Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I decided to choose my "Catch of the Day" story.   I just love my merman  (to order please click on the book cover)

Thank you to all who visit my blog. 

“Really, well how come you never opened a restaurant?”
“Oh it was on my ‘to do’ list.”
“Oh was it?” Kellan said as he took the last bite of egg and finished his coffee.
“What else is on that ‘to do’ list?”
“Just this.” Jaran swiftly swiveled Kellan’s chair around to face him, sat in his lap,


  1. What!? You can't just leave it like that, lol!

  2. Did you cut off the last sentence on purpose? Tease!

  3. six sentences limits me on what I can post. yes it's a TEASE