Thursday, October 20, 2011

To catch a merman

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd give you a chance to catch Jaran.    All you have to do is leave a message on my blog along with your e mail addy.     I'll be picking a winner tonight. 


Catch of the Day-by Lily Sawyer


Available at Silver Publishing in E book and print ok_authors_id/101/typefilter/book_author s


Kellan loved traveling the canals that were peppered throughout the Keys. He didn't know his way around all of them, but he was learning as he went. He turned towards the helm and watched Jaran steer the boat. He'd been hesitant at first to take the wheel, but Kellan encouraged him to take a turn when they'd reached the open seas.

"Here, you want to take over?" Jaran offered when he noticed they were approaching another canal.

"No." Kellan stood behind Jaran, so close that Jaran could feel the heat from the other man's body radiating against him.


"Let me show you how to navigate." Kellan pressed his body against Jaran's and placed his hand on the merman's and, together, they guided the boat through the waterway. Kellan kept a sharp eye out for rocks and manatees.

"You have to become one with the boat," Kellan whispered in Jaran's ear. Jaran closed his eyes and let his mind and body relax.  He could feel the movements of the boat, hear the seagulls calling out and smell and feel the man behind him.

His body responded to it all, especially the latter.  His ass rubbed against Kellan's crotch and he could feel the bulge getting larger. Kellan was pressing against him.

"Shit!" Kellan cried out.

Jaran's eyes flew open and he was pushed aside. His legs hit the ice chest they kept in the cabin and he landed on his ass.

"What the hell?" He quickly scrambled to his feet and saw the look of concern on Kellan's face. They had drifted too close to the jetty.

Jaran watched as Kellan steered them away from a near disaster. When they were out of the canal and in open water again, Kellan put his head down on his arms that hung loosely against the wheel.

"Damn it!" he berated himself. "I shouldn't have become distracted like that. I almost crashed the boat."

"I'm sorry, it was my fault.  I was the reason you weren't paying attention to where we were going.  You could have lost your boat, and I know how important it is to you."

"Screw the boat." Kellan wrapped his arms around Jaran. "I could've lost you."

Jaran was stunned by the sudden admission of Kellan's feelings for him, but he didn't have time to dwell on it, because he found his head being held between two large, calloused hands and his lips locked in a kiss that made his insides turn to mush.

Jaran broke the kiss." Wait!" He shook his head. "What?"


  1. Mermen! Yum! Please enter me in the contest!


  2. I've never heard of an M/M book with mermen before, so this definitely looks lovely! Please count me in! :)

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  8. Ooh, a merman story! This is definitely something new to me. Sounds wet and sexy. LOL

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  9. I have picked a winner, congratulations to Debby, Jaran is swimming his way to your place right now

  10. wow a man mermaid i love to read the book
    and see how it start and then how it ends
    and do the blog on it for you hunk hunk