Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weds Brief

Well Tom and Ben are BACK in a big way.    This week I was inspired by this photo prompt.

Have I gotten your attention yet?   Well this got Ben's attention, and, more importantly for this week's brief,  Tom's

“You sure you know what you’re doing?”  A very nervous Ben asked him for the umpteenth time.

“Are you worried?”  Tom always sounded so self-assured. Ben figured Tom’s work as a firefighter made him seem more fearless, but Ben knew he was scared sometimes. Tom focused his energy on the task at hand, and pushed any fear to the back burner.

“Of course, I’m worried.  I don’t want to become a widower anytime soon.”  They argued back and forth, as they watched the mechanical bull spin and buck around and around.  The man on its back held on as long as he could until, after a few seconds, he went sailing off and landed with a loud thump onto the mats surrounding the bull.

“Aw, Tom, are you going to let your mommy tell you what to do?”   Dean Peters put his two cents in.

“You watch your mouth, Dean!”  Tom sneered at one of his fellow firefighters.  Dean Peters worked for a different engine company, but he and Tom had gone through the academy together. They were more rivals than friends, but they tried to be civil. That was, until Tom came out, and Dean didn’t seem to deal with it well.

“What’s the matter, Tom, am I hitting too close to home? You have to clear everything you do with the ‘little’ woman...Ow! Oh shit!” Dean found himself quickly flat on his back on the floor.  Just where Ben deposited him, after he delivered a karate move.

“The ‘little’ woman, as you called me, doesn’t appreciate you talking to his man that way.” Ben fisted the front of Dean’s shirt in his hand.  “And if you ever call me a little woman again, I’ll make sure you’re singing soprano.”  His knee rested on the front of the other man’s pants.  “You got that?”

“Yyyyesss, I-I-I got it!”  Dean’s voice stuttered.

Ben let him up and Dean took off like a shot.

“My hero.”  Tom’s arm snaked around Ben’s shoulders.

“I won’t let anyone talk to you that way.”

Tom’s lips met Ben’s; neither man cared what anyone else in the room thought about two men kissing in public.

“I really want to ride that bull, Ben. I’ll be careful.”

“Okay, honey, I have to admit I’m a little excited to see you ride.” Ben went off to the side; it was Tom’s turn on the bull.

Ben watched his man hold on tight as the mechanical bull was started up.  Around               and around they went. Tom stayed on for a long time until one spin knocked him down.

“I’m okay.” He quickly got up, to a round of applause and a big hug from Ben. 

“Come on, stud, let’s go home.” Ben took him by the hand and led him out to their car.

“I have something I want to ride.” 

“Oh yeah?” Tom asked.

“Yeah… you.”

They made it back home in record time, Tom just barely able to keep to the speed limit.     They just made it through the front door before Ben was all over him.   He took Tom’s shirt off and slid down to the tile floor in the hallway.   “This is my favorite part, being able to be the only one to see all of you and knowing you’re all mine.”   Ben unbuckled Tom’s belt and pulled the zipper down, Tom’s jeans were pulled slowly off his hips.  His cock sprang out and stood at attention.   Tom’s big hand came to rest on Ben’s head.  His fingers combed through Ben’s dark tresses. When Ben’s mouth closed around the plump head, his fingers pulled on the tendrils.

“Ben, oh.  I’m so close.” 

“Not yet, baby.”   Ben stood up and led Tom upstairs and pushed him onto the bed.   Ben took his own clothes off and crawled up over Tom.  A tube of lube was grabbed from the nightstand and he lathered Tom’s cock up.  Ben settled himself onto Tom’s cock and slid back.  He rode Tom just as the firefighter had ridden that mechanical bull a short time ago. 

Moans and groans filled the room.  “Yes!” 

Ben fell onto Tom’s chest and Tom’s strong arms circled his back and held him tight.

“How do I compare to that bull?”  Ben asked him sleepily.

“That bull doesn’t hold a candle to you, Ben.”  

They fell asleep, cuddled up all nice and cozy together.


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  1. Oh he rode the mechanical bull, then rode his man. Yeehaw! :D

    Nice one Lily

  2. LOL! I love how Ben showed how he was 'boss' and took care of Tom.