Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pleasant Surprises- a Weds Brief

It's that time of the week.  Time for Weds Brief.

This week's prompts are:

"It's not raining. The sky is leaking."
“You’re not leaving, are you?”
"The things you own end up owning you."
"Stop acting like an ass.”
"I need open spaces."
"A penny saved is a penny earned."
"Enjoy the show."
“Watch me.”
or use: doors, carpet, flowers
or have music playing loudly
or a phone ringing
or use: horn, dust, water hose
find a penny on the ground.
or: plastic chicken, paper, money
or here I go again
or color me baffled
or where’s a man in lingerie when you need him?

Pleasant Surprises- by Lily Sawyer

“Tom?” Ben had come home from the rat race to find a bouquet of assorted fresh flowers sitting on their glass table in the breakfast nook off the kitchen.  There were two place settings on the table as well.  

“Yes, honey?”  Tom had just come in from the deck. He was carrying a tray that had a plate filled with baby beef back ribs he’d barbecued outside.

“What’s the occasion?  I know it’s not my birthday or your birthday. Our anniversary is a few months away.”  Ben watched Tom place the tray on the counter and proceed to cut the ribs up into two portions.  

“Does there have to be an occasion for me to show my man how much I love him?”  Tom leaned over and kissed Ben on the lips.  “Or how much I missed him while he was at work?  I’ve got potatoes and broccoli with melted cheese on top, just the way you like it.” 

“It’s a good thing I didn’t have a big lunch.  I’m famished.  I’ll go change and be right back.”   Ben took off his work clothes and put on a pair of jeans and a fleece sweatshirt.  It had been a warm day for winter, but now it was getting chilly again.

“I see you took advantage of the warm day to barbecue.”

“Yeah, you know I’m a grill master.”  Tom put the food on the table and both men helped themselves.

“Mm, yeah you’re definitely a master on the grill.”  Ben ate the bones clean, along with the rest of the food on his plate.   “Ah, Tom, you outdid yourself.”

“What till you see what I made for dessert.”

“Dessert?  Oh, I don’t think I could find room for anything else in my belly.”

“Hmmm, well then I guess this…”  Tom went to the fridge and brought out two dessert cups filled with chocolate mousse.  “Will just go to waste.”

“Now hold on there!  I didn’t say I didn’t want to eat dessert, just that right now that will have to wait.”  Ben got up from the table and walked to the fridge where Tom stood holding the cups of chocolate mousse in his hand.  

“So no dessert?”  He pouted. 

“I didn’t say no dessert.”  Ben took the cups and returned them to the shelf in the fridge and closed the door.    Then he wrapped his arms around Tom’s neck and kissed him.  “Just a different kind of dessert.”

“Mm, me like.”  The kissing escalated.  Ben was kissing Tom’s neck, the place just under Tom’s ear, the one that he knew drove his man crazy.  

“Uh, Ben? Mm.”  Tom couldn’t get two thoughts together to save his life.  Ben pulled his shirt over his head and threw it onto the floor.  


“Don’t stop.”  Tom managed to get out of his mouth as Ben was sucking on his right nipple. 

“Don’t worry baby, I’m not.”  By this time, Ben had pulled his sweatshirt off and was working on getting his jeans off, when Tom stopped him.

“Let me.”  Tom picked Ben up and deposited him on the granite counter top.   He unzipped Ben’s pants and pulled them off.   Then he kissed his way down Ben’s body, stopping long enough to suck on his nipples, returning the favor.  Kissed his man’s navel and then licked the front of his briefs.   

“Tom, I’m not going to last long.” 

“Yes, you are.”   Tom took the waistband of the briefs in his mouth and pulled the briefs down and off.   Ben’s cock rose to attention and Tom didn’t waste any time wrapping his mouth around it.  He gently fondled Ben’s balls.  Ben gripped the edge of the counter so he wouldn’t fall off and arched his back.   

“Tom, I’m going to…AH!”  He came in Tom’s mouth.  

Tom pushed Ben’s legs up and put some olive oil on his burgeoning cock and slid into his man. He kept up a steady rhythm, increasing the tempo, matching thrust for thrust until he, too, had reached the top of the mountain with Ben.

They wrapped their arms around each other and held one another until they came back down to earth.

“That was the best dessert I’ve ever had,” Tom whispered as he pulled Ben into his arms.

“I think so too.”


My fellow Weds Brief authors this week

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Home Coming Weds Brief

This week's prompts

"Take it off."
"Love sees no color."
"Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't."
"Go with the flow."
"Time heals all wounds."
"Be good or be good at it!"
“Maybe I’ll feel better if I eat.”
or use: shoes, red hat, ring  
or have a laptop crash
or feature a character winning something
or use: tile, hammer, dog
·         "Is glitter edible?"
·         "Let me get this straight.  You found a unicorn, and your first response was to kill and cook it?"
·         "Just because you can add food coloring to something, that doesn’t mean you should."

Home Coming by Lily Sawyer

“Honey, can you come here for a minute?”

Tom heard his life partner calling out to him from their bedroom. He’d been looking for Skippy for several minutes now. He knew it was a ridiculous name to give a turtle, but that’s the best Tom could come up with, and even a turtle deserved a name.

“Ben, what is it? I’m kind of busy looking for Skippy.”

“Look.”  Ben pointed to his collection of shoes in the walk-in closet.  There, sticking his head from between a pair of oxfords, was the missing amphibian.

“Skippy! How in the world did you get in there?” Tom knelt down and gently picked him up.

“Tom, when is Skippy’s owner coming to get him?” Ben asked as he finished dressing.  It was their day off so both men went toward the casual look. Ben wore a fleece shirt and jeans.  He put on a pair of comfy slippers to flip flop around the house with.

“You don’t want him around?” It had only been a week since Tom rescued the turtle from a burning building. The family had been out of town visiting family when their house caught fire, so the only one at home was Skippy.

“The family was on their way home when the snow storm hit. You know all the flights were cancelled. I told them I’d keep their turtle until they get home. But if you don’t like him being here, I can just…mm.”

Ben cut off Tom’s chatter with a kiss.  “Of course I don’t mind him being here. He’s quiet and Love doesn’t mind him being here either.”

Their kitty had checked Skippy out the first night he’d arrived and pawed and sniffed at him.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure the little boy will be anxious to get him back.”

The next day was Valentine’s Day. Tom gave Ben a bouquet of flowers and Ben gave Tom some of his favorite Godiva dark chocolates.  Tom loved dark chocolate.  They got dressed up and went to their favorite bistro and went to a play at the community theater.   Some of the plays they did were so well done it was like being on Broadway.

In honor of Valentine’s Day they were putting on “Love Letters” by A.R. Gurney. 

“Wasn’t that so romantic?”   Ben sighed as he and Tom made their way back to their car.   They held hands and walked with their shoulders touching.  
“Yeah, but you know what is more romantic?” Tom asked

“No what?”

“What I’ve got planned for when we get home.”

Ben fought hard to keep to the speed limit on the drive home but it was very hard when all he kept thinking about was what Tom had planned for them. 

Tom lit the gas fireplace, turned down the lights, and the two of them cuddled in front of the fire, sipping their favorite merlot, soft music playing from their stereo system.

“I love you.I know I say it plenty of times, but I just can’t stop saying it,”  Tom said between kisses.

“I feel the same way, Tom.  I love you more and more each day.”

Their kisses and embraces became more and more intense; they moved their activities to the bedroom.   Soft moans filled the room as they made love.

A few days later, Tom got a phone call.  “Yes, yes I do have your turtle.  Yes, huh?  You don’t, but…” Tom paused as he listened to the caller on the other end.  “But I thought you’d want him back.  Uh huh, I see.   Okay, bye.”   Tom turned his cell phone off.

“Tom?  Was that Skippy’s owner?”   Ben had been in the kitchen washing the dishes; they’d just finished dinner when Tom’s cell phone rang.

“Yeah, it was. Turns out that ‘little’ boy is a teenager, and he’s decided he doesn’t have time for the turtle and he told me I could keep him.”

“Oh, that is sad. It’s heartbreaking when some kids get tired of the animals that came into their lives.”

“I’ll call the pet shops and see if anyone will take Skippy.”  Tom hadn’t meant to get attached to the turtle, but he had.  He was preparing himself for when he’d have to return him to his rightful owner, but he figured Ben wouldn’t want him in the house.

“Why do you want to do that?”

“What do you mean? You want to keep Skippy?”   Tom had gone to the tank and taken Skippy out.

“Do you think I could look you or Skippy in the eye and tell you he has to leave?”

“Oh Ben.”  Tom kissed him.   “I thank you, and so does Skippy.”

It was hard to tell what Skippy thought of this, but if a turtle could smile, than he had a huge one on his face right now.   He’d found a new home, a forever home.


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Winner of my contest

And the winner of my contest IS (drum roll please)


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Congratulations and thank you for all who visited my blog and those who entered my contest.  

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Power of Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop

There is nothing like the power of love,   I am very happy to be part of this blog tour that celebrates love.  

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.   To celebrate this special day I am having a contest.   The winner will get a copy of one of my books,  your choice.  To sweeten the pot I am also offering a paperback copy of my out of print book   "Catch of the Day."  you remember the merman Jaran?

All you have to do is leave your name and contact info.  I will pick a winner on Feb 17th.  

Please visit the main event site as well to view other author's

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The Find Among the Flames- a Weds Brief

It's that time of the week again.  time for Weds Brief.

This week I am using a photo prompt.

Let's see how this guy factors into my story.

The Find Among the Flames

Tom’s job as a firefighter was a dangerous one, for sure, and it was never a dull one.   They just never knew what they were walking into when the alarm went off.

“Hey Tom, what are you going to make for dinner?”  Pete, one of Tom’s fellow firefighters and friends asked him.  Each member of the station took turns cooking.  Some were better at it than others.

“I’m trying something new—chicken and asparagus with cheddar cheese. I made it for Ben the other day and he loved it.”

“Sounds good. You’re a great cook. You should write a cookbook.”

“That’s what Ben said. I told him we should collaborate on one. He’s a good cook too.”

“What are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day?” Pete asked him.

“Ben and I are planning to…”

‘Beep, beep, beep, beep.’   The alarm sounded. Tom, Pete, and the rest of the firefighters on duty stopped what they were doing and rushed to the trucks. The two large doors opened and off they went.

The emergency was a house fire; the blaze was quickly taking over the structure.  Another engine company was on the scene when they showed up.  Paramedics were there as well.  The police were keeping gawkers back.  

Tom and the others put on their oxygen masks and pulled hoses off the back of the truck.  Their captain, Joseph, directed them where to go.  Tom went inside; they were doing a room-by-room search for anyone trapped there.  It was a three-bedroom ranch style house; at least they didn’t have a second floor to contend with, so that was one good thing.  They searched closets and under beds, just in case any children were hiding.   Tom was in what looked like a little boy’s room. The sports trophies that lined the bookshelves on the wall were a dead give-away.  That and it was painted blue. There was no one in the room. He was just about to leave when he spotted a tank sitting on the top of a dresser in the corner. 

“Well hello, little guy.” Tom lifted up the tank cover and found a box turtle looking up at him.  There was about five inches of water in the tank. Tom fished him out and put him against his chest, inside his turnout coat. 

The fire seemed to be centered in the living room. It didn’t take long to put it out.    Tom went outside and met up with the rest of the crew.  

“Wow, that was a hot one. Do you think it’s electrical?” Pete asked their captain. 

“It looks like it could be.  I’m glad no one was inside.”

“Well, I wouldn’t exactly say no one was inside,” Tom said.

“What do you mean?  Did you find someone? You know you’re supposed to radio in if you find a victim.” Captain Joseph started to admonish him.

“Well, I didn’t have time. I wanted to get this fella out of there ASAP.”   Tom opened his coat and revealed the turtle, who looked around, dazed, at them.

“Well, look what Tom found, guys.  A turtle.”  

Life around the firehouse could be very stressful and the guys often razzed on each other.  But one thing that was no laughing matter was their job of saving lives when they could.  Tom wondered, for a moment, if they would make fun of him for getting the turtle out. They often rescued more than people out of a burning building.  They’d saved countless dogs and cats.  They even had the equipment specifically made for them to resuscitate in case they needed to be revived.   But this was their first turtle rescue.

“You done good, Tom. You’re a hero,”  the captain commended him.

“Does anyone know how to get in contact with the family?”

“A neighbor said they were out of town.”   Randy, another firefighter commented.

“That’s odd. The kids still have school.”

“Well, we’ll have to sort it out later. What are you going to do with your new friend?”  Pete asked him.

“I’m not sure. I guess I’ll have to take him home until we find out where the homeowners are.”

It took some time to finish up at the house.  It wasn’t long before Tom’s shift was over and he and his new friend were on their way back home.

“Ben?”  Tom came in.  Love was there to say hello, like usual.

“Hi Love,” Tom bent down to pet their cat.

“Hi Tom, I’m in the kitchen making dinner.”

“I hope you don’t mind. I brought some company home with me.”

“Company?  Sure I don’t mind.”  Usually Tom called if he was bringing one of the fellas home from the station.  Ben usually liked a heads-up when company was coming so he could straighten the place up.

“Hi baby.”  Tom kissed and hugged Ben.

“So where is the company. Is he hanging up his coat?”  Ben looked behind Tom, toward the hallway.

“No, I have our guest right here.”   Tom reached into his pocket and pulled out the guest.

“A turtle?”  

Tom placed him on the floor to see what Love would do.  He knew the risk of salmonella, so he wouldn’t put him on the table.  He’d stopped at a pet shop on his way home to find out what he’d need to take care of him. 

He told Ben how the turtle came into his possession.

“So until we can find out where the family is the turtle needs a home to stay in.  I hope you don’t mind.”  Tom laughed as Love tapped the turtle’s shell, trying to figure out why this toy was moving so slow.

“Of course not, you’re a hero.  I bet that boy is going to be so happy that you rescued his turtle friend.”

Ben kissed him and they set up the tank on a table in the living room.