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upcoming events

sorry I've been quiet.  I just wanted to let you know about some upcoming events.   Starting this Sun till Weds July 4th I am participating in a blog hop.  I will be giving away a prize.  (details will be posted this Sun)

I will be welcoming some two authors signed up to guest on my blog so far and I'm sure more to come.   So please stay tuned.  In the meantime please check out my books, just click on the book covers for more info.   My new release  "Bigger Briefs: Reluctant Romance." anthology is now available.   My story is "Laying the Foundation."  

Thanks to all my visitors for coming.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Six Sentences

I know it's not Sun but I decided to post six sentences from my story today.  "Reluctant Romance: Laying the Foundation."

“Here we go.”  Jesse placed the tray on the coffee table in front of Chester.

“You didn’t have to go to all this trouble, Mr. Waters.”

“Now didn’t I tell you to call me Jesse?”   The blond-haired surgeon couldn’t help but notice how handsome the architect was.   And the appreciative smile he was flashing at him right now didn’t do anything to stop his heart from skipping a few beats or, worse, his cock from twitching.

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and All Romance

Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome Guest Author Raine Delight

I'd like to welcome guest author Raine Delight to my blog today

I am a read-aholic and proud of it.
I love books, be it print books I can hold in my hands or an e-book I can read on my e-reader or computer. Books take me away to far off places, be it a harem, a pirate ship or a castle. I have a ton of favorite authors that I can list from here to doomsday yet every day I find new ones that I add to the list.
Books give me a chance to explore places, events and other items I may never experience in my life. Because face it, I really don’t think a space pirate will steal me off to far off planets. J I can dream, can’t I? *laughs*
With the explosion of e-books, I am finding more books I can shake a stick at. New authors, publishers and I am in my utter glory. There is something of walking-or browsing online-a bookstore and exploring what is out there in whatever genre may spark my imagination.
I can’t help being a read-aholic…the characters, the stories and the chance to be someone else for once drives me to gorge myself on whatever catches my fancy. Right now I am enthralled with MM stories. It doesn’t matter what genre…well let me rephrase that…any genre except horror *shudders*, that I find totally captivating. I fell in love with Patricia Logan, Xavier Axelson, Johnny Miles, Silvia Violet, DC Juris, Andrew Grey, AJ Llewellyn, and a host of other wonderful MM authors. I don’t care if the story involves two men (or more *smiles*) as long as I am drawn into the story, into the characters lives and am invested in their relationship. *shrugs*
To me, if an author can make me feel the characters emotions then I am hooked on their work. I love reading and lately I am finding lots of great books in the MM genre. Lots of new authors to explore plus so many stories to choose from, it’s a wonder I ever get any work done at my day job.
( I don’t stalk them at all. I am a very dedicated fan of their work….*giggles as fingers are crossed behind back*)
My honey says I have a fetish for this type of book. Who doesn’t like seeing two (or more) hot sexy guys go at it? I know, for me, that is one of life’s littlest pleasures. J Granted I am a straight woman in a loving relationship, there is something about MM books that leaves me wanting more…to read I mean. Get your mind out of the gutter, people. *grins*
I can’t pin point when I fell in love with this type of book but I know that, gradually, I have found my reading tastes have leaned further this way than a mix of MF stories that I normally have. I think this is because so many of my favorite authors are having books that appeal to me in some way-be it the genre crossing, emotional storylines or some intriguing characters that steal my heart.
I can’t help this addiction. It’s a compulsion I don’t want to end. There are too many wonderful authors I need to read and explore. Now if only I could find the time to read them all….*sighs*

A Summer Night Fling by Raine Delight
Found in the Hot Summer Fun Anthology
Publisher: Sara York
Buy E-book at:
Cal Larson wasn't expecting to find a hot sexy man stuck in a tree. When he meets Alex, sparks fly and these two find that love is waiting to claim them. Except Alex has a that may bring danger to Cal's doorstep. Can Cal find it in his heart to accept Alex and let this summer fling turn into something much more?
Teaser Excerpt:
As he entered the forest, he pondered what to do and how, if he could, to change the direction he was going. Cal knew if he didn’t get off this crazy train he was going to either get some disease, get mugged or worse yet, murdered in some alleyway. He was so lost in thought as he wandered, he didn’t feel the sunshine beating down on him, the way the birds flew above and around him or the way the wind made the leaves rustle. So he was quite surprised to hear someone call to him.
“Hey, you…yes, you.”
Cal peered through the trees but didn’t see anyone. Shaking his head, he grumbled,“Must be dreaming. Got to be the wind or something.” He had only gone a few more feet when that damned voice hit him again.
Cal stopped, looked around, and rubbed his head as he muttered, “I must be going fucking crazy.”
“Actually, you are not losing your mind, buddy.”
Cal turned around so fast, he almost fell on his ass. “What the fuck?”
“I would but hey, I’m kind of in a pickle here.” The voice held a thread of amusement.
Cal wondered if someone wasn’t playing a joke on him. A joke he didn’t really appreciate at all. He didn’t spy anyone around until he looked up. There in the tree was a man clinging to the branch like it was his life vest. He was about forty feet up in the air and Cal could barely make out the other guy’s features except he was very naked. Cal’s jaw dropped in disbelief and he shook his head. What idiot in their right mind would climb a tree—naked at that?
“What in all that is holy are you doing in a tree…naked?” Cal snapped.
“Well, I am not hanging around becoming a bird perch if you want to know. My name is Alex. What is yours?”

“Cal. Can I ask why you’re in a tree on my property?”
The guy glanced around, looking embarrassed. “Um, well, the CliffsNotes version is, I, um, got chased and now I cannot get myself down.” He cleared his throat and continued, “I am afraid of heights so for the last day I have been stuck up here, hoping a storm or a strong wind wouldn’t knock me off. Can you help me, please?”
Cal started to chuckle. This was too funny to be true. Laughing softly, he looked up at Alex and drawled, “If I climb up there, can you follow me down?”
Alex nodded his head. “Sure. Well, I think I can. I never tried to climb down a tree naked before.”
Cal walked over to the tree and yelled up to Alex, “Just be ready to follow me down. I am coming up so hang tight.” Climbing up, Cal was surprised to see how handsome Alex was as he got a closer look at the man. His eyes were like emeralds, a green so deep; Cal felt he could drown in them. His body was sculpted, lean and full of muscle. Hell, he could bounce a quarter off Alex’s abs alone. Cal tried to stomp down the bolt of lust that went through him as
he glanced over the naked man. Get a grip Cal, you are here to help him, not jump his bones.
Clearing his throat softly, he planted his foot on the tree limb and looked at Alex.“Okay, I need you to relax. In a matter of minutes you will be on solid ground. Now, let go of the tree branch and get ready to follow me. I will go slowly and if you need to stop or feel like you are going to fall, just holler.”
Alex nodded, his throat moving as he swallowed nervously. He slowly moved himself down the tree, keeping an eye on Alex. The guy’s naked ass above him had him semi-hard in just seconds. Cal sneaked a peek at Alex’s cock and almost moaned at how long and gorgeous it looked. It would probably fit just right in his hand. He blushed, glad that Alex couldn’t see him staring. It felt like he was back in high school, checking out the guys he had crushes on.
With each step they made, Cal talked about his plans for remodeling his house and even sang his favorite country song, off-key of course, to keep the young man relaxed. With a deep breath he jumped down the last few feet and looked up.
“Okay Alex, you are doing great. Just a few more feet and you will be on the ground.”
Before he could even move a step, he heard Alex shout something and fall the last five feet, to land on top of Cal with a grunt, knocking them both to the ground. Cal’s ears were ringing and he had a hard time catching his breath. The young man on top of him was pure muscle and though he enjoyed the feeling of the naked body on top of his, he needed to breathe before he passed out.

Raine’s Bio:

Raine Delight loves to be pampered by her harem of men that exist solely for her pleasure. Wait…..that was in a movie she saw. Hey, she can dream. J Raine loves to fight with her muse, attack her manuscripts and find a way to silence the many voices in her head. Inspiration hits at odd times and for Raine, a blank word document page gives her many possibilities on story ideas.  Living with her two kids, a significant other who supports her every move in writing and doesn’t seem to mind she gets up at 2 am to type away on the computer. With a love for Johnny Depp, movies and 80’s hair bands, Raine finds a way to bring all her chaotic thoughts into a story that tells her readers about love and romance.

My links:

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A Summer Night Fling Book Trailer: 

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New Release-Reluctant Romance

Here is the second in a series of book by the authors of Bigger Briefs
Sometimes true love is reluctant to blossom and needs a little bit of coaxing in order to come out. But a strong will and a heart filled with determination will triumph every time! The authors of the Bigger Briefs present to you these m/m tales of lovers who just need a gentle prod to push them into the relationship they’ve been yearning for.
Eight well known authors in a collaboration as hot as we are ;)

My story is "Laying the Foundation"  by Lily Sawyer
As an architect, Chester Jones loves seeing his drawings come to life. He enjoys his solitary life in the mountains of Colorado, close enough to Denver to see clients but far enough away to bask in Mother Nature’s glory. The last thing he wants or needs is love—been there, done that. Why would he choose to put himself through that kind of pain again?

Jesse Waters is a top-notch surgeon in Denver. He wants to build a getaway in the country, and for that he needs an architect.

Enter Chester Jones.

Jesse’s willing, but Chester’s reluctant—between them, can they build something more than a dream house?

Available at All Romance  Buy Link

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Here is  my Weds Brief.

The prompts were:

"Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle...." (I bet we can come up with some creative uses of the word diddle, eh? *winks*)

or the alternate prompts are:

sheep, backsliding, forest or

"ten o'clock scholar" or

"Dammit.... I"m a ....., not a ....."


Use any fairy tale reference in your story or title

Nuptial Woes-by Lily Sawyer
Ben looked over his to-do list for their upcoming wedding. It was only a few weeks until he and Tom officially became a married couple.
It was unfortunate that Pennsylvania hadn’t legalized gay marriage yet, but Ben loved Vermont; he and Tom had vacationed there during the fall.  They enjoyed watching the leaves change into a myriad of beautiful colors.
It had taken some planning, but Ben managed to arrange their ceremony to take place in the inn’s garden by the lake.   He and Tom loved gardening;. Tom always complained about the Fire Department keeping him too busy to plant flowers and vegetables.  He grew up on a farm and he loved home-grown veggies.   Ben took up the challenge and turned parts of their backyard into their own oasis—a mix of flowers and vegetables Ben also set up bird feeders too.
Putting this wedding together proved to be challenging. They wanted to keep it small, so Ben invited his brother who lived in Oregon and Tom invited his parents and his sister.  He wished he could invite his uncle; he’d been close to his father’s brother.  They used to go fishing when Tom was a kid, but when Uncle George found out he was gay things turned ugly.   Ben knew how much it hurt Tom; he never knew his uncle was homophobic.
“No, no, we already told you we want snapdragons in the centerpiece bouquets.    Yes, we did tell you snapdragons, not daisies. I don’t even like daisies.”  Tom had  volunteered to talk to the florists; now Ben wondered if that had been such a good idea.  Tom didn’t lose his temper often, but right now he looked like he was doing an impersonation of Mount St. Helens about to blow its top.
“Dammit… I’m a firefighter, not a wedding planner.”   Tom shut his cell phone off and threw it onto the desk. 
“Easy, baby. What did the florist say?”
“The idiot said we ordered daisies. You did order snapdragons, right?”
“Of course I did.” Ben pulled the florist order from the folder he kept all the wedding receipts in.  “It says hydrangea, lilies, tea roses, and snapdragons.”   He showed Tom the paper. 
“Maybe we should elope.”
“Elope?” Ben’s heart rose into his throat.
“Or maybe we should just call the whole thing off.”
Now Ben’s heart felt like it had been ripped from his chest and thrown onto the floor.
“You don’t want to marry me?” Ben couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks.
“Oh, no, baby, I do want to marry you.” Tom’s arms wrapped around him and pulled him close. “It’s just this whole planning thing is driving me crazy.”
“Every couple goes through this, Tom, it’s normal. We just have to keep our heads.”  Ben felt Tom wipe the tears away and kiss him.
“I’m sorry, baby. I can’t wait to be able to call you my husband.” 
“You sure?”  Ben asked him.
 The bulge in Tom’s pant rubbed against Ben’s ass cheeks.
“Absolutely. You’re mine forever and ever.”
They kissed again then decided to practice their honeymoon night in their bedroom.
My fellow Briefers:

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Six Sentence Sunday

I wanted to do something different.   Here are six sentences from my freebie "Chocolate Shots"

"You're hired."

"What?" Glenn's mouth dropped open.

"My client has a really specific idea about what he wants for his model, and you're it."

"When do I start?"

"How about right now?" Harry showed Glenn to a room for him to change. 

Click here to read more

Chocolate Shots 

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Welcome Guest blogger Daryl Devore

I'd like to welcome guest author Daryl Devore.    Let's find out a little more about her. and and her book "Sexy Red Hood"
1-How long have you been writing?

I would say since elementary school. I don't remember when I started writing. Creative writing class in gr 10, an assignment was 5,000 word minimum story. I wrote a book. It was 80,000 words. The class was September to June and the teacher let me keep writing it instead of doing other assignments.

2-What is your favorite genre to write?

Erotic – but so far I've tried erotic contemporary and erotic medieval. I am currently working on erotic fantasy and an erotic medieval fantasy. I think I'm leaning toward the medieval genre.

3-What are you working on now?

2 WIPs. Capri's Fate – an erotic fantasy and Dragon Fire an erotic medieval fantasy.

4-When you start a new story do you begin with a character or plot?

I think my books are more designed along the lines of the character drives the plot. Of my two WIP -

Capri's Fate - 40% plot 60% character. - I wanted to try writing a fantasy. I had the gist of the story laid out and then I let the characters fleshed out the rest. I had to dig into Capri's personality to figure out how to twist and turn her life around. Did some research on astrology and corporations. Plus studied up on the mythological Fates.

Dragon Fire – I think that was a 50/50 split. The whole story presented itself to me as I was driving down to my daughter's. Most inconvenient timing but I chicken scratched out notes and got the main points down and when I arrived I stayed up until 2 typing out the notes and the memories they jogged onto my laptop.

5- Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it?

My latest book – Black Dorn is an erotic medieval romance. It was the second story in a proposed three-part mini anthology that got drastically switched around. The first part became my first release A Kept Woman. Black Dorn is the 2nd part and Capri's Fate is the 3rd part.
What inspired Black Dorn - I wanted to experiment in writing styles. I'm still a new author. I'm still learning and experimenting, so I set myself the challenge of writing a story set in medieval times

When the elevator doors slid open, Red stepped into the hallway. Before her, stood the impressive glass and brass doors of Hood's Chocolatier--the corporate offices of one of the country's largest independent chocolate makers. She stepped through the doorway, and marched toward her cubicle.

Three steps from her destination, the word, "Esmeralda!" broke the silence.

Caught! She sighed, formed a smile, turned. "Yes, Mother?"

"Where have you been? I've called and called."

"I noticed. Six voice mails and fourteen text messages. Nothing said urgent. You seem fine. I'm fine. So what's the big deal?" She frowned. What could be the problem? "Oh no, is it Grandma?"

Her mother threw her hands up. "Yes!"

"What? What's wrong with her? Is she sick? She didn't fall and break anything, did she?"

"She's driving me out of my mind."

Red bit back the sentence – Oh happy day – and instead managed to say, "What's she done now?"

"Not here. Come into my office."

"Can I go put my coat and things—"

Hearing her mother's sigh of frustration, Red surrendered then remembered that following her mother to her office would mean passing by the office of Stanley Parkinson, VP of Sales. She stood a little taller, pulled in her stomach and confidently strode near his office then deflated at the sight of his closed door.

Entering at the door marked R. Hood, Red had barely stepped into the office, when her mother pushed her aside, closed the door and stood before her. "Your grandmother has booked a stateroom on a cruise ship and is taking a man with her."

Sensing So, was the wrong answer, Red let her mother vent whatever bothered her. This day could still be saved. If her mother stayed focused on the crisis-of-the-moment she might forget the weekly discussion of her love life.

"A man. Did you hear me?"

"Yes, Mother." Red unbuttoned her coat, dropped her gloves, scarf and onto the seat next to her then settled in the brown leather chair in front of the desk. Her mother walked around and sat behind her large, hand carved, oak desk. It provided an imposing barrier between mother and daughter.

"I haven't told you this before, but your grandmother's going through your grandfather's money faster than you can go through a tub of maple walnut ice cream after a breakup."


Folding her immaculately manicured hands and placing them on her desk, Red's mother looked up. "Your flight's at two."

"Excuse me?"

"I've booked a flight to Miami and a stateroom on The Emerald Forest."
Red shook her head. "I can't afford a stateroom on a junior accountant's salary."

"The company is paying. I had my secretary send everything to your Blackberry. Now, you have no time to talk. Go home, pack, find your passport and save your grandmother."
Adult Excerpt

The glass sliding doors to the ballroom were slid apart and the sounds of the orchestra floated out. “Care to dance with the big bad wolf? Emphasis on big and bad.”

“I’d love to.” She stepped into his arms.

Resting her head on his shoulder, Red let herself be guided around the deck, dipped and spun. Not once did this dance partner step on her feet or bounce her off a piece of furniture. When love ballads played, their bodies pressed close together. Red could feel his hard muscles pressing up against her soft curves. When the music picked up tempo, Red shook her breasts and playfully flaunted herself. She watched his eyes as they followed every movement of her body.

Laughing, they fell together. Will’s lips were on hers. His hands roamed up her ass and kneaded her flesh through her skirt and panties. He turned so she was between him and the ship’s railing. Slipping his hand under her skirt, up the back of her thigh, over the edge of her panties waistband, he slid his fingers down the curve of her ass.

With a soft moan, Red shifted her feet to allow his hand to investigate more intimate and sexually pleasing places. She reached inside her top and pulled her bra up over her breasts and rubbed her chest against his. Her nipples hardened with the heat of the friction.
“I want you,” he breathed into her ear.

“Take me”, was her breathless response.

He straightened and looked into her eyes. “Are you sure?”

“I’ve wanted to since the moment I fell into your arms. I’ve fantasized about you making love to me. Please, take me. I want you inside me.”

Without speaking or touching they walked to the elevator, rode to the fifteenth floor and turned in the direction of his room. He pulled the key card from his wallet, slid it through the door and waited for the little green light. He kicked the door open, scooped Red into his arms and carried her inside.

The room was lit with dozen of flickering candles. Next to the small table was a dining cart. On it was a bowl of whipping cream, a pot of chocolate being kept warm by a smaller burner and a dish of red strawberries. He kicked off his shoes and carried her to the bedroom. She flipped off her sandals a moment before her feet touched the carpet.

Red glanced at the candles and dessert cart and smiled at Will. He shrugged his shoulders. “Made a wish on a star.”

She bit her bottom lip. “Wishes do come true.” (0,00 KB)
sexy_red_hood_daryl_devore.epub (0,00 KB)
Sexy_Red_Hood.prc (0,00 KB)
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LGBT Blogathon

There are some things in life that surprise you.   One of them is that I would be a published writer.   Sure I wrote stories in school but I never thought I'd actually be writing stories.   I am a Trekkie, started watching Star Trek since I was a kid.  I started reading the fan fiction and got hooked.   But I'd never been drawn to romance novels.  My mom used to read Harlequin Romance but it never drew me in. 

It wasn't until I watched "Brokeback Mountain," that I not only became interested in romance stories but Gay romance stories.    I joined that fandom and it wasn't long until I was writing Brokeback Mountain stories in order to fix what I couldn't stand, namely the tragic ending of that movie.   I discovered that some of my fellow writers were creating original stories and having them published by E publishers.     It wasn't long before I, too, was writing my own stories. 

Most of my stories are contemporary, but the story above "Catch of the Day"  was one that cried out to be told.   I love the water, I was brought up on Long Island and the idea of a merman got stuck in my head until I wrote a story about him.


Kellan Murphy is a successful car dealer in Chicago, but he isn't happy with his life. He finds his job boring and wants a change. After the sudden death of his lover he decides to move someplace warm. He sees an ad for the Florida Keys in a magazine and packs everything and moves to the Keys.

Kellan starts his new life as a fisherman and tour guide. He has his own home and boat, but the one thing missing is someone to share his life with. On a rare day off he decides to go fishing and what he finds at the end of his fishing line changes his life forever.

Here is an excerpt: 

The morning sun and the clear blue sky made it easy to forget the storm from the day before.
Kellan was sitting in his office; his phone was cradled between his cheek and shoulder.  He’d been spending most of the morning returning phone calls.
He’d been so busy he didn’t realize he’d forgotten to eat until a plate of scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee was placed in front of him, courtesy of Jaran.
Kellan covered the mouthpiece and whispered a ‘thank you’ to the merman.
“Looks like your business is doing pretty good,” Jaran sat on the couch against the wall and watched Kellan eat up.
“Mmm, you’re a damn good cook, for a merman that is.” Kellan took a sip of coffee and was surprised when Jaran moved to sit on the edge of the desk, his blue eyes affectionately watching him.
“I’ll have you know I was a pretty good chef before the merman thing happened.”
“Really, well how come you never opened a restaurant?”
“Oh it was on my ‘to do’ list.”
“Oh was it?” Kellan said as he took the last bite of egg and finished his coffee.
“What else is on that to do list?”
“Just this,” Jaran swiftly swiveled Kellan’s chair around to face him, sat in his lap, grabbed his head between his hands and kissed him.
“Mm, Jaran,” his hands cupped the merman’s face, their foreheads touching.
Jaran moved off Kellan’s lap and knelt on the floor in front of him. “Kellan…” he watched the other man nervously looking out the window.
“Did I do something wrong?”
“It’s not you, it’s me.”  Kellan chuckled.  “Damn, talk about being clichĂ©”
Jaran watched the morning sun play against Kellan’s face, causing a strange mixture of light and shadow on the handsome features.
He sat quietly waiting for Kellan to explain himself.
“I’m scared,” the words were spoken so softly Jaran had to strain to hear them.
“Of what?” Jaran stroked Kellan’s thigh to encourage the other man to open up to him.
“Of this, of whatever it is we have going on between us.  I think I’m starting to fall for you, Jaran, and it scares me.”
Jaran took Kellan’s hand and held it, his thumb rubbing the warm skin.  “You are?” his blue eyes gazed into uncertain brown ones.
“I know we haven’t known each other that long, but I felt something for you when I saw you thrashing about in my tub.”
“Are you into guys with tails?”  He teased him but when he noticed Kellan’s face fall he squeezed his hand.   “Did something happen to turn you off to finding love?”

I'd like to say a big thank you to all my readers and friends who have supported me over the years.   Being a published author has been an amazing experience and I'm glad you have been along for the ride, which is far from finished

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome Guest Blogger Cara Marsi

I'd like to welcome author Cara Marsi, let's learn more about her and her book "Storm of Desire"

1-How long have you been writing?
I don't normally like to share this, but I've been writing since 1992. It took ten years for me to sell my first book, a sweet romance to Avalon Books. I never gave up and learned all I could about writing. I went to workshops and conferences and read the kinds of books I wanted to write. I read something early on that said writers who give up never publish. That became my mantra.

2-What is your favorite genre to write?
Romantic suspense because it's fun to write mystery, but I love all sub-genres of romance. I've always been a sucker for a good love story. Out of seven books currently out, two are romantic suspense, one is paranormal, and the others are contemporary romance.

3-What are you working on now?
I'm working on a romantic suspense sequel to "Logan's Redemption." Originally published by The Wild Rose Press, I published "Logan's Redemption" myself when I got back the rights. It's been a Kindle bestseller, and has now been in the top 100 in Suspense on Apple for over eight months. I'm really enjoying revisiting some of my characters from "Logan's Redemption." The new book is titled "Franco's Fortune" and is the story of my heroine's playboy brother from the original book.

4-When you start a new story do you begin with a character or plot?
Plot. I'll get a story in my head. Maybe the idea comes from something that happened to me, or maybe something I heard on the news. Then I figure out what characters would be the best fit.

5- Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What inspired it?
My latest release, "Storm of Desire," is my steamiest story yet. The idea came when I read that an epub was looking for stories about couples trapped together by a storm. I never submitted to the epub, but that idea got me thinking. I've read stories, and loved them, about couples snowbound. I didn't want to write about being snowbound though because it's been done so much. So I stranded my couple in a small house on a peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean, Fenwick Island, Delaware, during a January nor'easter. I love reunion and redemption stories. I gave my hero and heroine a past that included a passionate night together five years before. I gave my heroine something in her past that she had to resolve before she could allow herself to love the hero.


Corporate attorney Samantha Greco needs some peace and quiet to come to a decision about her career. Instead, while an icy nor’easter rages outside, she finds herself trapped in a cottage on Fenwick Island with Aiden Rourke, a man she used five years ago when she ran from the heartbreak of her fiancĂ©’s betrayal.

Aiden Rourke has loved Sam for years. For one glorious night she was his. But then she fled, wounding his ego and his heart. Thrown together again, they soon discover time hasn’t diminished their fiery passion for each other. Only Aiden has ever been able to melt Sam with just a look or a touch. But the fear that she’s like her mother, who used men mercilessly, scares Sam to death.
The storm outside is nothing compared to the storm of desire, fear, and guilt raging inside Sam. But during their wild weekend together, Sam and Aiden draw closer and realize their all-consuming passion for each other masks deeper needs and desires.
When the storm ends, will they go their separate ways? Or will they find the courage to face the future together as one?


        Samantha Greco yanked her wet suitcase through the bedroom doorway, dropped it on the floor, turned on the lamp and slammed the door. The sound reverberated through the empty house. She hadn’t meant to take her frustrations out on the door, but her white-knuckled drive up the coast from Richmond , Virginia , to Fenwick Island , Delaware , had plucked her last nerve. Lightning flashed, illuminating the shadowed corners of the room. The fierceness of the January storm had turned the early afternoon to dusk. A sudden crack of thunder made her jump. Damn nor’easter!
Shivering, she set her handbag on the night table, then shrugged off her jacket and threw it on the bed. The soaking rain had dampened her jeans. She sat on the bed and tugged off her boots, then her jeans and the sweater she'd worn since early morning. She unzipped her suitcase and rummaged for fresh jeans and a sweater. Straightening, the clean clothes in one hand, she loosened her hair from its clasp to let the damp tendrils swing about her shoulders and down her back.
She started when she caught a glimpse of another person in her peripheral vision. With a nervous laugh, she realized she’d seen her reflection in the full-length mirror. She studied herself and shrugged. Clad only in a red thong and matching lace bra, her black hair falling loose and undone, she looked worlds removed from the conservative corporate lawyer she presented to her colleagues.
The lamp flickered, then went out, plunging the room into semi-darkness. Samantha dropped the clothes onto the bed and let her eyes adjust. The wind picked up, howling an angry song. Scrub trees scraped the side of the house, a macabre accompaniment to the wind. Anxiety snaked through her. “I should have stayed in Richmond this weekend.”
Above the wail of the wind, she heard a door open and close. Samantha froze. She must have imagined the sound. Or maybe the cats were into something, or perhaps it was only a loose shutter.
Footsteps echoed in the hallway.
Definitely not the cats. Not a shutter either.
Her heart raced. Oh, God.
She groped for the sweater she’d thrown down. Sweater in hand, she looked frantically around for something to use as a weapon.
Her bedroom door flew open and hit the wall with a loud bang. She screamed. A tall man, brandishing a baseball bat, stood silhouetted in the doorway.
She threw the only thing she had in her hand at him--her sweater. He smacked it to the ground with the bat. The light suddenly came back on. She blinked as recognition dawned.
“Who the hell…?” he shouted above the thunder and the wind. His dark blue eyes widened and he sucked in a breath. Frowning, he lowered the bat. “Sam? I saw the car and wondered. But you? Why are you here?”
She couldn’t breathe as his hot gaze raked her. She’d never forgotten those eyes or that thick brown hair, or the dimple in his cheek when he smiled. She'd never forgotten that night five years ago either, that incredible night. Almost naked, feeling vulnerable, she folded her arms across her chest as if she could protect herself from the memories.
“Aiden.” Her voice shook. Warmth curled in her stomach and wound lower, leaving her breathless from fright and remembered heat.
He set the bat against the wall and glared at her, making her wonder if she’d imagined the desire in his eyes a second ago. “Sam, what the hell are you doing here?”
No one but Aiden called her Sam.
The unexpected harshness of his voice brought her to the present. She scowled back at him. “What are you doing here? In my mother’s house?”
He pushed fingers through his hair, sending droplets of water flying, and studied her with eyes that sparked blue fire. This time there was no mistaking his desire. His gaze made another leisurely sweep of her body. “My God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered. “And still sexy as hell.”
Despite the embarrassment of her near-nakedness, her nipples pebbled under his scrutiny. He was smokin’ hot, and impressions flashed through her mind, as quick as the lightning outside--the feel of his lips on hers, the rough skin of his palms against her breasts.
She should tell him to leave; she should get dressed. But caught in the sensual heat of her memories, she couldn’t move.
He broke the contact and looked away. When he turned back to her, his eyes were cool. “Get some clothes on, Sam. I’m a man, not a saint.”
“Maybe if you hadn’t charged in here scaring me half to death, I would have had time to dress.”
She glanced down and saw her short terry robe hanging out of her suitcase. She grabbed it and pulled it on, tying the belt around her waist. Feeling armored, she propped a hand on her hip. “You didn’t answer my question. What are you doing here?”
“I promised your mom I’d take care of things while she’s away. I drove over from Rehoboth to check the house and get the cats. I would have been here sooner but the storm's made driving a mess.” He gave her a pointed look. “As you know.”
She ignored his jab. “You’re the friend who’s watching the cats?” At his nod, she said, “Well I’m here now. I’ll take care of them. You can leave.”
A muscle twitched in his jaw and he moved into the room. “Yeah. Right. You’re here now. Get dressed, Sam. We need to leave. All of us.”
At the seriousness in his eyes and voice, apprehension dashed up her spine. She pulled on the ties of her robe again, fighting her unease. “What are you talking about?”
“The storm. We don’t have time to argue. Let’s find the cats and get the hell out of here.”
“Are you nuts?”
“You’re the one who’s nuts if you stay here.” He jutted his chin toward the windows. “Do you hear that? The storm of the decade and it’s only going to get worse. The Coastal Highway is taking on water. They’re evacuating everyone inland. Didn’t you notice cars going out but none coming in?”
“It’s January. There’s never much traffic here in January. Besides, I’ve been through plenty of nor’easters.”
“Then you know what happens when the highway floods.”
A clap of thunder shook the house, as if to punctuate his statement.
Aiden reached out and turned her toward her suitcase. “We don’t have much time. Have you seen the cats? I don’t want to leave them alone. We don’t know when the authorities will allow us back in.”
She stepped away from him, then rubbed her arm as if she could erase the heat of his touch. “The cats ran past me into Mom's room a little while ago.”
“I’ll get the carriers. Get dressed, then we’ll get the cats.”
“Don’t order me around.”
He moved closer, invading her senses with his heat. His hair had begun to dry and curled softly over the collar of his black leather jacket. The dim light from the lamp touched his sharp cheekbones and full lips.
“Listen, princess, if we don’t get out now, we might be stuck here for days.”
Remembering the pleasure he’d given her with that mouth, she licked her suddenly dry lips. “Stuck here? With you?”
His eyes darkened and his gaze lingered on her mouth. “The two of us. Here. All alone.”