Sunday, August 21, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

For today’s Six Sentence Sunday I chose my very first published book  “The Finest Thing.”  Since I can only do six sentences let me explain the premise behind this scene.  My main character Aidan is in Connecticut for his friend’s wedding.  It not long after gay marriage was made legal in CT.    Aidan gets a lot more than he bargained for.  If you'd like to order, please click on the book cover on the right.

He had collided with someone, the stranger ending up on the ground.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” he apologized, as he offered his hand to help him up.  Getting his first good look at the man, he noticed he was tall, dark-haired, blue eyed, and very good-looking.  Suddenly a warmth developed deep inside him that he hadn’t felt for a long time.

“You can let go of my hand now,” the stranger said in a deep voice, the kind you weren’t soon to forget once you heard it. 


  1. Very nice! I felt the attraction. Not letting go of a hand is such a great way for you to express it!