Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Hello everyone,

I am posting this ahead of time, it's Fri where I am. I'm just going to schedule this for this coming Sun. I love that about blogger that you can schedule your posts.  We're due for a visit from Hurricane Irene, supposed to start sometime on Sat night and continue into Sun. I have no idea if I'll have power so I want to make sure this gets posted

This week I'm sharing a peek from "Catch of the Day." To order click on the book cover on the right.  Enjoy :D

They had a quiet dinner and the conversation was light.  They spent most of their time looking out over the water and holding hands.   Kellan decided to order their special, chocolate mousse.  He shared it with Jaran by feeding him teaspoons of the decadent dessert.
“Mmmm, you know what I think would be even better than this?”   Jaran asked.
“No what?”
“You, spread out in bed and me licking you all over,”  he whispered.