Saturday, September 17, 2011

For all the chocoholics out there

I thought I'd post this story I'd written a while back.   If you love chocolate you should love this story

Chocolate Shots
By Lily Sawyer

Glenn Tucker closed down his laptop in frustration. He'd been struggling to find a new job, and he was starting to think it was time for a change when he saw an advertisement for male models. On a whim, he called the number at the bottom listed next to a name.


"Is this Harry Davis?"


"I'm Glenn Tucker. I saw your ad for a male model, and well, I uh--"

"You want to apply? Why don't you come on over? Let me take a look at you, and we can take it from there."


"How about this afternoon at two? You can meet me at my office." Harry gave Glenn his address.

Glenn arrived later at a nondescript warehouse building. "Hello?" he called out, his voice echoing in the large cavernous space.

"Glenn?" Harry's voice echoed back. "I'm back here." He followed the voice to a room in the rear of the warehouse. Harry came close and put his hand on Glenn's chin, looking over his face. Glenn could feel his body responding to the touch.

"You're hired."

"What?" Glenn's mouth dropped open.

"My client has a really specific idea about what he wants for his model, and you're it."

"When do I start?"

"How about right now?" Harry showed Glenn to a room for him to change.

When Glenn came out he saw a mattress on the floor. "Uh, Harry? Are you sure this is what I'm supposed to wear?" Glenn indicated the tight-fitting briefs. "Is this an underwear ad?"

"No, better." Harry brought out some jars.

"What is this?" Glenn picked up a jar that read Erotic City Chocolate Body Paint.

"Body paint?"

"Yes. Don't tell me you've never heard of Erotic City. They deal in adult games and accessories."

"Sex toys?" Glenn asked him.

"Yeah, they deal in that too, but they're not into whips and chains stuff. They're more soft porn, like edible panties and fuzzy handcuffs."

"And chocolate body paint." Glenn interjected.

Harry told Glenn to stand in front of the full-length mirror and picked up the jar of chocolate paint and a brush. He dipped into the paint and brushed it across Glenn's chest.

"Ooo." Glenn shivered. "That's cold, Harry."

"Sorry, hold on." Harry put the jar into the microwave in the kitchen just long enough to warm it up.

"Is this better?" He painted around Glenn's nipples.

"Yeah, that's good." Glenn felt his cock twitch to life.

Harry saw the growing bulge in Glenn's tight underwear but fought to ignore it for the time being, determined to do the job. "Okay, now, Glenn, I need you to get on the mattress and on your knees."

Glenn followed Harry's directions while Harry busied himself with setting up the lighting he needed. Then Harry went over to the camera to check the frame, gave Glenn directions on how to pose, and started taking the shots. He gave Glenn the jar and the brush. "I need you to paint yourself with the chocolate."

"Wouldn't this work better with a partner doing it?" Glenn looked up from beneath his thick eyelashes and gave Harry a seductive look.

Harry swallowed a few times; he felt his cock swelling in his jeans. But he was determined to finish this shoot. "Later. Right now I want you to make love to the camera. Play with the chocolate."

He watched as Glenn took his finger, dipped it in the chocolate, and ran his finger all over his chest, down to his stomach, and up again. He drew circles around his nipples, brought his finger to his lips, stuck his tongue out, and licked the tip of his finger. Then he began to suck on his finger like it was a cock. All the while Harry was furiously clicking away on his camera.

Glenn arched his back and rubbed chocolate all over his belly. He gave the camera a hot, smoldering look. He could hear Harry panting and could see the bulge in the front of Harry's jeans. Harry finally put the camera down on the table. "Done," he said as he wiped the sweat from his brow.

"You sure?" Glenn gave him an evil look and took his briefs off. Harry watched helplessly as Glenn took some chocolate and smeared some on his ass and rock-hard cock.

Harry's mouth dropped open, and then he picked up the camera and clicked more shots of a naked, chocolate Glenn. He put the camera down and pulled his shirt off, his jeans soon joining the clothes on the floor. As his underwear fell onto the pile, he went over to Glenn and joined him on the mattress. Harry licked his way down Glenn's body and sucked on the tip of Glenn's cock.

"Harry." Glenn squirmed.

"I love chocolate." Harry licked the tip of the shaft and was rewarded with white pearl drops. "And I also like the cream filling." He gently squeezed Glenn's balls, and Glenn couldn't hold on any longer; he filled Harry's mouth.

"Mm." Harry crawled up Glenn's body and kissed him, running his fingers through his hair.

"You like it?" Glenn asked.

"Yeah, that was real good."

"I'm not done." Glenn grabbed the chocolate body paint and the brush and painted Harry's nose and lips and throat before starting to lick it all off. He painted a circle around Harry's belly button and used his skillful tongue to clean him. Then Glenn covered Harry's cock with chocolate, straddled his hips, moved over the large cock, and slid it into his tight opening.

"Glenn," Harry whispered as he watched Glenn bounce up and down. He felt himself getting close. "Glenn, I'm gonna, I'm gonna... uh!"

Glenn felt the warm cream fill him, and he collapsed on top of Harry. They kissed each other.

"You want to get cleaned up?" Glenn asked as they cuddled in each other's arms.

"Not right now. I'm still enjoying my favorite addiction."


"No, my new addiction," Harry admitted.

"What's that?"

"Chocolate-covered Glenn."

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  1. That was a wonderfully naughty read. I really, really enjoyed it. Anything with chocolate has to be fantastic!! Well done, sweetie!!

    Daisy Dunn