2011- May 2012 through Siren Publishing.Writing never bores me. the more I write, the more I want to write :)


  1. Thanks for welcoming me! love, may

  2. Hi May, my whimsical, wonderful May! I glory in all your novels, all your success. This latest one is a very hott read. Don't tell me your guy is gonna hold out for marriage? Oy vey! Sounds like Maddie needs to convince him a little stronger, a little longer.

    It's good to see you here. And I wish you tremendous success on this and all your other dozen or so novels! Ever a fan, Erin

  3. BIG warm hug Mistress OQuinn. Parker is a 'nice guy' can he resist Miss Maddie? She's the love of his ever loving life. The scene which follows this excerpt got even me in a lather...Thanks for your encouragement! I'm having a blast writing all of this erotica. Next...A bit of German hardcore in the works..muahhahaha...