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Silver Flash #9 Special Find

It's that time of the week everyone.   Time for a Silver Flash.   I have posted links to my fellow flashers for the week at the bottom of this post.   Enjoy

Silver Flash #9 Prompt:  Coffee mug, hourglass and highlighter.

Special Find

There wasn’t anything better than waking up on a lazy Sunday morning all snug and warm under a thick blanket with your lover lying beside you.   Jackson rolled over into Aaron’s arms.

“Baby,” Jackson whispered into his ear.

“Morning, lover.”  Aaron said as he reached up and pulled Jackson in for a kiss.  They’d been together for almost a year, a time spent getting to know each other and growing closer every day.

They discovered they had a lot in common. Aside from their love of art they also loved going antiquing.   Today they planned to hit up an area of town lined with antique shops.

Jackson watched Aaron get up and watched him wiggle his naked butt.  He let out a contented sigh and got dressed.  

Jackson moved in with Aaron a month ago and he was still finding his way around his kitchen.   He’d gotten the coffee maker going and started making pancakes and bacon.

“Mm, smells yummy.”  Aaron wrapped his arms around Jackson and kissed him.  “Who knew you’re such a good cook.”

Aaron grabbed some coffee and sat at the kitchen island.

Jackson put two plates on the table and joined Aaron.

“What’s that?” Jackson pointed to Aaron’s coffee mug.

“Oh that’s Assateague Island, I was there about three years ago.  It’s beautiful there. We should take a trip there sometime.”

“Yeah, sounds great, I’d like to see the wild ponies.”

They finished breakfast and headed out for a day of antiquing.

They were browsing in one of the many shops that lined Main Street.

“Hey, look at that.”  Jackson pointed to the hourglass sitting on a table among the other antiques.

“I think it will fit perfectly in the den.”

“Not for this price.”  Aaron shook his head and glanced up from the price tag.

“Hold on,” Jackson walked to the back of the shop and spotted a worker sitting behind the counter.  The woman was looking over a list and marking off items with a highlighter pen.

“Can I help you, sir?”  She looked up.

“My friend and I were looking at that hourglass.”

The woman got up from her chair and went over to the item in question.

“This is a lovely piece, it’s part of a consignment.”

“I’d love to get it, but the price is kind of high.”    Aaron couldn’t stop looking at the piece.  Both men had a passion for antiques and they really wanted to give this piece a new home.

Jackson stood back and watched Aaron haggle with the woman.  In the end Aaron walked out of the shop, hourglass in hand.

“I can’t believe how you talked that woman to mark down the price.  You made a fantastic deal, babe.”  Jackson marveled at his boyfriend’s finesse. A spot in the den was cleared off and the hourglass was set down.

“Come here,” Jackson pulled him into his lap on the chair.  His arms wrapped around Aaron.    

“I think it looks perfect.”

“But something’s not quite right.”  Jackson pulled his shirt off and threw it onto the floor. 

Aaron smiled and soon his shirt was on the floor too.

It wasn’t long before they were sitting on the club chair completely naked.

Jackson’s hands were rubbing Aaron’s chest, his fingers combing through the hair that lightly covered his pecks.

Aaron kissed his lover, their engorged cocks rubbed against each other Jackson wrapped his hand around the dueling members.

Aaron did the same and they started thrusting into their hands.

“Yeah, baby, just like that.  I’m so close, so…AH!”   The came at the same time, their stomachs were covered in sticky come.

Aaron got up first and took Jackson’s hand and led them to the shower.

They slid under the covers.   “I love you Jackson.”  Aaron felt himself crushed against the slightly larger man.   Jackson’s lips pressed against his ear.   “Love you too, baby.”


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a review of my cover artist

Jesse Wave website has written a wonderful review of my cover artist, Reese Dante.  I thought I'd share it with you.    My cover, "Catch of the Day."  is included in this article

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Silver Flash #8-It's one of those Nights

Silver Flash #8  It's that time again people.   Time to Flash.  This week's  prompt is:  It’s 4AM…

It's One of those Nights

He must’ve looked at the clock sitting on the nightstand a million times.   His hand ran across the pillow the same pillow where, just last night, his lover’s head rested next to his after they’d made passionate love.

Once again he looked at the clock.  “It’s 4AM, where are you Tom?”  His shift ended about two hours ago, he should have been home by now.

There was no way he’d be able to go to sleep so Ben got out of bed and padded downstairs to the kitchen and started the coffeemaker.

He should have known dating a firefighter wasn’t going to be easy.  They’re was no schedules that was set in stone, he was often on call and the thing Ben dreaded the most was getting a phone call telling him something happened to Tom.

He turned on the TV and saw a report of a five-alarm blaze.  Tom’s station was called, among other firefighters from other squads.

“The firefighters are struggling to contain the fire.”  The reporter stated.  “Part of the roof collapsed and several firefighters were injured. They were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. No word of how seriously they were hurt has been reported.”

Ben shut the TV off and grabbed his car keys; his heart was racing at the thought that Tom could be one of those injured.

The ER was buzzing with activity, Ben looked around for a familiar face.  “Excuse me, is Tom Mathers here?”  A nurse hurried by him.  

He spotted Tom’s friend and fellow firefighter standing in the hallway.   “Harry?  Harry is Tom here?”

“He’s back there, cubicle two, he’s….” Harry never got a chance to finish; Ben was walking briskly down the hallway.

Ben took a deep breath and pulled back the curtain.  “Tom?”

“Ben?” the man was sitting on an exam table.  “What are you doing here?”

“I heard about the fire on the news. “Ben sat down next to him, his eyes scanning his body.  “Are you okay?”  He felt like he was going to crawl out of his skin.

“I’m okay, I just broke my finger.” Tom held up his right hand, a splint was taped to his ring and pinkie fingers.

Ben started laughing so hard there were tears in his eyes.

“I’m glad my broken fingers are a laugh riot.”

“I’m..” Ben fought to catch his breath.  “I’m sorry, babe, I’m not laughing at you.” He gently picked up Tom’s right hand and kissed it.   “I was so scared that something happened to you.” He went from laughter to the verge of tears when images of Tom dying in a burning building crossed his mind.

“I’m okay, sweetheart.”  Tom reached out and grabbed Ben by the back of his head and kissed his lips.

The firehouse knew Tom was gay and no one had a problem with it.

“I know how dangerous your job is, I can’t help worrying about you.” Ben squeezed Tom’s other hand.
“I love you,” he kissed Tom.

“Let’s go home,” Tom got up and buttoned up his shirt. “I want to who you how much I love you.”

They went home, Tom was on medical leave until his hand healed up, in the meantime the two men didn’t waste anytime showing each other how they felt.

The end

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My Book cover has been entered in a contest

My book cover for "Catch of the Day"  has been entered in a contest.  to vote please go to the website and look for my book cover and leave a comment.

book cover contest

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Silver Flash #7 Model Student

I brought back the characters from my two previous Flash stories.   Jonathan and Martin and Aaron and Jackson.

This week's prompt was "Don't look at me like that."     I've also included the links to my fellow Silver Flashers,  at the bottom of the page.


Model Student

“Oh,oh, please. Uh.”  Jonathan writhed on the bed, Martin was busy showing him just how much he loved him.

Jonathan’s eyes rolled back in his head, he fisted the blankets and arched off the bed.   Martin gave him one final thrust and took them to paradise.

Their sweaty bodies wrapped around each other.  “Love you so much, sweetheart.”  Martin caressed his face and their lips met.  Jonathan buried his fingers in Martin’s thick, dark hair.

“Love you too.”

The two men snuggled, their two bodies meshing like a pair of puzzle pieces.


Martin was a handyman; he hated being inside an office doing the same thing everyday.  He got called over to the Barnett’s Art School, there was a stuffed up sink with his name on it waiting for him to clear.

He got his gear out and walked into the main office.

The receptionist pointed him in the right direction; it took him a while to fix the clogged sink.  He had to replace a pipe and put two new washers.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and the turned around.


“Aaron, what are you doing here?”

“I’m the owner and operator slash teacher of this fine art school.”

Martin knew Aaron from high school; they were on the La Crosse team together.

“So you’re the handyman huh?”

“Yep, I like to work with my hands.”

“Did you fix the sink?”

“It’s all fixed,” Martin put his tools away and washed his hands.

“Do you have time for a tour?”

“Sure let me put my stuff into the truck.”

Aaron showed Martin the classrooms.

“Oh my!”  Martin exclaimed when he saw a nude model sitting on a stool.

“Don’t tell me that embarrasses you.”

“No, it just took me by surprise is all.”

The class was just finishing up and the model put a robe on, as the students were filing out Aaron waved the model over.

“Martin, I want you to meet my partner, Jackson.”

“You’re partner? You don’t mind him being gawked at by those students.”

“They aren’t gawking at me, they’re drawing.  You make it sound like they're perverts.”   Jackson said with an annoyed look on his face.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“I think the human body is a beautiful thing to behold.”  Aaron walked over to Jackson and wrapped his arms around him and kissed his lover.  “Especially the naked body.”

Martin averted his eyes to give them some privacy.

He suddenly had a thought.  “Hey Aaron, do you think you could do me a favor?”

Martin and Aaron went to Aaron’s office; Jackson joined them later after he’d put some clothes on.


“What’s this?”  Jonathan asked when he came home from work.  The dining room table was set with their finest china and candles.   There was some soft romantic music playing in the background.

“Happy birthday, sweetheart.”  Martin put two plates of shrimp and angel hair pasta.  It was their favorite dish.

“Oh Martin!” he wrapped his arms around his lover.  Their lips met “I love you.”

They had dinner; Jonathan didn’t like cake so they had chocolate mousse instead.

Jonathan climbed into Martin’s lap.  “Thank you, baby.”  Then they made their way to the bedroom where Martin gave Jonathan some toe curling moments, it was truly a birthday gift he wasn’t sure to forget.

“It’s not done yet.”

“What?” Jonathan looked into Martin’s green eyes.

“Hold on,” he leaned over the bed and pulled out a wrapped gift he’d hidden underneath.

“What did you do?”  He slowly unwrapped the present.

“Martin!” he was shocked his mouth dropped open. Then he looked at the gift.

Martin hadn’t ever seen that look on Jonathan’s face before.

“How, when?” he held a portrait of the two of them looking lovingly at each other.

“I was working at the Barnett Art School about two weeks ago.  It turns out a friend I knew from high school runs the place. I asked if he could do a portrait of us and…”

“Don’t look at me like that.”  Martin’s face fell; he thought he was doing a good thing.  The thought he’d disappointed his lover tore at his heart.

He was shocked when he found himself on his back.  The portrait had been gently put to the side and Jonathan was smothering him with kisses.

“You like it?”

“Oh baby I love it.  How did you do it?”

“I picked out a photo from our online album, you know the one we had taken during that weekend trip to the mountains. Aaron created this portrait from that photo.”

“You had me worried with that look on your face.”

“I was in shock.”  Jonathan caressed his face and cheek then started planting kisses all over his lover’s body.

“Happy birthday, sweetheart.”  Martin held him tight.

“Love you.”  Jonathan smiled and laid his head on Martin’s chest and sighed contently.

The portrait was proudly displayed above the fireplace in the living room. 

 The End

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Another book being published

I just heard from Wicked Nights publishers and they are going to be publishing my "Love on the East End" story.

I am so happy!  This their website

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Book cover contest

Alternative read website has e mailed me to let me know that my book cover has been entered in their book cover contest.  April 9th.

Dear Lily,

This is just a quick note to thank you for your book cover award entry, which has now been passed on to my admin staff. Your cover will be entered into the competition on the date provided above in this email header.

After all ten competing entries have been revealed to the public, from 1st - 10th, the voting will begin. We are aiming to put up the poll 11th April, all being well. The closing date for votes will be the day before the end of the month. In this case, 29th April. Winner will be announced, 30th April.

I am so excited.   I have to thank Reese Dante,  she is the one who created the cover.

Silver Flash #6-Writer's Block

Silver Flash #6 prompt words:  Playground, Diamond and Pier

Writer’s Block

Jonathan stared at the blank screen on his laptop.  Why did he agree to this writing contest in the first place he didn’t know?

He kept staring at the three words his writer’s club had given the group, playground, diamond and pier.    The gal who thought this up must like to pull the wings off butterflies.    He rolled his eyes and put on his thinking cap.

Jonathan was an amateur writer, he’d always loved to write, and ever since he was in school he’d always had a pad and a pen in hand.  Being able to write was one thing, but getting published was another.  So in order to keep a roof over his head he worked at an insurance company.

“What’s the matter, babe?”

Jonathan felt strong hands kneading his tense shoulders; his head fell back onto the warm belly of his beloved partner Martin.

“Oh it’s this assignment from Silver Flash.”

“That club again?” Martin said as his hands stopped their movement and Jonathan sighed and turned to look up at his lover.

“Now, you know writing is my life and the club is a way for writers to help each other out.  You know how I was before I found them.  Every time I had writer’s block I was a bear to live with.”

“I wouldn’t call you a bear.”  Martin wrapped his arms around Jonathan’s neck from behind and hugged him.

“Please, I was worse than a woman PMSing and you know it.”  Jonathan stood up and hugged Martin.

“Okay, maybe you were a little difficult.” Martin admitted.

“You’re being too kind.”

“You know I love you even when you are a bear.” Martin kissed him on the lips.  Jonathan’s tongue rubbed against his lips until Martin opened his mouth.

“Mm, yes I know you do, and I love you too.  I’m going to need some time to work on this.”  Jonathan looked over at the clock on their office wall, noticing it was just noontime.   He figured he’d grab something quick for lunch and get right to work.   Turning this second bedroom into a home office had worked out so well for both of them.   It gave them a place to work quietly without disturbing the other.

 “Okay, how about we meet for dinner later.”

“Sure, I think I should be able to get something written by then. You want to go out?”

“Nope, I’m going to cook something special.”

“Special, huh?  Like what?” Jonathan asked.

“You’ll see, in the meantime.” Martin swatted his butt.


“Get back to work.”  Martin said and retreated from the room so Jonathan could get back to the blank screen.

Seven hours later the smell of something delicious cooking in the kitchen wafting into the office space was what greeted Jonathan when he finished the last sentence and hit the save key.

“Done,” he let out a relieved breath and went to join his lover for dinner.

They feasted on roast beef and potatoes.

“So, did you finish your story?” Martin had been curious all afternoon about his lover’s progress.

“Sure did, thanks for giving me the time I needed to write, darling.”  Jonathan came over to his lover and sat in his lap and started to kiss him.  Martin pulled back.

“When can I see what you did, I’m curious how you fit those three words into the story.”

Jonathan ran to the office and got his laptop and placed it on the dining room table and opened up the story.

Martin laughed.  “Very clever.”

The title read “The Deadly Playground at Diamond Pier.”

“It’s a murder mystery.”

“I can’t wait to read it, but first I think we’d better go have fun in our own playground.”

“It’s not deadly though.”   Jonathan nibbled on Martin’s earlobe playfully.

“Well just have to see about that.” Martin stood up and pulled Jonathan over his shoulder and carried him to their bedroom.

The End

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Win a copy of my very first published book "The Finest Thing"    I decided to do something extra for my readers and visitors to my blog.

All you have to do is leave a comment and your e mail address between now and 5PM EST Today Mon March 7th.   I'll be picking a winner and I'll announce who the winner is on my blog


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pia Velenos Man Whore book released and how to help a worthwhile cause

More info here

for every DL during the month of March the author is donating 50 cents to the Trevor Project. 

If it DL at least 75 times she'll also be donating to puppies behind bars.  An organization that places inmates with puppies so they get used to being with people then those dogs are sent to train to become guide dogs for the blind.

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Silver Flash #5- Art Deco

This is my first story for the Silver Flash series.   This week's prompt was "There's only one way out of this."      Here is my submission "Art Deco"   I hope you enjoy it

Art Deco

Jackson Pollock, no he wasn’t the famous artist, but his parents had a quirky sense of humor, with a last name like Pollock they decided to name him Jackson.

He was teased at school for a while until he started weight lifting and put on some muscle on his body.   It also helped that he shot up to a height of six foot two by the time he was sixteen. 

After college he became a stockbroker and was quite successful, until the economic house of cards collapsed and he found himself with a pink slip.

Ever since then he’d been struggling to make ends meet.  Unemployment hardly kept his head afloat, he took some odd jobs here and there.  He also did some freelance stuff, but nothing that really did much for him.     Jackson spotted an ad in the classified for a male model that was needed at an art class.

He didn’t know much about those things but thought it might be interesting to apply.    He picked up the phone and rang up the school.

“Hello, Barnett’s Art can I help you?”

Jackson liked the sound of the man’s deep voice on the other end of the line so it took him a moment to get his mouth working.  “Ah, hi.  I’m calling about your ad for a male model.”

“Yes, we need someone for out students to draw, our last model suddenly took off and we really need to fill this position.”

“When can I come over for an interview?”

“How about this afternoon around two?  Just ask for Aaron.”

“Sure,” Jackson asked for the address and went to his closet to pick out some proper attire.   He settled on a nice pair of jeans that fit him very well, hugged his form but not too tightly.   He finished the outfit with a blue sweater that showed off his eyes.

Jackson wasn’t sure what to expect when he showed up in front of the school, he took a deep breath and went through the doors and followed the signs to the main office.   He slowly opened the door and spotted a man sitting at a desk.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for Aaron?”   He watched as the other man looked up at him from the computer screen.  Jackson’s heart skipped a beat when the dark eyes met his.

“That would be me.”    Aaron got up from the chair to greet the visitor.

“I came for the interview, I’m Jackson Pollock.”     He couldn’t help laughing at the peculiar look on Aaron’s face.

“Not THE Jackson Pollock?”   Aaron smiled.

Jackson laughed,  “I guess it’s not everyday you get someone by that name walk into an art school, huh?”

“No, I’m Aaron Cohen, I’m the head art director.”

Aaron came around his desk and walked around Jackson giving him the once over.   He kept nodding so Jackson assumed he was meeting with his approval.

“You’re perfect, can you start right away?”

“Right away? You mean like right now?”

“Yes, I said we really need someone.  We have a class starting in half an hour and we really need a model.”

Jackson’s head was spinning, he didn’t expect to be hired right on the spot, and he still couldn’t help noticing how Aaron was still checking him out.

“Oh, sorry, it’s just not everyday we get someone who is a looker like you.”   Aaron went back to his desk to get some paperwork Jackson needed to fill out.  He missed seeing Jackson’s cheeks grow red.

“Just fill those out and I’ll take you to the studio where you can change.”

After he filled out the papers he followed Aaron down the hall.  The other man was a little shorter than him, dark haired like himself and he couldn’t help staring at his tight ass that filled out his equally tight jeans.   He could have sworn Aaron knew he was staring cause he wiggled his behind at him.

“Well here we are.”     Aaron smiled at him and showed him to a dressing room.   There was a robe in there and nothing else.

“Uh, Aaron, where are the clothes I’m supposed to wear?”

“Clothes?”  Aaron looked at him perplexed for a moment then it dawned on him what Jackson meant.   He laughed for a moment.   “You won’t be wearing any, you’ll be posing in the nude.  Now please get ready the students are arriving.”

Jackson stood in the dressing room with his mouth open.  No one said anything about him posing in the nude.   He wasn’t ashamed of his body but he certainly wasn’t used to displaying it for strangers to gawk at.    He thought about walking out when his cell phone rang, his landlord’s number appeared on the caller ID.   Probably calling him about the rent, which was overdue.

He looked at the robe, the exit and his cell phone and sighed.   There was only one way out of this dilemma, so he took off his clothes and put on the robe and walked out into the classroom.

He took a seat on the stool and looked around the room.   There were fifteen students sitting behind their easels.     Aaron stood off to the side.

“Are you the teacher?” 

“Yes I also teach the advanced drawing class.  Now if you’ll kindly take your robe off we can start the class.”

He took a deep breath and let the robe fall off his body and took a seat.  

Aaron told him how to pose and not to move.   He closed his eyes for a moment, feeling rather embarrassed.     He felt a cloth draped over his body, he looked up as Aaron wrapped the sheer beige cloth over his body making him look like a Greek statue.

“Thanks,” Jackson whispered.    Aaron winked at him and then stood off to the side, he held a drawing pad and began to capture the image of beauty before him.

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