Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weds Brief

Well it's that time of the week.  Time to flash.  this week's installment is hot, very HOT.  Spring has sprung and thoughts of love and more abound with Ben and Tom

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Weds Brief

Ben had been in a few relationships in his time. Some worked for a while; others, thankfully, ended quickly.  Ben almost gave up on finding someone until Tom came into his life.  The gorgeous fireman grabbed a hold of his heart and never let go.

Ben liked to surprise Tom from time to time with some new maneuver in the bedroom.

Like right now, he was standing in Spencers at the mall, looking at all the naughty goodies this place had to offer.  (Here is a link to Spencers for those who don't know what kind of store it is  )

There were erotic books scattered on shelves throughout the store. Ben spotted one about how to spice up things in the bedroom; he decided to buy that one.

By the time Ben got to the cash register, he had a book, a pair of edible underwear, and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs.  He couldn’t wait to dig into the book and try out the stuff he learned on Tom.

Ben put the finishing touches on their special evening and waited for Tom.

“Oh what a day!” Tom groaned as he came through the front door.  He hung his coat in the hallway closet.   “I’m beat.”   He dragged himself toward the living room.  “Ben?”

“In here, Tom.”  Ben gave him a strawberry daiquiri; Ben knew it was his favorite drink. “Hi, hon.”

“Mm, this is good,” Tom took s sip from the glass then his lips met Ben’s. “But this is even better.”

“If you think that’s good, wait till you see what I have planned for our evening.”


“Yep., First we’re going to have dinner. I made your favorites. “ 

Tom glanced in the oven. There was a roast beef and vegetables in an oven bag, cooking away.   He lifted the lid on a pot and saw mashed potatoes; he loved the way Ben made them. He had a secret ingredient he’d swore he’d never let Tom in on.

Ben felt Tom wrap his arms around him from behind and plant a kiss on the back of his neck.  “What’s the occasion?”

Ben turned around in the embrace and looked Tom in the eye.  “I love you, that’s why.  I want to show you just how much.”    Ben could feel Tom’s lips on his.   They sat down to dinner. The smile on Ben’s face kept getting bigger the more he saw how Tom relished his meal.

“Wow, you outdid yourself, Ben. I hesitate to ask what you have in mind for dessert.”

“Glad you asked.”   They put the dishes in the sink and Ben took his man by the hand and took him to their bedroom.  “Let me take care of you.” 

Ben undressed Tom and pushed him onto the bed.    “Ben?”

“Shhh.” He put his finger on Tom’s lips to silence him.   “Relax. You’re going to like this.”

“I know I will, baby.  I’m all yours.” 

“Oh I know you are.”   Ben crawled on the bed and took Tom’s wrists and the fuzzy handcuffs he’s had sitting on the nightstand and cuffed him to the headboard.

Ben took his own clothes off.  “I’ll be right back.”  He disappeared to the kitchen and opened up the freezer. He returned with a bucket of ice and a box of raisins.

“What are you going to do with those?”  Tom asked, excitement evident in his voice.

“You’ll find out.”

Ben took the raisins and put one on each of Tom’s nipples and made a line with them down the middle of his chest to his belly button.    He bent down and ate them, biting Tom’s nipples as he did so.   “Oh, Ben.”    Ben could hear the sound of Tom pulling on the handcuffs.   He ate the rest off Tom’s body, and then licked a circle around his navel.

Ben took a piece of ice and held it in his mouth.  He started to draw cold wet lines with it all over Tom’s chest, circling his navel and, finally, in his bush above his burgeoning cock.  “ Ben!”   The sound of the handcuffs rattling got louder as Tom arched up off the mattress.

Ben opened his mouth and rubbed the melting ice cube around the slit at the top of Tom’s huge member.  He pulled Tom’s cock inside his mouth and sucked on it.  He could see the sensation of hot and cold blowing Tom’s mind. 

Ben stroked his own cock while sucking on Tom’s.  It wasn’t long until they both reached the top of their magical mountain together.

“Oh my goodness.”    The first thing Tom did when Ben unlocked the handcuffs was to wrap him up in his arms and kiss him.

“Just let me rest up for a bit and I’ll show you how grateful I am.”

“Promise?” Ben asked him, innocently.

“You just wait. Those ice cubes won’t be the only thing that is melting.”


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  1. Wow, I'll never think of Raisins the same way again! lol :D Nice one Lily!

  2. thanks for the kind comment. I'm glad you liked it.

  3. Agree about the raisins. :) These guys always have the sweetest times together!