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Silver Flash Day links

I am not doing a flash story this week.  RL stuff got in the way.  But I want to post the links to the members of the Silver Flash group who are flashing

Victoria Blisse

Lindsay Klug

LM Brown

freddy Mackay

west thornhill

Cherie Noel

Julie Hayes

Sui Lynn

Ryssa Edwards

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Six Sentence Sunday

Hello everyone,

I am posting this ahead of time, it's Fri where I am. I'm just going to schedule this for this coming Sun. I love that about blogger that you can schedule your posts.  We're due for a visit from Hurricane Irene, supposed to start sometime on Sat night and continue into Sun. I have no idea if I'll have power so I want to make sure this gets posted

This week I'm sharing a peek from "Catch of the Day." To order click on the book cover on the right.  Enjoy :D

They had a quiet dinner and the conversation was light.  They spent most of their time looking out over the water and holding hands.   Kellan decided to order their special, chocolate mousse.  He shared it with Jaran by feeding him teaspoons of the decadent dessert.
“Mmmm, you know what I think would be even better than this?”   Jaran asked.
“No what?”
“You, spread out in bed and me licking you all over,”  he whispered. 

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contest to win a copy of Love On the East End

To enter my contest please leave a comment and your e mail addy.    I will announce the winner tomorrow (or if I lose power as soon as I can)

Thank you and good luck!  


Gabriel Meyer's restaurant is a dream come true, but he gets more than he
expected when in the course of his business he meets William Thomas, owner of
Rolling Hills Winery. Food and wine more than come together on the east end of
Long Island as they discover just how complementary Gabriel and William really
are. Their seeming paradise is disturbed, however, when they meet young Ben
Stewart—a troubled teen who is being bullied at school over his sexuality. Can
they help this young man and fight the intolerance that lies on the east end of
Long Island, or will it consume them?

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Flash 30: Rainy Days

well it's that time of the week again, readers.   Flash day.     Today's prompts come from our fearless leader Ryssa

"We can't let this continue."
Use the following elements in your story:  a rainy day, an all you can eat cheeseburger buffet, a bulletin board with only two words on it
the links to my fellow flashers appear at the end of my story.  I hope you enjoy,  I know Ben and Tom sure did (wink)

Rainy Days

“I’m sorry,” Tom, pressed his face against the cold glass of their living room window.   The rain poured down in buckets, the gray day matched the mood in Tom’s heart.

“For what? It’s not your fault it’s a rainy day out.”

“Yeah, but I still feel bad we didn’t get to do all the stuff we had planned for today, you know it’s been a while since I had a day off.” Tom sighed, Ben came over to where Tom stood sulking and wrapped his arms around his shoulders.

“I know that I’m enjoying the moment we’re having right now, me holding you.”  They kissed; a big smile broke out on Tom’s face.  “It’s better than going to that cheeseburger buffet you suggested.”

“Oh come on! You know I was only kidding.”  Tom regretted showing Ben the ad someone had left between their doors.  “You know I have to watch my girlie figure.” 

Tom struck a pose; they both knew that being a firefighter meant Tom had to stay in shape.

“Look I can think of something we can do,” Ben wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Yeah?” Tom inquired

“Yeah, like playing cards.”

“Play cards?”  Tom couldn’t hide his disappointment from his voice.

“Yeah, like strip poker.”  Ben backed up to the middle of the room and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“I thought we were going to play cards.”  Tom felt his mouth go dry when Ben’s shirt fell to the floor.

“Forget the cards, takes too long to get to the ‘good’ stuff. Let’s just strip.”

After much tugging and pulling of clothes they were both naked between the sheets in no time.  Their lovemaking gave them quite a workout, especially when one of them decided to try something new.

“Mm,” Ben rolled over and discovered an empty space next to him.  The bed felt so lonely without his firefighter there.   He knew Tom had to leave for work today, but he wished they’d had more time to play.   He sighed and left the bed to start his day, he went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and spotted some writing on the bulletin board they kept on the fridge door.  Actually it was a dry erase board.  Two words were written in red.   ‘Together Forever.”   With heart drawn around them.



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My Hot Summer Days story

Just what are these boys up to AFTER work? Just what's included in their "Full service" summer contract?

two shirtless young man wearing baggy shorts are mowing a lawn a suburban street

JenMcJ | 5336 comments Genre: contemporary

Tags: summer love, sweet, fun stuff

by Lily Sawyer

Dale Laramie was pushing his lawn mower across the dew soaked carpet of grass. He glanced over to the white pickup truck parked in front of the colonial style house. The words ‘Laramie Landscaping’ were boldly written in green lettering on the door of the vehicle. His uncle owned the company; he’d heard that his nephew needed a job after his graduation from landscaping design school. Dale could never see himself working in a stuffy office job sitting in front of a computer all day. Fresh air, sunshine and sculpturing the landscape of people’s homes was what he was happy doing.

Landscape architecture was Dale’s dream, but he knew he’d have to work his way up the ladder to get there. He nodded towards his partner, Henry Gillis, as he passed him on his left, mirroring the art of pushing a lawn mower. Dale was about to celebrate his one-year anniversary with the company while Henry was still a rookie with barely four months under his belt.

Dale liked how Henry didn’t take life too seriously and he took every opportunity to lighten the mood and make people laugh. He was a regular jokester.

“Do I have to?” Dale had asked Henry that morning after they arrived at the job site.

“A deal’s a deal, Dale,” Henry said, a huge self-satisfied smile on his face.

Dale regretted having made that bet with Henry. They’d gone to the Watering Hole Bar last night; Henry lined up some shot glasses on the dark wood bar and dared Dale to play a shot glass game with him. The loser had to do whatever the winner wanted him to. Over confidence is what had gotten Dale into trouble and it was also the reason he was walking around with his shorts pulled down low on his hips.

“Henry says you have to walk around dressed like me,” Henry told him in a Simon says kind of voice. Dale rolled his eyes when he spotted the Calvin Klein name clearly written on the waistband of Henry’s exposed underwear.

So there they were, two twenty-four year olds pushing lawn mowers down a lawn in a suburban Long Island community with their drawers hanging out for the world to see.

“How long do I have to walk around like this?” Dale asked him when they’d stopped to empty out the lawn clippings into the back of the truck.

“I don’t know,” Henry’s fingers stroked his chin in contemplation. “Lemme think about that for a while.”

“Well?” Dale snapped the lawn bag back into place and pulled the cord to start the mower.

“Till the end of the day!” Henry shouted above the roar of the machine.

“Wait, what?!” Dale shut his mower down just as Henry revved his up, Dale saw the broad smile the other wore.

Ignoring the shocked look on Dale’s face, Henry continued to mow the lawn.

They’d been hard at it all day; this was their last house on the schedule. Good thing too—it was the hottest day of the summer so far and the sweat was pouring down their bodies like a river. Dale couldn’t deny the feelings he was starting to have for his co-worker. Henry was a great-looking guy and his easy-going demeanor only made him even more attractive.

“Let’s take a break.” Dale told Henry as he dug into the ice chest in the backseat of the pickup and fished through the ice, pulling out a can of soda that he showed it to Henry. “Want a Coke or a Sprite?”

“You know I don’t like colas, sprite is good.”

“Here” Dale tossed the can in Henry’s direction, but the other man wasn’t ready for it and the can hit him in the chest and landed on the lawn.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?”

“You can’t catch.” Dale chuckled as he took a sip from his soda can.

“You throw like a girl.” Henry picked up the can and carefully popped open the soda. The minute he popped open the can it gushed out streams of soda at Dale.

“Why you!” Dale was on Henry in a flash, their cans of soda landed, together, on the grass. The two men landed behind some boxwood hedges that hid them from view. They playfully wrestled on the carpet of grass.

“Get off me you big doofus.” Henry squirmed beneath Dale.

“Take it back.” Dale held Henry’s arms above his head.

“Take what back?” Henry looked up at him curiously; something in that look communicated something to Dale. He didn’t know why he did what he did next but he decided to just go with his instincts and throw logic out the door. He leaned in and kissed Henry on the lips. Tentative movements, not knowing if he was about to get beaten up. He pulled back and looked into Henry’s blue eyes, hoping he hadn’t really screwed things up between them.

“Um, that I uh.” Dale’s brain had turned to mush and he’d forgotten what he was going to say.

“I hope you’re not going to say you want to take back that kiss.” Henry looked up, waiting for Dale to make the next move.

“No” Dale reached out and pushed an errant strand of Henry’s dark hair off his face. Dale couldn’t stop his fingers from combing through Henry’s hair or from pulling his head towards his and capturing Henry’s lips again. “I’ve wanted to do that for a while now, but I was too scared.”

“Scared?” Henry asked him.

“Scared you weren’t like me, you know.”

“You mean gay? Well I have a confession, I’ve had some moves planned for you too, but I didn’t want to take the chance on getting punched or lose my job.”

“Well now we know.” Dale could feel Henry’s erection pushing up through the fabric of his shorts, rubbing against his. It all happened very quickly—one minute they were on the ground kissing and then their shorts and briefs were pulled completely off and they were rubbing their engorged and leaking cocks together. They did their best to stay as quiet as possible, they didn’t need any nosy neighbors checking where the strange sounds were coming from. Luckily for them most of the neighborhood were at work.

Dale could feel his balls ready to explode at any minute. His hand wrapped around the dueling cocks and he stroked his hand up and down over and over until they both came.

“So good.” Dale couldn’t stop kissing Henry; first his forehead, then his cheeks, nose and finally his swollen lips.

“Yeah that was so good.” The boys quickly separated when they heard a delivery truck pull up in front of the house. They quickly dressed and spotted a UPS driver walking up the front walk of the house they were supposed to be landscaping. There was no one home so he left the package right outside the front door. He was too busy looking down at the electronic pad he held to notice two very sweaty lawn mower boys staring at him from behind the bushes.

After he left they went to the back of the house to find a garden hose and washed off the remains of their spunk off their chests and stomachs, then got back to work.

message 3: by JenMcJ, humble servant

JenMcJ | 5336 comments CHAPTER 2

After their initial hello how do you do intro, the lawn mower boys found ways to make their job even more interesting. This was the first serious relationship that Dale ever had. The most action he usually ever saw was either given by his own hand or through one of his friends who wanted to experiment. They never did get past the hand jobs and maybe a few half-hearted kisses. His friends just wanted to see what the difference was between a guy and a girl; for Dale he was never interested in girls. He knew what he wanted but finding that special someone was never easy. He’d gone to some gay bars, had a few one night stands, but all he felt afterwards was empty and sad inside. He wanted to find someone to share his life with.

He looked over at Henry; they were sitting at the Watering Hole. It had become a regular thing between them to go there after their work week was done. It was Friday night and the place wasn’t packed yet. They had karaoke and a piano player that was there on Saturday nights. He and Henry sat at the bar, nursing two beers and enjoying the ESPN highlights that were playing on the TV behind the bar. They hadn’t repeated the roll in the grass that they’d done the other day. They didn’t talk that much about it either and Dale wondered what was on Henry’s mind. He decided that coming to a neutral spot like the bar was the best place to talk about what the next step was, or if there was one at all.


“Yeah?” The other man kept staring at the TV screen.

“Can we talk?” Dale was getting nervous. What if Henry told him he didn’t want a relationship with him beyond work? What if he’d get one of those ‘let’s just be friends’ kind of response?

“Sure,” He now had Henry’s undivided attention. The look on his face was open but he couldn’t tell what he might be thinking.

“Let’s go to the corner booth so we can have some privacy.”

“Okay.” Henry picked up his beer mug and followed Dale to the booth. “What’s on your mind?”

Dale was sitting on one side opposite Henry staring down at his own mug; his fingers were running up and down the condensation that collected on the outside of the glass. “I wanted to ask you something. It’s not easy for me. You know—to talk about this.”

“It’s okay, Dale, you can talk to me about anything.” Henry took another sip of his beer and licked off the foam from his lips.

“Knock that off, you’re not making this any easier if I have to watch some tongue action.” Dale couldn’t stop squirming in his seat. His cock had also noticed the tongue swipe and it was starting to get very tight in his jeans.

“What are you talking about?” Henry asked, a smirk on his face—he knew exactly what he was doing to Dale.

“I want to know where we go from here. I mean I’m interested in you, and I hope you want the same thing, too.” Dale took a nervous sip of his beer and stared at Henry’s face.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about my options,” Henry said as he traced his finger idly against the wooden table.

“Your options?” Dale sat up straight; Henry didn’t say anything about being involved with anyone else, but then again he hadn’t asked him either.

“Yeah, I mean I was looking around, seeing what Green Lawns had to offer.” Henry rattled off the names of other landscape companies that Laramie Landscaping competed with for contracts. “But you know what I discovered?”

“What?” Dale was worried. Suppose Henry decided to leave? He couldn’t dismiss the budding feelings he was having for the man sitting opposite him. Maybe he’d come on too strong and this was Henry’s way of saying no. The man tended to beat around the bush instead of coming directly to the point about matters.

“They don’t hold a candle to where I’m working now. I mean the pay is about the same but the workers are all old farts. They don’t have a handsome guy like Dale Laramie working there. So I think I’ll stay with the best.”

“You will?” Dale reached over and stroked his fingers against the back of Henry’s hand. His heart leapt when Henry wrapped his fingers around his and squeezed.

“Sorry, Dale. I just needed a little time to think. I mean I haven’t been in a serious relationship in about two years.”

“I didn’t mean to come on strong. I was worried I scared you away, that you’d quit.”

“Not a chance. I need the job. Besides, I like the perks that come with it.” Henry smiled at him.

“Perks?” Dale’s uncle didn’t give many perks to this job, aside from offering some health insurance.

“Yeah, where else can I get to view a bubble butt?”

“Get out of here, I don’t have a bubble butt.” Dale felt his cheeks grow red in embarrassment.

“Oh yes you do, I saw it myself.” Henry paused to change the subject. “So does your uncle know you’re gay?”

“Yes I came out to my family when I was sixteen. It took them some time to get their minds wrapped around it, but they just want me to be happy.” Dale knew it would be a risk to come out to his family, not knowing how they would take it. But he was glad he had. “What about you? Does your family know?”

“My mom and my sisters know. My dad died about five years ago. I don’t know if he knew I was gay or not. But my family has always been very liberal-minded so they were cool with it.”

After sitting in the booth for a while their order of Buffalo wings finally arrived. They’d ordered more beer and ate more wings until they were stuffed.

“Do you want to take a walk down to the marina?” Dale loved the water and loved going down to the docks to see the fisherman coming in with their boats.

“Sure, let’s go.”

Dale led the way down the long sidewalk. They glanced at the shops lining either side of the street that led down to the water.

“Come on I want to show you something.” Dale grabbed Henry’s hand and pulled him along to the stone retaining wall at the end of the road. He could see the boats that were coming into the harbor for the night. “This is the best place to watch the show.”

“What show?” Henry mirrored Dale’s actions as he got onto the wall and sat down on the edge. The boy’s legs dangled down against the other side.

“That one.” Dale pointed at the setting sun. “There’s nothing like watching the sunset. This is my favorite part of the day. I’ll sit here for hours after the sun goes down and wait for the stars and the moon to come out.”

“Are you a stargazer?” Henry asked.

“Yeah, have been ever since my parents took me out to stargaze during the fall and winter. Those are the best times to really see the stars. There is too much light pollution the rest of the time.” Dale felt Henry’s fingers intertwine with his own, Henry rested his head against his shoulder and Dale got a warm feeling inside. “What do you want to do, Henry?”

“Do? Right now I’d like to just sit like this and watch the sunset with one of the nicest guys I know.”

“Nice huh? Well you’re not so bad yourself.” Dale turned and kissed the top of Henry’s head, then rubbed his cheek against the soft dark hair. “But where do you want this to go?”

“You think too much. I like you, you like me. Let’s just go with the flow and see how things develop.”

Dale smiled when he felt Henry’s arm go around his waist and his head moved from his shoulder to his chest. Dale wrapped his arm around Henry’s shoulder and held him close. He never dreamed that taking a job mowing lawns would have brought him someone who was making him very happy.

The water lapped against the stone wall, they listened to the sound of the seagulls crying out and heard a distant horn from one of the boats. They sat there a long time, watching the stars come out. Every once in a while they would start kissing and hugging each other. They took things very slowly. Dale had never felt this happy before.


Four months had gone by, the two guys were officially dating. Henry surprised him on his birthday by giving him a T-shirt, which said ‘Lawn Mower Boys’ on it and opened his jacket to show him he was wearing a matching shirt.

When someone said something was as interesting as watching the grass grow, Dale and Henry agreed, their relationship grew as strong and everlasting like the grass they mowed.


Author bio: Lily Sawyer has to credit her late mother for her interest in reading and writing. She used to take her to library and opened up to her the world of books.

She took a writing class in an adult enrichment program and got hooked. She started off writing stories set in various fandoms she was interested in like Star Trek and Brokeback Mountain. After getting some encouragement from family members and friends, she finally decided it was time to write her own original stories.

Visit Lily's blog at:

Six Sentence Sunday

For today’s Six Sentence Sunday I chose my very first published book  “The Finest Thing.”  Since I can only do six sentences let me explain the premise behind this scene.  My main character Aidan is in Connecticut for his friend’s wedding.  It not long after gay marriage was made legal in CT.    Aidan gets a lot more than he bargained for.  If you'd like to order, please click on the book cover on the right.

He had collided with someone, the stranger ending up on the ground.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” he apologized, as he offered his hand to help him up.  Getting his first good look at the man, he noticed he was tall, dark-haired, blue eyed, and very good-looking.  Suddenly a warmth developed deep inside him that he hadn’t felt for a long time.

“You can let go of my hand now,” the stranger said in a deep voice, the kind you weren’t soon to forget once you heard it. 

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I'm a guest on Nathan Morissey's blog today

I am honored to be a guest on Nathan's blog.  Please go on over and pay a visit

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Flash 29: wee hour madness

Prompt 29 – It’s that time of the week again people.   Flash time!   This week’s prompts are:    “I can’t believe I didn’t know that about you.”     “Anyone ever tell you you’re a Grade A______?”      and “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Links to my fellow flashers appear at the end of my story.  

Wee Hour Madness-by Lily Sawyer

It was three AM; at least that’s what Tom thought the clock read, he was all bleary-eyed from a hard week at the firehouse.  He was looking forward to the next three days off.

Where was his partner, the bed space next to him was cold.   He couldn’t sleep unless Ben was snuggled up against him.    It wasn’t like Ben to get up in the middle of the night like this unless something was wrong.

“Ben?”  His voice came out as barely a whisper his sleep-dry throat needed some lubrication.  He wandered out of bed and downstairs towards the kitchen, figuring he’d search for his wayward lover on the way.  

He discovered a light on in the den and followed the beacon; he pulled himself up short when he heard a voice.  ‘Did Ben have a visitor?’

“You’d do that for me, really? I like that.”

Tom stood in the doorway of the den, Ben’s back was turned and he was on the phone.   It wasn’t only what he said but the sultry way he said it that got Tom’s hackles up.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”  Tom’s flexed his fists; he fought the urge to rip the phone out of Ben’s hands.

“Tom, I uh.”  Ben stammered

“I’ll call you back,” Ben quickly clicked the phone shut.  “Sweetheart, what are you doing up?”

Ben wrapped his arms around Tom’s shoulders, but the bigger man pushed him away.

“Don’t sweetheart me, who were you on the phone with?”

“It’s no one,”

“At three in the morning?  I want to know who you were talking to.”

“Okay it was Tony.”

“Tony? Who’s the hell is Tony?”   Tom was seeing red, he was ready to go find Tony and rip his head off.

“He’s a tattoo artist, okay? I’m thinking of getting a tattoo.”

“Why are you calling him at three AM?”

“I couldn’t sleep, this guy is open all night so I gave him a call to find out more about getting inked.”

“How come this is the first time I’m hearing about this?” Tom felt like a weight had settled on his shoulders.  He plopped down on the couch and waited for Ben to finish his story.

“Sweetie, I’m sorry I didn’t mention this before, I haven’t even made up my mind yet if I’m going to get one. Ever since I was a teenager I’d thought about getting one, but I knew my parents would kill me.  I just put the idea on the back burner.”

“What made you think about it again?” Tom asked.

“I saw all the other fire fighters showing off their tattoos at the BBQ and it lit a fire under me again, so to speak.”

Tom leaned his head back against the couch and sighed.  “All this trouble cause of a damn tattoo.” He shook his head.

“I’m sorry, Tom,” Ben leaned forward, his head resting in his hands.

“Do you know what it looked like, seeing you talking on the phone at this hour?”

“Yeah, I can see how your imagination went wild.”

Tom wrapped his arm around Ben’s shoulders and pulled Ben against him and hugged him.

“Let’s both get a tattoo.”

“What?”  Ben gave him an incredulous look.

“Yeah, what were you thinking of getting?”

“You’re going to think it’s silly.”

“No I won’t.  What did you have in mind, honey?” Tom started to tickle Ben, knowing he was putty in his hand when he did.

“Stop, stop,” Ben was laughing so hard tears were running down his face.  “Oh, it was two hearts entwined with our initials inside the hearts, like two hearts beating as one.  Maybe put it on the left side of our chests. What do you think?”     

“Perfect, let’s do it this afternoon.  In the meantime, back to bed…now!”

Ben loved it when Tom got all bossy.  “Yes sir!”


 My fellow flashers 

Julie Hayes

West Thornhill

Pia Velano

Pender Mackie

Ryssa Edwards

Freddy Mackay

Heather Lin

Lindsay Klug

Victoria Blisse

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Six Sentence Sunday

It's Six Sentence Sunday (I'm posting it a day early cause my nephew is visiting me) 

This is from "Catch of the Day"     To purchase please click on the book cover on the right.   Jaran is one of my fave characters from my book.   I just love the merman. 

“Are we still going slow?”
“Yeah, but maybe we can kind of push things up a notch.  I don’t know if it’s the merman thing
or the sea air, but all I know is I want you, Jaran.”
Jaran looked at the hopeful expression in Kellan’s eyes.
“I want you, too.” Their lips and tongues met and their bodies pressed together.
“Uh, not here, I want to see you, all of you, Jaran. I want to make love to you.”

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Welcome Guest Blogger Donna McIntosh

Let's give a warm  welcome to Donna McIntosh.

Let's get to know her better

1- Tell us about yourself, what got you interested in writing?

I used to go to the movies every Saturday afternoon and I'd always come home thinking of how the movie I'd just seen could have been better and how they should have been handled.  I always thought that my endings were better than those I saw in the movies. 

It wasn't until I was about 13 or 14 that I started  writing them down.  My very first was a Dragnet story from back in the '50s with Jack Webb.  Then there was Combat! in the '60s, Starsky and Hutch, Star Trek, and Hawaii Five-0 in the '70s, X-Files in the '90s and then the crown jewel of them all, Brokeback Mountain in 2006.

I'm currently writing original fiction plus fan fiction in both X-Files and Brokeback Mountain fandoms.  Once I got started, I just couldn't/wouldn't quit.

2- Tell us about your latest or upcoming story.

My latest story is called TANNER and it's going to be released Aug. 10th.  It's M/M and it's about a Private Detective who started out as a detective at the PHX PD (Phoenix Police Department).  He couldn't manage to follow the rules so he left the department and went into business for himself.   Captain Mitchelson at PHX PD was glad when Tanner left because he couldn't get the handsome detective out of his mind or his dreams.  The day came when Tanner's old partner disappears.  The first person Captain Mitchelson goes to for help is Tanner. 

3- When you start a story do you begin with a character or plot?

It depends.  Sometimes, a character comes to me first, sometimes a title comes to me, and sometimes it's the plot.  So I don't have a definite answer for that one.

4- What is your idea of how to spend a romantic evening?

Hmmm  That's a tough one.  It would have to include a candlelit dinner, something chocolate, a sexy nightgown and Jake Gyllenhaal.  Enough said.

5- If you had to choose a favorite character from one of your stories who would it be and why?

That would have to be Chris Reid from SURVIVAL.  There was nothing he wouldn't do to help humanity survive world domination by aliens and no lengths he wouldn't go to to find his friends and the man he loved.

SURVIVAL by Donna McIntosh

Customer Reviews
June 27, 2011

A must read!

This is the most exciting book I have read this year. The writing is excellent and the story is fantastic. It is everything a futuristic sci/fi romance lover could want. I loved it and can't wait till Donna McIntosh writes another.

REVIEW by: Alex V. Racey~ for~ SURVIVAL  by Donna McIntosh

                    A TRUE ADVENTURE !

This is a true adventure story with real heart & devotion to the human spirit! I found myself transported to a place fantasy,yet with the realness of what it might be like to be completely taken over by others from another world.The author describes in detail the struggles & events and daily activities of keeping safe,warm,& feed. By means of building a safe community totally from scratch while avoiding detection & out witting the invaders! Their story is told with kindness,humor,& detailed descriptions, not of the invaders or their world,but rather,of the humans that come together from all walks of life,using their skills and willingness to learn from one another. It is an adventure to go on with detail, excitement, danger, & love in the air! The author tells a rhapsodic story with warmth and compassion. Her rhythmical style of writing flows like honey over my soul leaving a very pleasant after-glow!
In this day of harder times for Americans this is a story that hits home for me. Giving a renewed sense of the power & possibilities of the human spirit!

SURVIVAL (excerpt)

"Tell me about yourself, Christopher. What was your life like before all this nonsense? You said you were with the F.B.I. Was that an exciting life? Do you miss it?"

"Actually, it was ... exciting at times and some times terrifying." he admitted.

"It sounds all rather mysterious – dangerous."

"It was and it wasn't. Sometimes I loved it other times I hated it."

"I would imagine you miss all that?"

"Not really. I had just quit my job and was going to try and see what it was like to live a normal life."

"Ha!" Parks boomed. "A normal life! I don't think life will ever be normal again; do you?"

"I have no idea." Chris stared into his coffee cup and swirled the dregs.

"Did you lose someone? Leave someone special behind?"

"No. There was no one."

"Ahhh, but you wish there had been."

"I do, at least I did. But I never really had a chance in hell with either one of them."

"And why not? You're a charming young man with that blond hair and blue eyes; rather rough around the edges maybe but of good heart."

Chris chuckled at that. "There are … or were a few people who wouldn't agree with that."

"And these were?"

"Past associates of mine. We trained together, worked together for a time and then on opposite sides for several years."

"Ah, I see. Co workers, friends, rivals, enemies, potential lovers; all in one package."

"That's about it."

"Are they who you're thinking about when you stand and stare off towards the old pass? Are you hoping they will show up?"

"Before … there always was just that little bit of hope. Now I don't even have that any more."

"And why not? They could well be in camps somewhere waiting for you to ride to their rescue."

That brought another chuckle from Chris. "Believe me, I'm the last person either one of them would want to see."

"Tell me about them. Women, men, or perhaps one of each, you rascal?"

"Both male."

"Ah. Into threesomes. Kinky."

"No!" Chris couldn't help but chuckle at that one coming from the oh-so-proper Englishman. "At different times. First there was Sean then a while later Daniel." He grimaced at the painful memory.

"Sean was a runner and had this great body but his main interest was J.J. – as in Jennifer Joan. And Daniel – he was absolutely the sexiest thing on two feet."

"They sound pretty special."

"They are – or were. I doubt if either of them made it. Neither one of them could take orders or even suggestions from anyone else very well. I'm sure they are both long gone."

"At least you have your memories of being with them."

"No, it never got that far with either of them. I wanted to, I wanted to badly but Sean was too hung up on J.J. And Daniel, with him it was lust at first sight and I propositioned him within five minutes of laying eyes on him. I guess my approach was a little too bold or too awkward or simply not to his liking. He told me to get lost and kept me at arms length from then on. And then when I left, well, his dislike turned to hatred. We've worked on a few of the same cases over the years but he was cold as ice. The knowledge that he'd sooner break me in half as touch me, kept me at a distance."

"How very sad. You've carried a torch for two men and neither of them responded in kind. What a sad tale indeed. It sounds like a Victorian novel. Only in that, some rich relative would have whisked you away to his family's estate and married you off to his ugly daughter."

"Oh God! Spare me." Chris laughed as he got up, took his coffee cup into the kitchen and rinsed it out, then said good night and left for his bunk. He always waited until everyone was asleep so he couldn't hear their chatter and he didn't have to any answer any more of their never-ending questions.

He lay in his bunk and thought about Sean and Daniel. He knew they were gone, he just knew it. But some tiny spark of hope wouldn't die and he found himself wondering what it would be like to find them, to free them and bring them to this valley where they would be safe. Would they think of him differently after seeing what he had accomplished? He thought they probably wouldn't. Sean would whine constantly about finding J.J. and Daniel would just glare at him and keep his distance.

The tears started slipping down his face and he turned on his side and wiped at them with his blanket as they fell.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flash 28-Getting it together

It's that time of the week.  Flash time.   This week's prompts were:

“This is getting complicated” and “The rain washed off the road dirt, but it couldn’t…

Links to my fellow flashers appear at the end of my story.
Getting it Together
“Who the hell wrote these instructions?”  Ben threw the sheet of paper to the side.  He’d spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out how to put together this coffee table he’d bought at a local furniture store.  It seemed so simple at first.

“This is getting complicated.”  Ben said out loud.  He’d planned to surprise Tom by putting this together himself and prove to him that he wasn’t all thumbs.

“Ben?”  ‘Speak of the devil.’  Ben thought.    Tom entered through their home through the garage entrance.  One of the things they loved about this house was the attached two-car garage, especially during the snowy winters.

“In here,” Ben sighed; he set on the floor propped up against the couch.

“What’s wrong, babe?”  Tom sat on the floor next to him.

“I can’t make heads or tails out of this damn thing.” Ben rested his head on his bent knees; frustration was practically oozing out of his pores.

“It can’t be that bad.”  Tom put his arm around his man’s shoulders, the comforting gesture usually worked.

“Here, look.”  Ben reached over and grabbed the instructions off the floor and shoved them at Tom.   “I wanted to try to do this on my own, wanted to show you I’m not a klutz.”   He signed again.

“I never said you were a klutz.  Some people have a knack for putting stuff together and other people just don’t.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses, Ben.  Don’t sell yourself short.  I think you are doing a great job.”  He looked over at the partially built skeleton of the table.   “You’re problem is you’re giving up too easily.”

“Well you’re more adept at this kind of thing, you finish it.”  Ben started to get up but was quickly grabbed by the arm and pulled back down to the floor.

“Uh, uh, you started this and you’re going to finish it.   I’ll help you with the instructions but ‘you’ are going to be doing the work.”


“What’s next?”  Ben discovered things went smoother once his partner was helping.

“Take Allen wrench and tighten screws.”  Tom read off from the sheet.

“A what?”

“This,” Tom held out the thin metal bent rod.

“Is THAT what an Allen wrench is?” he took it from Tom and attached the leg to the bottom of the table.

A short while later Ben and Tom were sitting on the couch, enjoying their bottles of beer, their feet leaning on the coffee table Ben put together.

“You did a good job, Ben, real good.”  Tom planted a kiss on Ben’s lips.

“Mm, Well I had help.”

“You did all the hard work.  I knew you could do it.”

They put their beers on the coasters that were on top of the table.

“Speaking of hard. I got something else for you to work on.”   Tom placed Ben’s hand on his crotch.  Ben smiled when he felt the bulge rapidly growing there.

“Oh yeah,” Ben kissed him.

“Yeah, do you need instructions on what to do next?”

“No, I know how this works just fine.”

They spent the evening with Ben working on getting into Tom’s pants.



Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome Guest Blogger Nathan J Morrisey

I'd like to welcome my guest Nathan J Morrisey.    Let's pull up a chair and find out more about him.

Excerpt: So there I was, lying in a glass box in the clearing, waiting for my true love to come. Back in the castle, I had a magical twig called Cock (because he resembled a thick, stiff cock), and he kept me company in the cave. That day, Cock told me that my parents were so concerned for my safety that they had hired a handsome, dashing young man (a mercenary) to look for me. My boredom in the forest was about to be alleviated.

I decided to play a little joke on him when he came. He probably wouldn’t know how to wake me, so I decided to write a note on a sign that said To Wake the Sleeping Prince Please Suck His Cock.
Then, I waited patiently for my Prince Charming’s arrival.

He arrived a few minutes later, stepping into the sunny clearing wearing almost nothing, just tight shorts that showed off his muscled thighs and calves and a skimpy t-shirt that hugged his broad chest so hard that it was ripping at the seams. The blond-haired man had a most impressive physique. He was as tall as an oak tree and had the strength of one too. His wind-swept hair was falling all over his forehead, much like the hair of Charming, the Prince in the Shrek series.


1-  How did you get your start writing gay fiction and/or erotica?  Please tell us about your background and early beginnings.

Growing up in the California sun, I was always exposed to hunky beach guys. I was 13 when I first realized how much I liked men. I would sneak up in the middle of the night to watch gay porn on the internet. The hunky, muscular men satisfied me more than any girl could. I'm just a simple writer who loves reading and writing gay erotica. I like to make people happy. All the fan mail I receive makes it all worthwhile. I'm also a staunch supporter of gay rights and the gay rights movement. I love Lady Gaga, both for her music and what she does for the LGBT community. 

2- If you had to choose, which one of your novels do you like the most and why?

I would say Latent Homoerotic Desire: A Homoerotic Romance Novella. That one will always have a special place in my heart, because it was my first attempt to write gay romance. The characters and back stories were fully fleshed out as I tried to capture the essence of love.

3- What is your idea of how to spend a romantic time with your significant other?

 I'm a simple guy. I like the simple things in life. My idea of romance includes cuddling with my partner in front of the fireplace and a romantic movie on in the background. Titanic, anyone?

4- When you start a new story do you begin with a character or plot?

When I begin a new story, I start with a concept, and then the characters and story come to me.

5- Is there a story you'd like to tell but the world isn't ready to receive it?

Yes, I have plenty. I'm working on a new series called the Gay Seduction Series. It's a gay erotic romance about this beefcake roommate. Look for it soon.

His blog:  Nathan J Morrisey

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Six Sentence Sunday

Hello everyone,

This Sun I am doing something from my book "Love on the East End."   I did something with this book I have never done before.   Self published.    This book is available on   I am looking into another places where readers who do not have kindle will be able to DL it.   The story takes place on the east end of Long Island.  Gabriel owns a restaurant and William owns a winery.   Like food and wine they come together in some rather 'interesting' ways.  please click on the book cover on the right to order.

Here are Six Sentences to entice you.

“You ready for dessert?”  Gabriel laughed at the incredulous look William gave him.

“I’m stuffed,” the blond groaned.  “Everything was so good.”  William caressed Gabriel’s hand.  “Thank you.”

Gabriel smiled.  “My pleasure.”

“How about you come back to my place and I’ll show you how thankful I am.” William leaned forward and kissed him.

here is a link to other authors who participated this week

six sentence sunday

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Check out my free read on Goodreads

Check out my *free read* on GoodReads’ Hot Summer Days Lawn Mower Boys

Silver Flash #27 Hungry Men

Well it's that time of the week again.  Time to flash.    This week's prompts were 
“The Way to a Man’s Heart is through his Stomach” and "I know I've said it before, but this really is your last chance."

The links to my fellow flashers appear at the end of my story.  Enjoy!

Hungry Men- by Lily Sawyer

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“How many times are you going to ask me that?”  Ben knew Tom was only asking out of concern but it was getting on his nerves.

“I only want to make sure you’re up to going to the BBQ, remember it was only a few days ago that you could barely keep anything down.”

“Oy, don’t remind me.”  Ben rolled his eyes, the ‘supposed’ twenty-four hour bug lasted two days and the man sitting in the driver’s seat next to him made it all bearable.   He waited on him; cleaned up the messes when needed and showed him so much devotion Ben couldn’t believe how much Tom loved him.

“Come on, baby, let’s have some fun.”  Ben said as he grabbed the aluminum trays of food they had stored in the backseat.    Despite the fact that this was a BBQ, Tom had gotten a reputation for cooking certain foods at the firehouse.    Both men knew there would have been a lynch mob if he didn’t make his famous spaghetti with meatballs.    So that is what they were now carrying through the fairgrounds and over to join the other tables filled with various foods.    Ben baked two apple pies for the occasion.

“Hey guys,” Pete greeted them, he had his famous ribs cooking on the BBQ.  

“Hey Pete,” Tom put the tray he was carrying down and Ben put the other tray and grabbed the apple pies he had balancing on top on the dessert table.

“Oh don’t tell me, is that…” Pete lifted the lid on one of the trays.  “Your meatballs!” 

“Yep, I figured I wouldn’t be able to show my face around here unless I made a batch.”

“I’ve been waiting to eat your balls for a long time.”  Pete said then his cheeks blushed when he looked at Ben.”

“Sorry but Tom’s balls belong to me.”  Ben laughed.

Tom pretended not to hear a word they said, he looked over at the dunk tank that was next to the game area.

“I’m looking forward to practicing my swing.”  Ben said to him.

“Oh boy,” Tom rolled his eyes, he wasn’t looking forward to being a ‘victim’ on that tank but it was all for a good cause.   The money raised at the event would go to helping firefighter families who lost their loved ones and getting new equipment.


Ben normally tried to watch his weight, but at events like this he threw all thought of eating sensibly out the window. 

Ben finished the last of the meatballs, he’d polished off, ribs, corn on the cob and a helping of chili too.  Then he left the best for last, Tom’s spaghetti and meatballs.

“I’m going to pay for this in the waistline.”

“What are you going on about?”  Tom’s arm slipped around Ben’s waist.

“I’m going to get fat eating all this food.” Ben bemoaned, he wasn’t even going to touch dessert.

“You’re not fat,” Tom’s lips settled on his and Ben’s insides turned to jello.  “Besides you know what they say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Tom had eaten two pieces of Ben’s apple pie.  It was his favorite.  He was the cook in the house and Ben was the baker, they made a great combination.

“I noticed.”  Ben returned the kiss. 

“Okay, you two lovebirds, it’s time for some dunking.”

Tom was reluctantly dragged by a way too enthusiastic Ben.  “Come on, grumpy, time to get wet.”

“I thought I was the only one who got you all wet.”  Tom pressed his hand into Ben’s crotch and squeezed the growing bulge “and hard.”  He whispered into Ben’s ear.  

Ben looked into his eyes.  “Later,’ he pulled Tom’s t-shirt off and led him to the dunking tank.  “I’ve been waiting for this all day, you’re not weaseling out of this.”

“Tom received plenty of stares from the ladies and some ribbing from his fellow firefighters.  Truth be told they were probably jealous because Tom was a tall blond with a body to die for and he belonged to Ben.

After watching several people try again and again to dunk Tom, a few actually succeeding, it was Ben’s turn.  He studied his partner for a few moments and began throwing the ball. He kept missing.

“Come on you lazy lout,” Tom teased, “This is your last chance.”  The ball supply was dwindling down.  “”I thought you could throw a ball.”

“I can, I’m just waiting for the right moment.”

Ben held the final ball.

“I know I’ve said it before, but this really is your last chance.”   Tom stuck his tongue out, Ben let the ball fly and it hit the target head on.  The look on Tom’s shocked face was priceless before he disappeared beneath the water.

He came up spitting water and Ben helped him out.

“Hey, we raised a ton of money just on the dunk tank alone.”  Peter informed them as they were leaving.

“I’m not surprised this fella attracts attention.” Ben gushed over Tom.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s go.” Tom pulled Ben against him and whispered in his ear. “It’s your turn to get wet.”

Ben’s cock twitched and his body shuttered at the thoughts of what Tom had planned for them when they got home running through his head.




Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My artwork

I took a watercolor class last night.  This is my latest piece,  a female Ruby Throated Hummingbird