Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weds Brief

They're BACK!  and better than ever.   It's getting hot in here.  So get ready for a wild ride

Weds Brief

They didn’t visit Philadelphia often, mainly because they weren’t city people. Ben and Tom were quite content to live their lives in the country.  But every once in a while, they wanted to do something special.  So here they were, in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Tom stood at the top of the stairs, after having run up it; he jumped up and down like the scene in Rocky.   Ben was at the bottom, dutifully recording every minute of his husband’s shenanigans.

“How do I look Ben, like Rocky?”  

“Better than Rocky.”  Ben looked away from his camera phone and looked up at his gorgeous firefighter.  It was a warm day for April ,so he had on a T-shirt and cargo pants. Ben ran up to join his hunk and, together, they looked out over the city.

“Where do you want to go next?”  Ben asked his husband.

“I thought we’d go over to the wine and cheese festival.  It’s at the Lincoln Financial Field.”    They still had a few hours before the event started, at seven in the evening, so he and Ben wandered around Philly, through the many shops along the way.

Some of the proceeds from the festival went to the local food banks. Ben and Tom, being the philanthropists they were, loved to give back whenever they could. 

“Mm, did you try the red?” Ben wasn’t the wine connoisseur that others in the crowd seemed to be.  Tom wasn’t a big wine drinker, either.  But they loved cheese, and wine was a nice pairing.  

“Yes, but it tastes great with this Gouda,”  Tom said as he put a piece in Ben’s mouth.  Ben washed it down with the glass of merlot in his hands. 

“It sure does, but I can think of something that will taste even better,” Ben told him.

“Oh yeah, what?”  

“You.”  Ben smiled at him.

They ended the evening back at their hotel, their naked bodies entwined.  Ben fell onto his back on the soft mattress and looked up at his lover.   “Tie me up, big boy.”

“Your wish is my command.”  Tom took two of his silk ties and made Ben’s wish come true.  He tied Ben’s wrists. 

“Where are you planning on sticking that big thing?”   Ben nodded his head toward Tom’s big cock.  It was sticking straight up, and the purplish head was dripping with pre-cum.

“Where do you think?”  Tom had the lube out and was slicking up Ben’s pulsing hole.

“Well, what are you waiting for, a mating call? Get going, already.  Otherwise, I’ll find another big boy to do the deed,”  Ben teased.

“Oh, no you won’t, not after I’m through with you.” Tom pulled Ben’s legs up and slid his slicked-up cock into Ben’s canal. 

“Oh!”   Ben wrapped his hands around the headboard and held on tight.  He was going for a ride.

Tom’s hips pistoned back and forth, and Ben had to hold on so he wouldn’t hit his head on the wooden headboard. 

“Yeah, oh yeah.  Faster, Tom, faster.”  Ben felt his anus clenching around Tom’s cock.  It wouldn’t be long until they reached their climaxes.

“Yes!”  They both screamed.

Tom’s sweaty body lay on top of Ben’s.  “Who were you planning to replace me with?”  Tom whispered.

“Huh?”  Ben’s mind had turned to mush in the past few minutes; he couldn’t figure out what Tom was talking about.

“You know, you said if I didn’t hurry you’d find someone else to do the deed.  Who were you planning on replacing me with?”

“Uh, no one, I mean who could replace you?”  Ben felt Tom untie his wrists, and then he was gathered up in his firefighter’s arms.

“There just better not be anyone else.”

“There isn’t baby, I mean who could replace you?”


My fellow flashers:


  1. Ooh, the sweet turned hot! Good thing one of them is a firefighter cause *woo* Ben and Tom were on fire this week.

  2. Cia took the words out of my mouth. Sweet and Hot. but did i detect a very slight sour note at the end

  3. Missed a few weeks. But catching up fast. Hot one.

  4. I'm wondering if you're foreshadowing a cloud in the boys' future. Part of me hopes so (conflict is fun) but part of me is screaming, "No!" They're so fine together. :)