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Weds Briefs

Well folks,  I am once again posting another Weds Briefs  Ben and Tom were speaking loud and clear and I think you'll enjoy what happens in this story.    No serious angst at all but plenty of happy anticipation.  the links to my fellow writers appear at the end of my story

The One and Future Forever by Lily Sawyer
Ben rarely listened to the news on TV anymore—it was too depressing. He wasn’t interested in politics and he was tired of hearing about the economy. Ben knew only too well how bad things were. He could see it reflected in the real estate market he was a part of.  Houses were selling better now, but there had been a time when he thought he was going to lose his job.
Tom, his life partner, his heart, and his whole world was another reason he refused to watch the news.  He’d never forget the time he saw Tom’s fire company there. Firemen had been hurt when a roof caved in ; Ben stood helplessly by, watching the news report. A dreaded phone call had followed. Ben never remembered driving to the hospital that day, his heart in his throat.  His world stopped until Tom’s best friend and fellow firefighter, Steve, assured him Tom was going to be okay.
Ben used to jump when the phone rang late at night, or if there was a knock at the door while Tom was on duty. But after a long heart to heart talk with Tom, he decided to stop driving himself crazy thinking the worst was going to happen.
They both knew that being a firefighter was a dangerous profession, one that Tom had chosen, and that while losing Tom was a possibility, it was by no means a probability, and Ben was going to enjoy each and every day he had his lover in his life.
Ben had decided to spend his day off at the mall. Tom’s birthday was coming up, and getting a gift for a man like Tom was a challenge.  One of Tom’s hobbies was fishing. During the nice weather he loved going to the local lake and fish off the pier, or hire a boat and go out. He tried to get Ben interested , but the idea of baiting a hook turned his stomach, and going out on a boat… let’s just say that wasn’t going to happen—he was a landlubber. Sure, Tom was disappointed that Ben wasn’t going to share his love of fishing with him but, like the good-natured guy he was, he didn’t hold it against him.  He just smiled and said he’d go out there himself and land a fish for his man.
Ben ended up buying Tom a new tackle box and a creel case.  He was walking back to the other end of the mall, towards the exit, when something caught his eye.
Ben stood in front of Buster’s Jewelry store and gazed at the assorted pieces displayed in the front window. The silver wedding bands had caught his eye. He and Tom hadn’t talked about marriage, but after almost five years together, maybe it was time.  New York had just approved gay marriage last year, and DC had too, and it looked like Maryland was going to get on the band wagon too. It was just a shame Pennsylvania hadn’t gotten their act together yet.  Ben didn’t want to wait until they did to tie the knot.
‘Should or shouldn’t I?’ He weighed his impulsive decision before he put one foot in front of the other, and there he was inside the store, looking at the rings.  Did he really want to do this?
Tom was in the locker room, changing out of his gear. Being a firefighter, you never knew what each day brought.  Today they’d started the day by rescuing a puppy that got caught in a drainage pipe in someone’s backyard.  The rest of the day had been quiet. Tom kept busy doing inventory on the supplies. By the middle of his shift, he was getting bored, and his mind wandered to thoughts of Ben, wishing he was home snuggling with him.
“Do you have any big plans for your days off, Tom?” Tom started at the sound of Steve’s voice.
“No, I think Ben and I are just going to chill.  What about you and Debra, got any special plans?”
He and Ben had become good friends with Steve and his wife.
“We’re sending the kids to the grandparents and planning a date night.   You and Ben should come over on Sunday.”
“Thanks, Steve, I’ll check with Ben and give you a call.” Tom couldn’t get home fast enough. He just wanted to see Ben’s face so bad, and feel his arms around him.
“Ben?” he called out when he opened the front door.
“I’m in here, Tom.”+
Tom’s nose was greeted by the wonderful smell of dinner; it made his stomach rumble.  “What’s all this?”  Their dining room table had a red tablecloth on it, their best china, candles, and two wine glasses.
“I wanted to welcome my man home in style.”  Ben kissed him,   “I made your favorite, chicken and dumplings.”
“Ben.” He finally was where he wanted to be, in his man’s arms.
Ben was uncharacteristically quiet all through dinner.
“What’s wrong, Ben?” Tom knew something was up.  They were in the kitchen, cleaning up the dishes together.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart, I just…”Ben sighed, “I don’t know how to do this.”
“Do what? Ben, you’re scaring me.”
“Let’s go into the living room.”
Tom followed him.
“Please sit down.”
Tom’s heart felt like it was going to break out of his chest.  ‘He’s breaking up with me, he’s not happy. I spend too much time at work… he can’t handle the dangers of my job.’   His mind raced with all these negative thoughts.
“I’m sorry, ,” he said as he sat down opposite Ben.
“Sorry for what?” Ben said curiously.
“For whatever I did wrong.”
“Oh, baby, you didn’t do anything. I wasn’t sure how to do this so bear with me.” He took a deep breath and took Tom’s hand.  “The first time I saw you, I just knew I’d found my soul mate, my lover, my best friend.”  He got down on one knee, took out the ring box.  “I love you so much, will you marry me?”
Tom’s mouth dropped on the floor, he gazed into Ben’s eyes then at the silver ring in the box.  There was only one answer that came into his head.  “Yes.” 
 Fellow Briefers
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Nephylim    m/m
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Four Doors Down a sneak peek

I have been working on this story since the beginning of time, well that is how it's felt.  Actually this story started, ironically, at my neighbor's place while I was dog sitting for them last summer.   They live four doors down from me, hence the title of my story.  While this has nothing to do with the story itself (other than the neighbors in my story living four doors down)  it was such a catchy title I couldn't resist using it.   The story takes place in bucolic Lancaster PA (I am living in Virginia)    I've visited there several times and love the area.    I'm posting an excerpt

Alex Perez is my main character he works as an art teacher.  He notices a moving truck and a new neighbor has joined the neighborhood.   Alex is curious but doesn't know how to make the introductions.    This is a scene between him and his older sister.  (remember this has not been edited so any mistakes are mine)

Four Doors Down by Lily Sawyer

Alex was one of those people who liked his solitude, but that didn’t mean that he lived like a hermit.

Once a year he donated some artwork to the community center for charity. Alex loved giving back and he looked forward to the volunteer work he did in the fall teaching kids art.

He was sitting in his office writing out his classroom plans for the week.  His mind kept going back to the gorgeous neighbor that was just four doors down.  He could easily see the house from his window.

It had been a week since he’d moved in and Alex had been gun shy about going over to say hello.  He couldn’t believe it, he didn’t have a problem speaking in front of the kids or to the other neighbors but put a tall, handsome dark-haired Adonis in front of him and his brain turned to mush.


Tara’s familiar voice carried down the hallway.  Alex loved his older sister but he hated her checking up on him.

“Tara, don’t you know how to knock?”

“And hello to you little brother.” She kissed his cheek and deposited a cup of coffee she’d picked up at Starbucks in front of him.   “You’d better be nice to me I come bearing gifts.”  She brought several pasties out of the paper bag and placed them in front of Alex.  She picked up a cranberry muffin and took a bite.  “Mm, they have the best muffins, you should try the blueberry.”  She pointed with the half-eaten muffin in her hand.

“You should remember I don’t like blueberries, but I’ll take that cheese Danish.”  He picked up the sweet pastry and took a bite.

“Are you still working on that painting you told me about?”

“Yeah, it’s in the workshop would you like to see it?” He led his sister to a back room he had converted into an art studio after he moved into the house.   There were various canvases; each had paintings that were at different stages.  Some were still pencil drawings while others were finished and waiting to be brought to the show.

“This is beautiful.”  Tara saw the orange, red and yellow colors on the fall leaves depicted on Alex’s painting.  

“It’s going to be joining the others at the charity show over at the gallery.”  

“When is the show?”

“This coming weekend at the Clark gallery over on Maple Street.”   Alex could tell by the expression on Tara’s face she didn’t just come over here to check out his paintings.

“So how is the dating scene going?  Have you met anyone lately?”

“I knew it!”   He put his coffee down on one of the work benches.

“What? Is it so wrong to want to see my brother happy?”

“I am happy, Tara, I’m doing what I want to do, living in a nice house.”

“I was just hoping you’d be dating a hot looking guy by now.”

“Look, sis,” he got up and put his arm around her shoulder and kissed the top of her head.  “You got lucky when you met Mark, he’s a great guy.”

“Yeah he is, and after ten years of marriage we still act like we’re still on our honeymoon.  I just want you to have the same happiness we have. “   Tara sat down on one of the stools behind the large table.  “Isn’t there anyone that’s caught your eye?”

“Damn, look at the time, I gotta get my act together and get these paintings down to the show.” He tried to make a quick exit from the room.

“Hold it!”

“So close.”  He mumbled.

“Who is it?”

“The new neighbor up the street.” He confessed.

“Oooo, who is he?” Tara was leaning forward, her elbow resting on the table and her chin on her hand.   She looked like a hungry dog looking for a bone.

“I don’t know.”  He said.

“You don’t know?  How can you not know?”

“I haven’t met him, he moved in a few weeks ago, but I’ve only spotted him once or twice while I was on the porch painting.”

“Did you even think of going up and introducing yourself?”

“Maybe that’s your style, not mine. Besides I don’t even know if he’s gay.”


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Silver Shorts Free reads

Here is my story for week 8.    Here is the direct link to DL all the FREE stories

I participated in weeks 6 (Built on Love) and 8 (Special Packages)

Silver Shorts 2

Prompts are-

"The box was still there..."
"We fell in love..."


"You can only eat so much..."
"I cannot believe you..."

Special Packages

Rick loved his job; he got to drive around all over town, delivering packages and making people happy. It was about as close to being Santa Claus as you could get, only instead of driving a sleigh he drove a big brown truck with UPS emblazoned on the side.

There were some customers that were one shot deals and some, like the building he was pushing his hand truck into, that were daily visits.  Riverhead Imports was one of those, receiving shipments from Islip airport on Long Island, New York.

The elevator doors opened on the fourth floor. He traveled the familiar path toward the end of the hallway, stopping at the wooden door with the that sign stated that Riverhead Import offices lay inside. He pushed the door open and was greeted with a “Hi Rick,” from the sexy receptionist behind the front desk.   Clay Butterfield had caught his eye the first time he’d ever made a delivery to this office.  He had some amazing features:  dark hair, crystal blue eyes—the man was sex on a stick.  He should have been walking a runway ,not sitting behind some desk punching computer keys and answering phones.  But then Rick would have been deprived of his daily dose of eye candy, the one he looked forward to each day.

“Hey Clay, how are you?” Rick put the boxes near the front desk and handed Clay the electronic tablet to sign.

“I’m good.” The phone buzzed and he picked it up “The boss wants me.”

Rick’s heart raced in his chest as Clay came up close and personal and shoved something into his hand.

“I never thought a man in shorts could be a turn on. You’ve got sexy legs.”  And before Rick’s brain could process what just happened, Clay disappeared. Shorts were part of the typical UPS warm weather outfit.  He knew countless women and gay men checked him out, but knowing Clay was one of them made him tingle inside.  He didn’t look until he, and his hand truck, were in the elevator.    He finally opened up his hand and looked at what was written on the paper Clay had snuck into his palm—his phone number, with the words “call me”. 

He got into his truck and quickly transferred the number into his cell phone.

That evening he sat on his couch with his I-phone in his hand and Clay’s number staring at him.   “Come on, just hit send already!”  he yelled at himself.  He could be such a chicken, especially when it came to hot men.     Finally, he pressed the button and waited while it connected to Clay’s phone.

After the fourth ring, he started to wonder if Clay was really interested.

“Hey, Rick, I’m sorry I just got out of the shower.”

Rick’s cock twitched as the image of Clay dressed in nothing but a towel flew through his mind.

“Um… oh uh… yeah that’s okay, Clay.”  He fumbled around for things to say.  He was getting more and more nervous by the minute. 

“I was wondering if we could get together for dinner, I know this nice bistro, maybe I could swing by your place, say around seven?”

Rick thought his heart was going to burst out of his chest. “I’d like that very much. Seven’s fine.”

“I’ll need your address.”

After Rick told Clay where he lived and they’d ended the call, all Rick could think about was what was he going to wear.   He didn’t go out on many dates, and not ones with classy guys like Clay.    He finally settled on black dress pants and a green, short-sleeved, dress shirt with a v-neck.

Rick lived in a townhouse community. The streets were laid out in a sort of maze; he hoped Clay didn’t get lost.   A knock on the door answered that question.  He broke out in a smile when he opened the door.   Clay was dressed in black, which made those blue eyes stand out even more.   He had an amazing body, one Rick wanted to explore as soon as possible.  He hoped Clay felt the same way.

“Come on in. I hope you didn’t have any problems finding the place.”

“No, and we have GPS to thank for that.”   He flashed that million-dollar smile that made Rick’s insides turn to Jello.  “Are you ready to leave?  I made a reservation.”

“Sure, I’m ready.”  He grabbed his jacket and locked up.

Clay drove a silver Kia that had all the bells and whistles.   The stereo had an incredible sound; he liked how the display gave the artist and the song’s name.

“I hope you don’t mind Lady Gaga.” 

“No, I like her songs.”

They drove to the restaurant and Clay gave his keys to the valet.   They made their way into the bistro and were seated at one of the outdoor tables behind the eatery.  “I hope you don’t mind eating alfresco.” 

“No, no.  I like it a lot,”   Rick commented as he took in the view of the water. He wasn’t much of a city person—he wouldn’t need the fingers on both hands to count the times he’d been into Manhattan.

The sommelier came by with a bottle of Chardonnay that Clay had ordered soon after they’d sat down, and presented it to Clay.   He took a sip of wine and nodded his approval.  Rick was given an appropriate serving, which he sipped.  “Mm, tasty.”

“I hope you didn’t mind that I took the liberty of ordering the wine?”

“No, I like a man who takes charge.”

“Really? Well, I’ll have to keep that in mind.”  Clay smiled seductively.   Rick had been able to keep his cock under control—until now.   He was anxious to get him back home and see what Clay had up his sleeve.

They dined on seafood: Rick had a fisherman’s platter, and Clay had rock lobster and steak. 

“Would you like to see our dessert menu?” the waiter enquired, after taking their empty plates away.

“Oh gosh, no,”  Rick said.  Clay looked at him. “You can only eat so much. I do have to watch my figure after all.  Can’t be getting fat. I wouldn’t be able to fit into those shorts you like so much.”

“Good thinking, but you know what?”  Clay leaned forward and locked gazes with Rick. “Right now I’m thinking of how to get you out of your clothes.”

“Come on, let’s go.”  Rick abruptly stood up. 

“Wait, I’ve got to pay the check.”

“Oh yeah.” Rick was so anxious to get out of there, he forgot about that formality.  He reached into his wallet for his credit card.

“You put that away, this is my treat.”


“No buts, my treat.”  He called over the waiter, who quickly put together their bill.   Clay signed the credit card receipt and they were on their way.

Rick gave Clay a quick tour of his place, but the room they were really interested in was the bedroom.  

“You’ve got a nice place here, Rick.  Especially your bedroom.”  

Rick did have a nice bedroom. He’d had it remodeled not too long ago: new wooden floors, new paint, and a new king-sized bed he couldn’t wait to try out with Clay.

“Thanks, I think you’ll really like this.”  Rick pulled off his shirt and fell back onto the bed.

“You like?” Rick asked.  He leaned back on his elbows, showing off his naked chest to a hungry Clay.

“Yeah, oh yeah!” Clay crawled onto the bed until he was right over Rick. “Yummy.” he leaned down and planted a kiss on Rick’s lips.

“I’ve been hoping to get you here, like this,” Rick confessed.

“Oh yeah?”  Clay said, between lavishing kisses on Rick’s neck; without looking up he attacked his nipples, lapping and sucking on them. 

“I thought it was just a fantasy, that it was never going to happen.”

“And I never thought I’d get a UPS man in bed either.  So it looks like both our dreams have come true,”   Clay said between his kissing journey down Rick’s chest andstomach and pulling Rick’s pants off to reveal the big prize that stood at attention between Rick’s thighs.

“Mm, tasty.”  Clay licked the white droplet at the top of the plump cockhead.

“Wait, I didn’t get dessert yet. “ Rick watched Clay strip naked for him and sat on the bed in the six-nine position. 

“Okay, here.  I’m tired of your whining,”  he teased. 

“We’ll find out who’s  going to be whining…or should I say moaning.”

Both men got to work, sucking each other off.  It was moments like this that Rick was glad he’d read that book, “The Joys of Gay Sex.”   He put the chapter on blowjobs to good use.   He licked Clay’s large balls and sucked on them.   Then ran his tongue up the huge cock up to the top and wrapped his mouth around the plump head. 

Moans filled the room until both men came.

“Oh boy,”  Clay whispered.

“Wow,” Rick managed to mumble.  “If this is a dream, I don’t want to ever wake up.”

“Mm, me neither.  Will you be by the office tomorrow?”

“You’re not staying?” Rick hoped this was not a one-time thing.

“I’ll stay if you want me to,” Clay assured him.  “I was thinking of quitting until you showed up.”

“Really?  I had no idea.  I do make daily deliveries to other companies you know.  I could let you know who they are, if you want to change jobs.”

“No, I think I’ll stay there for a while.  And here too.”   Clay swept his arm to encompass the bedroom, then wrapped it around Rick’s shoulders and hugged and kissed him.   They held each other and fell asleep.

Wednesday Briefs

I'm sorry to say that I did not have the time to do a Weds Brief.    Ben and Tom are very busy working so they haven't been able to spend much time together.    Maybe next week they will be able to have a romantic rendezvous

Here are the links to my fellow briefers

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Scarlett Knight     m/f
Nephylim     m/m
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MC Houle    m/m

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Love on the East End-sale

I wanted to let readers know that my book "Love on the East End" is on sale.

It is available from several sites (like Amazon and ARE, etc)

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Six Sentence Sunday

These six sentences are from my WIP  "Four Doors Down."


Alex Perez is a talented artist, lives in a nice quiet community in bucolic Lancaster Pennsylvania.   He lives a simple life and has everything he needs except someone to share his life with.   The house four doors down has stood vacant for a long time until a moving van shows up and someone moves in.     But welcoming the new neighbor proves elusive for Alex and he wonders if the mysterious man in black is hiding something.

Here is my six sentences: 

“He can be a dangerous man.”  Tristan spoke to him without the phone.  “You saw what he did to me before you came.”

“Yeah well I can be a dangerous man too, especially when I’m protecting the man I love.”


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my website

Hello everyone.

I thought I'd show you my website.   In addition to being an author, I like to create jewelry.   I have done some craft fairs and sold some pieces online too.

feel free to check out my creations and e mail me if you're interested in anything you see


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Valentine's Day Blog Hop Contest Winner

And the winner IS:  (drum roll please)


I will be emailing you so you can let me know which book you'd like (they are in PDF format)

Thanks to everyone who entered.

Wednesday Briefs

I did not have time to do a story this week,  maybe next week.  But here are the participating writers

Sara York    m/m
Nephylim    m/m
Victoria Blisse   m/f  
MC Houle     m/m    **FLASH VIRGIN**

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Valentine's Day Blog Hop event

Love is in the air and we're having a blog hop event from Feb 11th till Feb 14th, there are plenty of prizes to be won. I'm giving away a copy of one of my books, winner's choice. All you have to do is leave a comment and your contact info. I will not be able to enter you to win if you don't leave me a way to contact you.

I will be announcing a winner sometime on Weds

Please visit the party blog to see the other authors who participated and are holding contests too

Blog Hop Spot

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Wednesday Briefs #5

Wednesday Briefs #5

This Week’s prompts

This week's prompt are: I got you under my skin.

The alternate prompts are:  Use Paul Bunyan, bad food, and wishes


use paper mache in your story  


make a Doctor Seuss reference.

Links to my fellow writers appear at the end of my story.

This continues from last week's  "Smooth and Creamy." 

Wet and Wild by Lily Sawyer

Tom enjoyed watching his partner sleep; after a wild, food-filled romp in the hay, Ben had dozed off.

Yawn, stretch. Ben stirred.

“You promised me round two,” Tom said


“You said to get ready for round two, and then fell asleep on me.” Tom crossed his arms in front of his chest, faux pout on his countenance.

“Sorry, Tom, you just wore me out.”

“We’ve certainly made a sticky mess.” Tom observed the bed linen, stained with food.

“Yep, we sure have.”

“What are we going to do about it?”

“Strip the bed, then shower.” Ben smiled seductively and wiggled his eyebrows.

Tom was putty in Ben’s hands.

After dumping the sheets down the laundry chute and putting fresh linen on the bed, the two men settled into their glass, steam shower.

Tom squirted some shampoo into the palm of his hand and washed Ben’s dark hair. He knew how much Ben liked his scalp massaged.

“Oh, yeah.  Feels so good, Tom.” Ben reached behind him and rubbed his hand over Tom’s buttocks.

“More, I need more Tom, please?”

Tom kissed Ben’s shoulder; he took the bottle of liquid soap and lathered his man’s chest. His fingers rubbed his nipples, taking a journey down the treasure trail covering Ben’s belly.

“Finally,” Tom whispered in his ear, as he cupped Ben’s cock and balls.

“Ah.”  Ben’s head fell onto Tom’s shoulders.  “Tom, Tom, I need you inside me.”

Ben’s begging excited Tom so much, his cock was standing at attention.  After the tumble they had in bed he didn’t think he’d be able to get it up so soon, but all it took was Ben—that’s all it ever took.  He couldn’t imagine his life without this man. 

“Hold on gorgeous, it’s coming.”  He grabbed a bottle of body soap. Putting some on his hand, he rubbed it on his engorged cock as quickly as he could.

“If you don’t hurry, I’ll be coming.”  Ben leaned against the shower tiles and wiggled his butt at Tom.  “Unless you’ve changed your mind and you don’t want this.” Ben looked over his shoulder at Tom and smiled.

“I’ll show you want I want.”  Tom pushed his plump cockhead against Ben’s tight opening.  Slowly the large cock disappeared into his lover’s body.   Watching it happen only turned him on more, if that were even possible. 

The bathroom echoed with moans and two wet bodies thrusting back and forth in the steamy room.   Ben’s hands were supporting his weight on the wet tiles; Tom intertwined his fingers with Ben’s and wrapped his other arm around Ben’s waist. 

“Uh, uh, yeah, so close, baby, so close.”

“Yeah, Tom, mmmm.”  He fell back against his lover’s body; Tom wrapped his hand around Ben’s cock and moved up and down in time with his thrusts.  

They both reached the top of the summit of love together. 

They couldn’t clearly remember drying off and climbing into bed, but here they were, wrapped around each other and gently kissing each other’s faces.   Ben was resting his head on Tom’s muscular chest.   “I’ve got you under my skin,” Tom started to sing in his ear.

“I’ve got you deep in the heart of me.”  Ben added the next line.

“So deep in my heart, that you’re really a part of me.”  They sang the next line together as they cuddled.

 my fellow briefers

Nephylim    m/m
Sara York    m/m
Lindsay Klug    m/f

Silver Shorts

Welcome to Silver Shorts.  Every week,  Silver Publishing authors will be given prompt or four to play with and one week to submit flash fiction and short stories to be offered as free reads to their customers. This week's theme is: "There isn't room in this closet for the two of us!"

I am posting my story here, to DL the free stories please visit Silver's site:
Silver Shorts

In the meantime here is my free read

Silver Short

Prompt - "This closet aint big enough for the both of us..."

Built on Love-by Lily Sawyer

Hal Lender wasn’t a nine to five, stuck behind a desk kind of guy; he loved working with his hands. Which was why going into the construction business was the smartest decision he’d ever made.

“Hal did we get the flooring delivery yet?”

That voice was the most wonderful sound Hal had ever heard, and it belonged to his best friend, Ryder Jones. They met in high school and became instant friends.  They both tried out for the football team and congratulated each other on the back when they made it.    Ryder was taller and more built than he was; maybe that was why they made him a wide receiver.   Hal was a tight end; he didn’t care what position he played, he was just happy to be on the team with his best friend.  The same friend who became a whole lot more when they got accepted into the same college, UCLA paid for by their football scholarships.    They were both hoping to end up in the pros, but it’s funny how things can change in a matter of minutes.  It was the last play of the last game in their junior year when a tackle from behind sent Ryder falling to the ground.  His knee was injured, sure they repaired it but it meant he was forced out of football for good.   Hal tried his best to carry on, but his heart wasn’t in it anymore.  

They did everything together and after Ryder quit football they sat down in their dorm and made some major life decisions.   Ryder’s father owned a construction company and after graduation he and Hal went to work for him. 

“It just came in this morning,” Hal answered the man who had become the love his life.   They did a little fooling around in college, well once they figured out that was how things were going to go for the two of them.  You just never know when love is going to hit you, and Hal never thought he’d fall in love with his best friend, or visa versa.   Having the full support of their friends at school certainly made things a lot easier during those four years.  

Tell their families was another matter, they were both scared shitless.   He and Ryder were both stunned when their families didn’t even blink and eye; in fact Hal’s mother was wondering what took them so long to say anything. 

Ryder’s father was proud of his son, it didn’t matter to him that he was gay.   Moe Jones couldn’t think of anyone he’d be more happy to see take over his construction business than Ryder.   So this is how one Hal Lender found himself working as manager of Ryder construction and Ryder was now head of the company.   His father retired about a year ago and gave over the keys to his son. 

“Hey Ryder?”  Hal looked up from the paperwork he’d been filling out on the newly installed granite island in the kitchen.   The rest of the workers were on their lunch break.  They’d been working on one of the ranch style homes in this new development in Santa Barbara for months.   They celebrated big time when this contract crossed Ryder’s desk.   It meant big bucks for the company and Hal showed Ryder just how happy he was when they made it to their bedroom that night.   Hal had picked up the “Kama Sutra for Gays” book and couldn’t wait to show Ryder some new moves.    His lover’s moans of delight and squirming body were all the evidence Hal needed to know he was taking Ryder up to the summit of their mountain of love.  “Ryder?”   Where did his man get off to, he sure could pull a disappearing act at the oddest times, he needed him to sign this requisition form for more drywall.

“I’m back here.”  There was that voice again, it didn’t matter to Hal that Ryder wasn’t trying to be sexy, pretty much everything that man did was sexy to Hal.   Hal followed the voice to the finished master bedroom.   It was a spacious room with tray ceilings and a bay window that looked out to a big backyard.   There was an ensuite bathroom.    The sounds of a power screwdriver caught his attention and he finally found his man.  He snuck up behind him and wrapped his arms around Ryder.   His lips kissed the back of Ryder’s sweaty neck.

“This closet ain’t big enough for the both of us.”  Ryder whispered in a husky voice, Hal knew he was turning him on with his amorous moves.

“Nonsense, it’s a walk in closet. Plenty of room for us and then some.”

“I don’t want the ‘then some.’   I only want you, Hal.”  Ryder had turned around and put the screwdriver down on the shelf he’d finished installing.   They wrapped their arms around each other and their lips met.  “We really don’t have time for this, the guys will be back from lunch any minute.”

“Did that ever stop us before?” Hal knew he was being unprofessional, but when he was this close to Ryder the head down below did all the talking.  “Come on, baby, we can do a quickie in the closet.”

“Hal,” Ryder’s fingers were combing through Hal’s dark hair, the tall, blond former wide receiver was putty in his hands.

“Just to let you know I finished my book, I think I’ll practice chapter twelve on you.”  Hal slowly unzipped Ryder’s jeans and pulled open the material, his hand snaked inside his boxers and pulled out the large cock that was already dripping wet.  “We can’t let you go back to work like this, Ryder.”   Hal dropped down in front in worship of Ryder’s burgeoning member; he never could get enough of this man and probably never would.   He’d never miss an opportunity, like this one, to show this man how much he loved him.  He started off by licking Ryder’s cock like a popsicle, pearl white droplets drizzled down the shaft and into Hal’s hungry mouth.  By the time Hal pulled the cock into his mouth Ryder was a quivering mess, leaning up against the closet wall for support.  The blond’s fingers were bunched up in his hair giving him hard pulls, a sign to Hal that he was very close to coming.   Hal bobbed his head up and down and his tongue lapped at the slit on top of Ryder’s cock until…. “HAL, uhhhh.”  The sound echoed in the room.   Hal helped Ryder to the floor and he rested against Ryder’s lap, their arms intertwined like the vines on a tree. They needed a few minutes to gather their strength. 

“What about you, Hal?”  Ever the concerned, unselfish, lover, Ryder wanted to make sure he was taken care of.

“I took care of it.”  Hal’s cock lay spent against his open fly, evidence that Ryder wasn’t the only one receiving pleasure. 

“Next time I take care of you, okay?” Ryder kissed him.

“Okay lover.”  They continued to lie there, then put themselves back together.  Just in time for their worker’s return.   “Do you want to come out of the closet now?” Hal joked.

“Baby I think we came out a long time ago.” Ryder said.

“We sure did, I do have one question though.” Hal was always a spur of the moment kind of guy, one that said what was on his mind.


“Do you want to get married?”

Hal didn’t know if he should laugh or be concerned at the open-mouthed expression on Ryder’s face.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I thought I'd post from "Catch of the Day"   I didn't know how popular my merman/fisherman story would be.    I guess you all like to go 'fishing'

 Kellan couldn’t help looking down at Jaran’s torso.   He had nice calves and powerful thighs that disappeared into a pair of shorts that showed off his nice package.
“Like what you see?”
Kellan quickly looked away so Jaran wouldn’t know he’d been ogling him. “Come on let’s go inside. “  He turned around to leave the hold. ''

Available from Silver Publishing  Buy link

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Meldown Contest Feb 2-5

Romance First Publishing is having a Winter Meltdown Contest.   Please visit the website to enter for free e books

Link to Contest

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Wednesday Briefs #4

Wednesday Briefs #4

It's that time of week again.  I couldn't resist using food in my story, erotically of course.   I hope you enjoy (and maybe get inspired too)    The links to my fellow writers appear at the end of my story


This weeks prompts: 

Use food in an erotic manner or

Use sims, emu and gratuity or

“I get records on my fingers and I just can’t stop.”  Or (courtesy of my daughter Sarah)

Use some sort of dance

Smooth and creamy by Lily Sawyer

Cosmopolitan Magazine wasn’t the typical publication you’d find Ben Meyers perusing, but it was the only periodical,  besides Woman’s Day or Redbook, that was sitting in the doctor’s waiting room.

The article that caught his eye was “How to Keep the Fire Burning in your Relationship.”  Ben flipped through the pages.  Tom was the love of his life. Their four years together had been happy ones. Sure, there were some bumps in the road—every couple had those.

“Sometimes even the best relationships need some spark put back into them.”

The article spoke about getting into ruts, making sure the lines of communication were open; the last part talked about having a healthy sex life.

“Mr. Meyers, the doctor is ready to see you.”

“Oh, yeah, okay.”  Ben quickly put the magazine down as though it had burned him, and followed the nurse into the exam room.

He couldn’t keep his mind off the article and when he went home, he decided that he and Tom were going to spice things up. Today was Tom’s last day of his shift.

* * * *

“Oh man, what a day.” Tom opened the front door and dragged himself across the threshold. He was bone tired and was looking forward to hugging Ben and then hitting the sheets.


“I’m in the bedroom.”

Tom wandered into the bedroom and into the walk-in closet.  “What a day I had, we must have gone on about a dozen rescues.   Most of them were just minor stuff.  Then we had this garage that caught on fire, took us a while to put the darn thing out.”  He talked as he took off his shirt and pants.  “I’m beat, I hope you don’t mind if I take a nap before dinner…. HOLY COW!”   Tom’s mouth dropped open when he looked at Ben on their bed.

Ben was lying on the bed, naked, strategically covered by fruit—mounds of strawberries, and a big banana that stuck up where his cock was hidden, completed the erotic scene.    On the nightstand were a bowl of dark chocolate and a can of whipped cream.

“What’s this about?”   Tom sat on the bed; seeing his lover had gone to so much trouble, he took a strawberry, dipped it in chocolate and took a bite, then shared the rest with Ben.

“Mm, I got the idea from Cosmo magazine.”

“Since when do you read Cosmo?”

“Since there was nothing else to read at the doctor’s office.”

“How’dyour visit go?”

“Everything’s fine, just my cholesterol is kind of high. He advised me to start eating healthier.”

Tom laughed, “And you decided this was how you were going to start?”

“I hope you don’t think this is silly.”  Ben blushed.

“No, honey, no.”  Tom leaned over and kissed his man.  “I love surprises.”

“There was this article in the magazine that said how to put the spice back into your relationship.   One of the things they listed was using food in sexy ways.  I thought I couldn’t get any more sexier than this.”

“I do say that this…” He touched the banana. “…does not represent the real you.”  Tom dug down past the strawberries and pulled up the real thing.  Ben’s cock wasn’t staying flaccid for long.   Tom picked up the bowl and slowly drizzled the chocolate all over Ben’s cock and began sucking it.

“Tom!”  Ben’s body writhed on the bed.  Tom pushed the strawberries out of his way so he could see his entire lover. 

“I found something I want to eat right now.”  Ben pulled his legs up so Tom could have access to his pulsing hole. 

“Beautiful.”  Tom wasted no time, settling between Ben’s legs and pulling apart his butt cheeks, his tongue diving in for a feast.  Every time his tongue lapped against Ben’s hole, he squirmed off the mattress.  Tom had to hold down his hips to keep him still.

“Tom,”   Ben begged.  

“You want this?”  Ben held up the banana.

“No, not big enough, need this.”   Ben put his hand on the bulge in Tom’s boxers.   Tom quickly discarded them and grabbed a tube of lube and slicked himself up.   He positioned his cock at Ben’s hole as Ben wrapped his legs around Tom’s waist, his heels pushing against his backside.  “Come on, I need you.”

“Yeah, baby.”  Tom pushed all the way in and started to thrust, his strong hips pushing in and out of his lover’s body.  It wasn’t long before he felt his balls tighten and he came. 

“That was so good.”  Ben picked up a strawberry, dipped it in chocolate and put some whipped cream on it.  And offered it to Tom.

“Aw, we didn’t use the whipped cream.”  He settled down next to Ben and chomped on the berry.

“Don’t worry, it won’t go to waste.”   Ben picked up the can of whipped cream and covered Tom’s nipples with it and started to lick it off. 

“Round two coming up.”


List of my fellow briefers

Sara York     m/m
AJ Jarrett   m/m
Nephylim    m/m
LM Brown   m/m
RC Donitz   m/f