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Bewitching Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop

Thank you for being BRAVE enough to stop by my lair.     The Bewitching Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop features all kinds of prizes and includes all of these authors:

Drea Becraft * Lee Brazil * Avril Ashton * Kellie Kamryn * Elizabeth Black * Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy * Lacie Nation * JoAnne Kenrick * Daisy Dunn * Cassandre Dayne * Jessica E Subject * Sara York * Wendy Smith * Anne Holly * Lucy Felthouse * Kiki Howell * Julie Lynn Hayes * J.S. Wayne * Robin Badillo * Karen Erickson * Cari Quinn * Mahalia Levey * Dawn’s Reading Nook * Raine Delight * D.B. Moon * Kay Springsteen * Jillian Chantal * Cindy Jacks * Ashley Lucas * Rose Anderson * Eden Glenn * Beth Barany * D. Renee Bagby * S.L. Danielson * Ella Jade * Elizabeth Morgan * Rawiya & BL * Jean Joachim * Jambrea Jo Jones * Trinity Blacio * Debra Dennis * Natasha Blackthorne * S.J. Frost * Jaime Samms * Tabitha Shay * Sandra Sookoo * Kristyn Nicols * Roz Lee * Billi Jean * Dyanne Davis * Kharisma Rhayne * Erotic Diaries * Fiona McGier * Pender Mackie * Lily Sawyer * Roxanne Rhoads * Jodi Redford * Angel Martinez * Mary Absire * Sandy Sullivan * Kaily Hart * Dakota Trace * Lindsay Klug * Marie Rose Dufour * Stephanie Beck *  B.A. Tortuga * Nicole Morgan * Missy Lyons * Secret Cravings Publishing * Marie Sexton * W. Lynn Chantale * Gabrielle Bisset * Karenna Colcroft * Lia Fairchild * Naughty Between The Stacks * Lelani Black * Wendi Zwaduk * Megan Slayers * Karen Marie Nutt * Kinley Baker * Paty Jager * Katherine Kingston * Beth D Carter * E. Jaime * Elizabeth Noble * Sarah Makela * Gracen Miller * Kerry Adrienne * Staci Brush * Cynthia Arsuaga *  Kelly L Lee * Melisse Aires * L.K. Below * Selena Kitt * Ana Hart * Naughty Nights Press * Kianna Alexander * Ami Blackwelder * Gabrielle Evans * Lila Munro * Lisa Beth Darling * T.C. Archer * Tara Scott * Wendy And The Lost Boys* Carly Fall * Cheryl Bradshaw * Barbara Westbrook * Tamara Monteau * Natalie-Nicole Bates * Sable Hunter

I am running a contest,  between now and midnight (the witching hour) Oct 31st all the brave souls who visit my blog are eligible to win a free copy of one of my books, their choice.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your name and e mail address......IF YOU DARE!  Bwahahahaha   

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Silver Flash #37

Flash 37
This week’s prompts: 
This week's Prompt Diva is Heather, who has given us our Halloween prompts:

"That boy is a monster." or "This is better than a bagful of candy."

Here are my alternate prompts:

Use these three words:  red, buoyancy, terra cotta


Lovers such as I (my Richard Harris tribute)


"How dare you toy with my affections?"

Halloween Tricks

“Look— a stockade, chains, a black cat and…. ooooh a coffin! Can you believe it Ben?”  Sometimes Tom acted like a little kid. Especially when it came to Halloween.  He did everything except go out trick-or-treating.  He even dressed up; this year he’d told Ben he planned on being a pirate.  He got really excited when people started decorating their homes and he dragged Ben out to see what their neighbors had done

“I see it, Tom, it’s nice.”  Ben rolled his eyes. He just couldn’t get as excited as his partner about Halloween.  He could blame his parents for that—while his friends paraded around the neighborhood dressed in colorful costumes,  collecting tons of candy, he was forced to stay home and do his homework.  As far as they were concerned it was a pagan holiday, one  they’d no interest in letting Ben be a part of.

“Nice? It’s more than nice! It’s they're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky…”

“Oh please, don’t tell me they’re the Addams family.”   Ben rolled his eyes again, but he couldn’t prevent a smile from breaking out on his face. He’d been feeling kind of down over the past few days, and Tom and his sense of humor were just the thing to break him out of it.

“Come on, Ben, where’s your Halloween spirit?”

“It’s Non-existent is where it is. Just like when I was a kid.”

“Well, I’m going to fix that.”

“How?”  Ben could see the wheels turning in Tom’s head.  He didn’t know whether to be scared or intrigued.

“You’re coming with me to the party.”

“Party, what party?”  This is the first Ben had heard about a party.

“A Halloween party they’re holding at the American Legion Hall. The fire department put together a charity fundraiser for tonight and you’re going with me as my date.”

“I’m what? Why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

“Cause I didn’t want you to come up with a gazillion excuses to back out of it.”

“I don’t need any excuse, ‘cause I’m not going.”   Ben turned around. He started to walk back toward their house. 

“But you gotta go, Ben.”   They made it as far as their front porch before Ben turned around and lashed into him.

“I told you I’m not into Halloween.”

“But you’ve never even given it a real shot.  I know you didn’t get to do it as a kid, but there isn’t any reason you can’t join in the fun now.”

“I just don’t want to.”

“Look, just come to the party and try to have fun.  I know you know how to have fun, Ben.”

“I’m not going.”  Ben opened the door. He knew he wasn’t being fair but he just didn’t like being put in this position.

“You have to go, it’s for charity. It benefits the families of fallen firefighters.” 

That did it for Ben. Tom knew he could never refuse any charity, but particularly one that hit so close to home for both of them.   “Alright.” He sighed.   His foul mood didn’t last long when Tom’s arms came around him and their lips met
“I’ll help you with a costume.”

“Never mind I’ll come up with one by myself.”

“You will?”

“I can, you know!”

“I know, I know how creative you can be, baby.”  Tom held his hands up in surrender.

A few hours later…

“Ben, are you ready? We’ve got to leave in a few minutes.”   Tom was looking in the mirror, adjusting his pirate hat, when Ben joined him in the living room.

“I’m all ready.”

Tom turned around and his mouth dropped open.   “What are you supposed to be?”  Tom made a curious circle around Ben.

“Um,” He put his thinking cap on but couldn’t figure out what it was.  Ben was dressed in a pink sweatshirt and pink pants and there was a shoe on top of his head.  “I give up what are you?”

“I’m the gum on the bottom of your shoe.” Ben laughed when he heard Tom’s groans.  “Well, you’ve been the gum on the bottom of my shoe for a long time, now it’s my turn.”

“So I’ve been a pain in the neck like gum on the bottom of a shoe?”

“Yep, but I guess just like the gum I’m stuck with you.”  Ben came over and plastered a kiss on Tom’s lips.

“You’ve been my gum too.”  They hugged and kissed and then noticed the time.  


All manner of creatures inhabited the American Legion hall.   They were each given a bag loaded with treats. 

“I hope you enjoy the candy.”   A small figure ran off.

“That boy is a monster,” one of Tom’s fellow fire fighters exclaimed.

“Is that a nice thing to say?”  Ben said as he poured himself a drink from the punch bowl; a mysterious fog cascaded down the sides.

“I think I’m qualified to say it, he’s my son.”  They laughed at the retreating back of the mini-Frankenstein’s monster.

Ben looked over at his partner. He had to admit the pirate’s costume was turning Ben on and he could feel his pants getting rather tight.  He nodded in Tom’s direction, hoping he got the signal.  He found a closet off the main hallway and ducked in.    He wasn’t alone for long. 

“You wanted something, Ben?”  Tom smiled at him.

“Yeah, I want this.”  He put his hand on Tom’s crotch and felt the bulge he knew so well growing.

“I thought you wanted a bag of candy.”

“This is better than a bagful of candy.”  He kissed Tom.  “You should know that, you damn pirate.”

“Arghhh.”  Tom did his worst impression of a pirate ever.  But Ben didn’t care.  “I want yer booty.”

“Come and get it, ya mangy pirate.”  

The music was blasting so loud the partiers never heard the pirate in the closet looking for some buried treasure.

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Sunday Snog- Catch of the Day

Time for my very first sunday snog

Catch of the Day
Kellan Murphy is a successful car dealer in Chicago, but he isn't happy with his life. He finds his job boring and wants a change. After the sudden death of his lover he decides to move someplace warm. He sees an ad for the Florida Keys in a magazine and packs everything and moves to the Keys.

Kellan starts his new life as a fisherman and tour guide. He has his own home and boat, but the one thing missing is someone to share his life with. On a rare day off he decides to go fishing and what he finds at the end of his fishing line changes his life forever.

“Let me show you how to navigate.”  Kellan pressed his body against Jaran’s and placed his hand on the merman’s and, together, they guided the boat through the waterway. Kellan kept a sharp eye out for rocks and manatees.
“You have to become one with the boat,” Kellan whispered in Jaran’s ear. Jaran closed his eyes and let his mind and body relax.  He could feel the movements of the boat, the seagulls calling out and the smell and feel of the man behind him.
His body responded to it all, especially the latter.  His ass rubbed against Kellan’s crotch and he could feel the bulge getting larger.  Kellan was pressing against him.
“Shit!”  Kellan cried out.
Jaran’s eyes flew open and he was pushed aside, his legs hit the ice chest they kept in the cabin and he landed on his ass.
“What the hell?” he quickly scrambled to his feet and saw the look of concern on Kellan’s face.  They had drifted too close to the jetty.
Jaran watched as Kellan steered them away from a near disaster. When they were out of the canal and in open water again, Kellan put his head down on his arms that hung loosely against the wheel.
“Damn it!” He berated himself,  “I shouldn’t have become distracted like that, I almost crashed the boat.”
“I’m sorry, it was my fault.  I was the reason you weren’t paying attention to where we were going.  You could have lost your boat, I know how important it is to you.”
“Screw the boat,” Kellan wrapped his arms around Jaran.  “I could’ve lost you.”
Jaran was stunned by the sudden admission of Kellan’s feelings for him, but he didn’t have time to dwell on them because he found his head was being held between two large calloused hands and his lips were locked in a kiss that made his insides turn to mush.
Jaran broke the kiss,” Wait…” he shook his head,  “What?”
“Did you hit your head when you fell?”
“No, but I thought you said you wanted to take things slow.”
“I did, I mean I do, just want to make sure you know I care about you.”  Kellan softly kissed his lips again. “That I’m very interested in you.”
“I’m interested in you too.” They kissed some more until the cries of dozens of gulls caught their attention.
“Looks like they’re making a fuss over something, let’s take a closer look.” Kellan said as he fired up the boat and they went to check things out.
They came across a seal that had been tangled in a fishing net.  The seal was struggling for air.
“I gotta save her.”
Kellan watched Jaran put the ring on and dove off the stern of the boat and into the waves.
Jaran struggled to free the seal as the animal thrashed about.
“He’ll hurt himself if he doesn’t quiet down.”
“I’ll tell her,” Jaran corrected him as he held the seal’s head above water and whispered something in her ear.
“Kellan,” he grunted, “Help me.”
Kellan quickly weighted anchor, grabbed some wire cutters, took his shoes off and joined the merman.
His head broke the surface and he swam over to Jaran.
They glanced at each other they worked quietly as Kellan cut the netting away from the seal’s body and Jaran tried to keep her calm.
The minute she was free she took off like a shot.  Her streamline body smoothly cut through the water.
“We did it!”  Kellan cried.
“Yeah, we sure did.”   Jaran cried out in joy.
They heard a seal bark and a dark body pushed between them.  The seal touched noses with both men and looked at Jaran. 
“I know I’ve been away a while.”
Kellan watched the exchange between Jaran and the seal with interest. “I met someone, Kara.”
Kellan could feel the seal’s eyes on him, she dived beneath the waves and he could feel her body brush against his.
“Relax, she’s just checking you out.” Jaran’s eyes rolled.
It felt like he was meeting Jaran’s family, maybe in a way he was.
Kara resurfaced and touched Kellan’s nose again, Jaran made the introductions.
“Is it okay if I touch her?”
Kellan slowly ran his hand over her head and neck. Kara looked at him again, barked something to Jaran and disappeared
“What was that all about?”
“Kara is the leader of the seal people, she and Lydia are close friends. I think she thinks of me like a son or something. She said she approves of my choice of mate and that we better plan to visit her more often.”
“Mate, huh?” Kellan wrapped his arm around Jaran’s neck and they kissed. “I kinda like the sound of that.”
“Are we still going slow?”
“Yeah, but maybe we can kind of push things up a notch.  I don’t know if it’s the merman thing or the sea air, but all I know is I want you, Jaran.”
Jaran looked at the hopeful expression in Kellan’s eyes.
“I want you, too.” Their lips and tongues met and their bodies pressed together.
“Uh, not here, I want to see you, all of you, Jaran. I want to make love to you.”
“Okay,” Jaran had trouble catching his breath.
“I know a private cove were we can anchor, nobody will bother us.”
Jaran smiled, “Well, what are we waiting for, let’s go.”

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To catch a merman

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd give you a chance to catch Jaran.    All you have to do is leave a message on my blog along with your e mail addy.     I'll be picking a winner tonight. 


Catch of the Day-by Lily Sawyer


Available at Silver Publishing in E book and print ok_authors_id/101/typefilter/book_author s


Kellan loved traveling the canals that were peppered throughout the Keys. He didn't know his way around all of them, but he was learning as he went. He turned towards the helm and watched Jaran steer the boat. He'd been hesitant at first to take the wheel, but Kellan encouraged him to take a turn when they'd reached the open seas.

"Here, you want to take over?" Jaran offered when he noticed they were approaching another canal.

"No." Kellan stood behind Jaran, so close that Jaran could feel the heat from the other man's body radiating against him.


"Let me show you how to navigate." Kellan pressed his body against Jaran's and placed his hand on the merman's and, together, they guided the boat through the waterway. Kellan kept a sharp eye out for rocks and manatees.

"You have to become one with the boat," Kellan whispered in Jaran's ear. Jaran closed his eyes and let his mind and body relax.  He could feel the movements of the boat, hear the seagulls calling out and smell and feel the man behind him.

His body responded to it all, especially the latter.  His ass rubbed against Kellan's crotch and he could feel the bulge getting larger. Kellan was pressing against him.

"Shit!" Kellan cried out.

Jaran's eyes flew open and he was pushed aside. His legs hit the ice chest they kept in the cabin and he landed on his ass.

"What the hell?" He quickly scrambled to his feet and saw the look of concern on Kellan's face. They had drifted too close to the jetty.

Jaran watched as Kellan steered them away from a near disaster. When they were out of the canal and in open water again, Kellan put his head down on his arms that hung loosely against the wheel.

"Damn it!" he berated himself. "I shouldn't have become distracted like that. I almost crashed the boat."

"I'm sorry, it was my fault.  I was the reason you weren't paying attention to where we were going.  You could have lost your boat, and I know how important it is to you."

"Screw the boat." Kellan wrapped his arms around Jaran. "I could've lost you."

Jaran was stunned by the sudden admission of Kellan's feelings for him, but he didn't have time to dwell on it, because he found his head being held between two large, calloused hands and his lips locked in a kiss that made his insides turn to mush.

Jaran broke the kiss." Wait!" He shook his head. "What?"

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Silver Flash #36

Flash 36:  prompts:
  The moment I opened my mouth, I knew I would regret it.

  sunshine, stereo, ambulance


cold hands, warm heart


"In for a penny, in for a pound"

 The After Shock

The sunshine streamed through the fourth floor window.  The sound of an ambulance siren also floated in, probably stopping in front of the Emergency Room entrance. Bringing another sick or injured patient to the hospital.   Just like the one that had brought Tom after his accident.  He’d only gone to Home Depot, how had this happened?

Ben’s heart had stopped when the call came through. He couldn’t get to the hospital quick enough.

“I’m going to be okay, honey.” Ben heard Tom’s dulcet tones coming from the bed behind him.

“Shut up.” Ben turned away from the ‘scenic view’ and faced his injured man.  “Do you know how scared I’ve been?”  Ben crawled into the bed next to Tom and mashed their lips together.

“I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to scare you.   You know how careful I am on my bike. It wasn’t my fault someone cut in front of me.”    He’d been lucky he’d been wearing his helmet, and he wasn’t going too fast.   He’d some cuts and bruises.

“So when are they springing you from this place?”

“The doc said tomorrow.”


“Come on, Ben, why are you driving so slow?”   Tom had been asking him that for the last half hour.   They’d stopped at the pharmacy to put in a prescription for painkillers and were crawling their way home.  “You know how I hate hospitals. I just want to go home and get into my own bed.”

“I just don’t want to give you a rough ride.”

“You don’t seem to have any problems giving me those in bed.”  Ben could see the smile on Tom’s face.

“Yeah, well we won’t be having any of those for a while.”

“Ben, I’m okay.  My cock’s in perfect working order.”    
Ben flinched when Tom pulled his right hand off the steering wheel and onto the large bulge in his pants.   “See?”

Ben pushed down on the accelerator and they arrived home in no time.  They’d decided that, for the time being, Tom would be sleeping in the main floor guest room so he could avoid having to climb the stairs.  

“Ah, I forgot how comfortable the beds in this house are.”   Ben helped Tom settle into the queen size bed.  He’d never been so happy to have Tom home, safe and sound.   He tried to put Tom’s dangerous profession out of his mind; otherwise it would have driven him crazy long ago.      “So I guess you’ll be sleeping upstairs, huh?”   Ben couldn’t believe Tom would even suggest such a thing, but when Tom’s eyebrows wiggled suggestively he couldn’t stop himself from, carefully, pouncing on his man. 

“You think I’m going to leave an injured man alone?  Uh uh, I sleep wherever you sleep.”   Ben wiggled his body into position, their groins rubbed together.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.”  Ben’s insides turned to jello every time Tom’s fingers touched him anywhere on his body.    Said fingers were rubbing circles on his back.   It was amazing how quickly he could shed his clothes whenever he and Tom got into a bedroom, but here he was straddling his man in the raw.  

“Help me pull these down, Ben.”  Tom’s begging got the desired results.  Ben unzipped and pulled his jeans down, the large cock stood straight out.   After he slathered on some lube, Ben positioned himself right on top of the monster cock and slowly slid down. 

“In for a penny, in for a pound.”    Ben thought he’d see stars as he was stretched, but he loved every minute of it.    Tom’s large hands wrapped around his and they set a rhythm of love with each thrust. 

“Your hands are cold,” Tom exclaimed.

“Cold hands, warm heart, baby.”   Ben kept riding the wild cock until they both entered into orbit. 

“I think this is all the medicine I could ever need.” Tom said softly.

They cuddled the afternoon away.


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Julie Hayes

West Thornhill

Freddy Mackay

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Victoria Blisse

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Six Sentence Sunday

I decided to choose my "Catch of the Day" story.   I just love my merman  (to order please click on the book cover)

Thank you to all who visit my blog. 

“Really, well how come you never opened a restaurant?”
“Oh it was on my ‘to do’ list.”
“Oh was it?” Kellan said as he took the last bite of egg and finished his coffee.
“What else is on that ‘to do’ list?”
“Just this.” Jaran swiftly swiveled Kellan’s chair around to face him, sat in his lap,

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Hello everyone,

I am running a contest,  the prize is a copy of my "Catch of the Day" story.    all you have to do is leave a message and your e mail addy.   I'll be announcing a winner sometime on Sun

good luck

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Contest: Cause it's my Birthday!

It's my birthday, it's my birthday I'm gonna party like it's my birthday!     Well in any case I'm the one giving away a gift to my guests.

I'd like to give away a copy of my book "Love on the East End." 

Gabriel Meyer’s restaurant is a dream come true, but he gets more than he expected when in the course of his business he meets William Thomas, owner of Rolling Hills Winery. Food and wine more than come together on the east end of Long Island as they discover just how complementary Gabriel and William really are. Their seeming paradise is disturbed, however, when they meet young Ben Stewart—a troubled teen who is being bullied at school over his sexuality. Can they help this young man and fight the intolerance that lies on the east end of Long Island, or will it consume them?

  To enter please leave a comment and your e mail address. 

The winner will be announced this evening.

good luck!

Flash 35: Loving Times

Flash 35 

 Loving Times-by Lily Sawyer

For our Columbus Day prompts, we have the following from Freddy McKay:

"...We've come so far..."

"...I think/feel I'm entitled to your body..."

" a problem with personal space..."

And from our lovely Ryssa:   

Use the following elements in your story:  knitting needle, motorcycle, dripping paint

Links to my fellow flashers appear at the end of the story

Loving Times 

“Tom!”  Ben felt so frustrated with his partner he could scream.  “Get in here!”

He impatiently listened to the sound of approaching footsteps
trying all the while to keep calm. 

“What is it

“Look.”  He pointed to the dripping paint on the antique roll-top desk in the living room.  The oak desk had belonged to his grandfather
He'dalways loved that old piece of furniture and he’d been so happy when he found out his poppy had left it to him in his will.   Now it was splattered with egg cream white paint.

“Oh shit!  I’m sorry
Ben.  I forgot to put a drop cloth over the desk when I was painting the window frame.”    

Ben regretted not hiring professional painters to do the job, He loved Tom but he could be careless sometimes.   He’d insisted on painting this room himself.   “Sorry isn't going to fix this, Tom.”

“A nice coat of wood paint would.”  Tom smiled at him, knowing that Ben was a pushover for that smile.

I guess it would, but you have to be more careful.  You know what this desk means to me.”

“I’m sorry
baby,” Tom apologized again
only this time he wrapped his arms around Ben and gave him a liplock that made Ben’s insides turn to mush. “I swear I won’t do that again. I know how much your grandfather meant to you. How can I make amends?”

first you can buy the paint to fix it.”

“I will. This afternoon I’ll take a ride over to Home Depot and take care of it.  Will that make things better?”

“It’s a start.”  Ben stuck his lower lip out in a pout
knowing it drove Tom crazy
and he’d get what he ultimately wanted.


He was lavished with kisses, which led to some tongue battles in each other’s mouths.  Somehow, and Ben didn’t remember how, they were in the bedroom and their clothes were off.  It was amazing how one thing led to another so fast
it was like some force of nature took over and they were all over each other.   Still going strong after all these years.   Not that he was complaining

he wanted to keep the fire going in their furnaces forever.

“Oh Tom, yeah right there!”  Tom was giving him a blowjob that was sending him into orbit.  He knew just where to lick him under the head that drove him nuts.

“Come for me
baby." Tom licked Ben’s slit and the geyser erupted.  “Mm, so good.”

“You know what I really want, Tom?”  Ben said after taking forever to come down from the orbit Tom had just sent him to.

“What?”  Tom said.  Ben pull his legs up, exposing his pulsing hole to him.   He grabbed some lube they kept on the nightstand drawer and slathered up.

“You know, honey.  Come and get it.”  Ben smiled and waited for Tom to seat himself and slowly slide into home plate.  “Mmpf, so full.”

“You want me to pull out?”

“Don’t you DARE!” 

Tom leaned over and kissed him.  “I wasn’t going to,"  he

whispered in Ben’s ear, licking him.    He started to thrust in and Ben met those thrusts; their bodies were dancing to their own music
and it wasn’t long before they got to the top of that mountain together.

“Love you Tom.” He grabbed the back of Tom’s head and mashed their lips together.

“Mm, love you too, Ben.”   Their hot, sweaty bodies entwined like two vines and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Tom’s motorcycle roared to life as he took off on his quest to Home Depot.    Ben took advantage and gave Tom a shopping list on his way out.  

Ben went back inside and went to the completely enclosed back porch. He sat on the comfortable wicker chair and reached into his bag, taking out a pair of knitting needles.   Ben loved to sew and knit. His mother had shown him everything he knew.  Sewing wasn’t supposed to be a ‘manly’ thing to do but Ben couldn't care less.   He was currently working on a scarf for Tom. It was going to be a birthday gift to him. He knew he didn’t have much time left
it was only a few days away.    It was good that it was on Columbus Day

the real one on the 12th, not theMonday one like it said on the calendar.    He’d gotten some wonderful yarn that was a mixture of deep blues. Blue was Tom’s favorite color and he was looking forward to the surprised look on Tom’s face when he unwrapped this gift. Ben loved giving gifts; sometimes he and Tom would surprise each other with stuff even without it being a special occasion.   It was one of the reasons he loved that man so much.

The sound of the phone ringing cut through the silence of the house.   He didn’t know why
but he got a knot in his stomach as he walked over to answer the phone.


“Is this Ben Meyers?” 

Ben’s heart dropped to the floor.  “Yes?”

“I’m Terry Loman, I’m a nurse over at Community hospital.   Your friend Tom Wilkins was brought in.  He was in an accident.”

“H-how is he?”  Ben felt as if his whole world was collapsing around him.

"He's in the ER right now
I don’t have any further information.”

“Thanks I’ll be right over.”  Ben clicked the cell phone off and put it in his pocket.   “Where the hell are they?”  He frantically turned the house upside down looking for his car keys.   He usually put them on a key rack Tom had installed by the front door. 

“Damn it!”  He threw the mail and magazines off the coffee table.  He finally found the keys under the living room couch and he quickly got into his car, but instead of starting it up he sat there
drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.   Thinking about life without Tom.   He took a deep breath and started the motor.   “You better not die on me
Tom Wilkins”

He took the long dreaded drive to the hospital.


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Six Sentence Sunday

it's that time of the week again.  Time for those six sentences (though for some reason more seems to show up)

this week I am featuring The Finest Thing (my very first published book)  In this scene they are getting to know each other.   (to learn more about Aidan and Paul check out my book. The Finest Thing

Next they stopped at an art gallery, which was showing an exhibit of nudes by an up-and-coming new artist that had their attention.  “Do you think anyone could really get into that position?” Paul commented on one of the paintings.

“I don’t know, but it might be interesting to find out,” Aidan said suggestively.

“Tease.” Paul shook his head and they continued to wander through the many exhibits in the gallery.   When they’d seen enough of the exhibits, they finally left and continued their walk.

To look at my fellow Six Sentence contributors please go here
Six Sentence Sunday

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Silver Flash Day

Hello everyone. 

I will not be flashing this week, but I wanted to put a plug out for my fellow flashers.  Here is their links, I love their stories


Julie Hayes

West Thornhill

Sui Lynn

Freddy Mackay

Ryssa Edwards

Victoria Blisse

Lindsay Klug

Elyzabeth VaLey

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Six Sentence Sunday

I thought this week I'd do another installment from "Catch of the Day"     I have to say this story has a special place in my heart

“So, how long?”   
“How long what?” Jaran asked him. 
“How long are you planning on staying?   I mean it seems you don’t have anything keeping you here.   No home or job.”
“I don’t know,” Jaran admitted to him. “I didn’t think I had anything to come back to land for.   I thought I had everything I could ask for out there.”   He pointed out to sea.