Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weds Brief

Well it's that time of the week again.  time to find out what Tom and Ben are up to.  I think you'll want to join in the party.   They are having a summertime get together.  you're all invited to join in.

Weds Brief May 29

Nature Lovers

“Hey, Tom, did you fill out that paperwork?”  Pete Johnson asked him. He was one of Tom’s fellow firefighters and a close friend.  Working in a firehouse, your co-workers became more than just that; they also became your closest companions.  You relied on them for so much, including your life.

“Yeah, Pete. Hey, are you and Jill coming over for dinner on Saturday?” Tom and Ben liked to invite their friends over every now and then.  They both loved to cook, so their get-togethers gave them an opportunity to try new recipes or drag out old ones.

“Sure, Tom, what time did you want us there?”

“How about around seven?” Tom knew it would give him and Ben time to clean the house and set up the backyard.  They usually got the food together the night before.   If the weather was nice, they’d BBQ out on the deck.

When Tom arrived home, it was still light out.  He found Ben in front, planting flowers.

“Hi hon.” Tom leaned over and kissed Ben on the lips.  He was reaping the benefits of Ben’s green thumb.  “Those flowers look beautiful, what kind are they?” he asked. Tom knew little to nothing about plants. 

“Marigolds. I’ve been mixing native plants and annuals in the flower garden,”  Ben explained.   It all went over Tom’s head; he certainly did appreciate all the work Ben did to make their world more beautiful.

“Well, whatever you’re doing, I love it.”  Tom sat down beside Ben on the grass.  Ben had been working on an area in front of the boxwoods that grew in front of their dining room window.

Tom watched Ben finish planting the yellow and bronze colored flowers then Ben got up and took his gardening gloves off and stuck out his hand and helped Tom off the ground.

“Pete and Jill are coming for dinner tomorrow.  Just thought I’d remind you.” 

“Great, I’ve been working on a menu. We’re BBQ-ing, right?” Ben asked.

“You bet. I checked on and it calls for a gorgeous, sunny day.  Won’t be hot either, only in the seventies.”

“Great, I think I’ll take a shower, “ Ben said. Tom followed Ben into the bedroom.

“You want some company?”   Tom was being hopeful. It had been a while since they’d had time to really be together; their work schedules tended to keep them apart.

“You bet I do!”  Ben took his shirt and jeans off and shed his boxers in record time.

Tom mirrored Ben’s actions; it wasn’t long before they were enjoying each other’s bodies under the spray of a hot shower.

“Oh yeah, Tom, yeah. Right there!” 

Tom knew all the right buttons to push to get Ben’s motor running.  His cock was hitting his partner’s sweet spot.  Ben’s right hand grabbed Toms’ thigh and squeezed tight.

A few more thrusts and Ben was sent into orbit.

It took a while, but they made it back to Earth.

“So what’s on the menu?”  Tom asked Ben over cups of coffee in the kitchen.  They’d put fresh clothes on and were enjoying leftover chili that Tom had made the night before.

“How about some beef kabobs and marinated chicken and some roasted veggies, too?”

“Mm, sounds yummy. Let’s get the meat ready tonight. I told Pete and Jill to get here by seven tomorrow night.”


The next evening…

“Gosh, everything is so wonderful,”  Jill exclaimed, after enjoying yet another kabob.

They’d served some red wine with dinner and had good conversation, too.

Tom and Ben capped it off by having some strawberry sorbet Ben had made.

They sat on the deck, each couple holding hands and watched the sunset.


my fellow flashers: 


  1. Fun red. Guess planting marigolds makes one a bit randy.

  2. i love marigolds. they're so pretty, especially in the sunshine. I so envy Tom and Ben having a BBQ. the weather has been poo here so far. That was a nice flash of outdoors and food/

  3. That was a fun flash! Love your use of the prompts :)