Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flash 33: The Truth Will Out

Flash 33: prompt:
This week we have a Guest Prompt Divas - Ms. Reese Dante. Her prompt is:  ...will you stop doing that!  I can't concentrate when you're ....

And the alternative prompt, from our very own Ryssa Edwards is:

Use these three elements in your story: a full moon, an iron gate, suitcase

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 The Truth Will Out-by Lily Sawyer

Ben definitely thought this was not a good idea; he should stick to the original plan.   Go on back to the office and give Natalie the information she needed.     Yes that is exactly what he was going to do.  How could he even think for one minute that Tom would be cheating on him?   It’s like believing the sun wasn’t going to shine tomorrow. 

He turned around marched to the front door and froze when he heard voices coming from outside, one of them Tom’s.    He didn’t want to have to explain as to why he was home and why his car wasn’t parked outside.   ‘Damn he knew he shouldn’t have let jealousy rule his brain.’

He had to hide, but where?   He quickly looked around the room and ran into the kitchen. 

“Come on in Larry,” Ben could hear Tom’s distinct footsteps enter the hallway and another set of footsteps pounded on the hardwood floors.

Ben heard the steps coming closer to the kitchen; he quickly hid in the walk in pantry and put his ear up to the door. 

“Are you sure your partner isn’t home, I don’t want to be caught.” 

“No he’s at work, I saw him leave this morning, and he won’t be back for hours.”

‘How long have you been planning this Tom,’ Ben thought to himself.   His heart felt like it was being torn from his chest.  He couldn’t believe his lover and best friend was cheating on him.

“Did you bring all your stuff with you?”   Ben could hear Tom’s voice.   What did he mean by stuff? Like sex toys?  Ben’s wild imagination was taking over.   He wondered how long it would be before Tom moved things to the bedroom.  Maybe Larry was into the kinky stuff that he wasn’t into.  Maybe Tom wasn’t satisfied with him anymore and was looking for something on the side to excite him.

“Oh yeah I have everything.”  

“Let’s go upstairs and I’ll show you around.”

Show him around! Is this what I meant to you?  

Ben’s heart was breaking into a million pieces as he heard the other two men trudge up the stairs.   He slowly opened the pantry door and wandered into the kitchen.   He looked at their home like he was looking at it the first time. 

He walked towards the front door like a zombie, he felt so numb.  As he reached to turn the knob he heard laughter coming from the bedroom, the bedroom he shared with Tom for the past four years.   ‘Four years!’  Shouldn’t that count for something?    He looked up the stairs and with some resolve he climbed up the steps. 

He felt like he was acting out a scene from “Dead Man Walking” He reached the top of the stairs and looked at the doorway at the end where the master bedroom was located.    He took a deep breath and marched in like a man on a mission.

“How could you?”  He glared at the two men who were sitting on the bed.

“Ben!”  Tom quickly stood up. “What are you doing home?”

“Never mind that, what is HE,” he pointed to the stranger that had been sitting on their bed.  “Doing here?”

“Now, Ben, don’t jump to any conclusions.” 

“You mean like maybe you found a replacement for me?”


“Maybe I better go.”  Larry stood watching the couple arguing.

“No, wait, Larry.  I think Ben needs to know how he spoiled the surprise.”

“Surprise?”  Ben’s mouth had dropped open.  When the red haze of angry finally dissipated and the green-eyed monster, aka jealousy, disappeared he finally noticed sample books lying across the queen-sized bed.

“Yeah, Ben, for your information I was planning on redoing our bedroom and getting a Jacuzzi soaker tub you’ve been wanting ever since we moved in here.  Larry is a friend of my sister’s, he did the work on her place.”

“I didn’t know.”

“Yeah you didn’t know; that was the point.  I know you’re birthday is coming up and I thought I’d surprise you.”

“How about I come back another time and we can go over the samples together?”  Larry suggested as he gathered up his things.

“Yeah, I think that would be a good idea.  Thanks for coming over.”   Tom showed Larry out and Ben could hear some words exchanged at the bottom of the stairs but he was so embarrassed and upset with himself he didn’t pay attention to what was said.    He plopped down on the bed and put his face in his hands.  He could hear the sound of footsteps coming back up the stairs and he wished a hole would open up and swallow him.

“You mind telling me what that was all about?”  Tom sat down on the bed next to him.   “Where is your car? What are you doing home?”

“I forgot the key to my office so I came back here.”

“And where is your car?” 

“It’s parked around the corner.”


“Well I listened to the message Larry left on the machine, he said he wanted to make sure I was at work and.” Ben shrugged and looked down at the floor, unable to meet Tom’s eyes.   He felt Tom’s hand on his face and he was forced to look at the man he loved.

“And you thought I was cheating on you?” 

Ben would never forget the hurt look in Tom’s eyes for as long as he lived.   “I’m sorry, Tom.   I don’t know what came over me.  I jumped to the wrong conclusions.   I should never have doubted you for even a minute.”

Tom got up off the bed and looked out their bedroom window, looking at their backyard.  There were deer feeding on the grass.    Ben came up behind him and wrapped his arms around him and started to kiss the back of his neck and rubbed his nipples though the sweatshirt Tom wore.

“Will you stop doing that!  I can't concentrate when you're kissing me like that.”  Tom didn’t pull away so Ben was hoping that was an invitation to continue.

“I just wanted to apologize and ask your forgiveness.”  He turned Tom around so they could look each other in the eye.  “I promise to never doubt you again…ever.”     Ben looked earnestly into Tom’s eyes, trying to convince him of his sincerity. 

“I could never stay mad at you and you know that!” 

They fell into each other’s arms and started to kiss.   Ben’s cell phone went off.  

Oh shit I forgot about Natalie,” Ben picked up the phone and told Natalie he had something to take care of and was heading over to the office now.

“Raincheck?”  Ben asked him.

“Yeah, you have some serious making up to do mister!”

“Oh believe me I fully intend to show you just how sorry I am.”   A last kiss and Ben was out the door, a skip in his step and a lesson learned about how some loves are meant to be and he and Tom certainly were meant for each other.


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