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Silver Flash #37

Flash 37
This week’s prompts: 
This week's Prompt Diva is Heather, who has given us our Halloween prompts:

"That boy is a monster." or "This is better than a bagful of candy."

Here are my alternate prompts:

Use these three words:  red, buoyancy, terra cotta


Lovers such as I (my Richard Harris tribute)


"How dare you toy with my affections?"

Halloween Tricks

“Look— a stockade, chains, a black cat and…. ooooh a coffin! Can you believe it Ben?”  Sometimes Tom acted like a little kid. Especially when it came to Halloween.  He did everything except go out trick-or-treating.  He even dressed up; this year he’d told Ben he planned on being a pirate.  He got really excited when people started decorating their homes and he dragged Ben out to see what their neighbors had done

“I see it, Tom, it’s nice.”  Ben rolled his eyes. He just couldn’t get as excited as his partner about Halloween.  He could blame his parents for that—while his friends paraded around the neighborhood dressed in colorful costumes,  collecting tons of candy, he was forced to stay home and do his homework.  As far as they were concerned it was a pagan holiday, one  they’d no interest in letting Ben be a part of.

“Nice? It’s more than nice! It’s they're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky…”

“Oh please, don’t tell me they’re the Addams family.”   Ben rolled his eyes again, but he couldn’t prevent a smile from breaking out on his face. He’d been feeling kind of down over the past few days, and Tom and his sense of humor were just the thing to break him out of it.

“Come on, Ben, where’s your Halloween spirit?”

“It’s Non-existent is where it is. Just like when I was a kid.”

“Well, I’m going to fix that.”

“How?”  Ben could see the wheels turning in Tom’s head.  He didn’t know whether to be scared or intrigued.

“You’re coming with me to the party.”

“Party, what party?”  This is the first Ben had heard about a party.

“A Halloween party they’re holding at the American Legion Hall. The fire department put together a charity fundraiser for tonight and you’re going with me as my date.”

“I’m what? Why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

“Cause I didn’t want you to come up with a gazillion excuses to back out of it.”

“I don’t need any excuse, ‘cause I’m not going.”   Ben turned around. He started to walk back toward their house. 

“But you gotta go, Ben.”   They made it as far as their front porch before Ben turned around and lashed into him.

“I told you I’m not into Halloween.”

“But you’ve never even given it a real shot.  I know you didn’t get to do it as a kid, but there isn’t any reason you can’t join in the fun now.”

“I just don’t want to.”

“Look, just come to the party and try to have fun.  I know you know how to have fun, Ben.”

“I’m not going.”  Ben opened the door. He knew he wasn’t being fair but he just didn’t like being put in this position.

“You have to go, it’s for charity. It benefits the families of fallen firefighters.” 

That did it for Ben. Tom knew he could never refuse any charity, but particularly one that hit so close to home for both of them.   “Alright.” He sighed.   His foul mood didn’t last long when Tom’s arms came around him and their lips met
“I’ll help you with a costume.”

“Never mind I’ll come up with one by myself.”

“You will?”

“I can, you know!”

“I know, I know how creative you can be, baby.”  Tom held his hands up in surrender.

A few hours later…

“Ben, are you ready? We’ve got to leave in a few minutes.”   Tom was looking in the mirror, adjusting his pirate hat, when Ben joined him in the living room.

“I’m all ready.”

Tom turned around and his mouth dropped open.   “What are you supposed to be?”  Tom made a curious circle around Ben.

“Um,” He put his thinking cap on but couldn’t figure out what it was.  Ben was dressed in a pink sweatshirt and pink pants and there was a shoe on top of his head.  “I give up what are you?”

“I’m the gum on the bottom of your shoe.” Ben laughed when he heard Tom’s groans.  “Well, you’ve been the gum on the bottom of my shoe for a long time, now it’s my turn.”

“So I’ve been a pain in the neck like gum on the bottom of a shoe?”

“Yep, but I guess just like the gum I’m stuck with you.”  Ben came over and plastered a kiss on Tom’s lips.

“You’ve been my gum too.”  They hugged and kissed and then noticed the time.  


All manner of creatures inhabited the American Legion hall.   They were each given a bag loaded with treats. 

“I hope you enjoy the candy.”   A small figure ran off.

“That boy is a monster,” one of Tom’s fellow fire fighters exclaimed.

“Is that a nice thing to say?”  Ben said as he poured himself a drink from the punch bowl; a mysterious fog cascaded down the sides.

“I think I’m qualified to say it, he’s my son.”  They laughed at the retreating back of the mini-Frankenstein’s monster.

Ben looked over at his partner. He had to admit the pirate’s costume was turning Ben on and he could feel his pants getting rather tight.  He nodded in Tom’s direction, hoping he got the signal.  He found a closet off the main hallway and ducked in.    He wasn’t alone for long. 

“You wanted something, Ben?”  Tom smiled at him.

“Yeah, I want this.”  He put his hand on Tom’s crotch and felt the bulge he knew so well growing.

“I thought you wanted a bag of candy.”

“This is better than a bagful of candy.”  He kissed Tom.  “You should know that, you damn pirate.”

“Arghhh.”  Tom did his worst impression of a pirate ever.  But Ben didn’t care.  “I want yer booty.”

“Come and get it, ya mangy pirate.”  

The music was blasting so loud the partiers never heard the pirate in the closet looking for some buried treasure.

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