Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here is  my Weds Brief.

The prompts were:

"Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle...." (I bet we can come up with some creative uses of the word diddle, eh? *winks*)

or the alternate prompts are:

sheep, backsliding, forest or

"ten o'clock scholar" or

"Dammit.... I"m a ....., not a ....."


Use any fairy tale reference in your story or title

Nuptial Woes-by Lily Sawyer
Ben looked over his to-do list for their upcoming wedding. It was only a few weeks until he and Tom officially became a married couple.
It was unfortunate that Pennsylvania hadn’t legalized gay marriage yet, but Ben loved Vermont; he and Tom had vacationed there during the fall.  They enjoyed watching the leaves change into a myriad of beautiful colors.
It had taken some planning, but Ben managed to arrange their ceremony to take place in the inn’s garden by the lake.   He and Tom loved gardening;. Tom always complained about the Fire Department keeping him too busy to plant flowers and vegetables.  He grew up on a farm and he loved home-grown veggies.   Ben took up the challenge and turned parts of their backyard into their own oasis—a mix of flowers and vegetables Ben also set up bird feeders too.
Putting this wedding together proved to be challenging. They wanted to keep it small, so Ben invited his brother who lived in Oregon and Tom invited his parents and his sister.  He wished he could invite his uncle; he’d been close to his father’s brother.  They used to go fishing when Tom was a kid, but when Uncle George found out he was gay things turned ugly.   Ben knew how much it hurt Tom; he never knew his uncle was homophobic.
“No, no, we already told you we want snapdragons in the centerpiece bouquets.    Yes, we did tell you snapdragons, not daisies. I don’t even like daisies.”  Tom had  volunteered to talk to the florists; now Ben wondered if that had been such a good idea.  Tom didn’t lose his temper often, but right now he looked like he was doing an impersonation of Mount St. Helens about to blow its top.
“Dammit… I’m a firefighter, not a wedding planner.”   Tom shut his cell phone off and threw it onto the desk. 
“Easy, baby. What did the florist say?”
“The idiot said we ordered daisies. You did order snapdragons, right?”
“Of course I did.” Ben pulled the florist order from the folder he kept all the wedding receipts in.  “It says hydrangea, lilies, tea roses, and snapdragons.”   He showed Tom the paper. 
“Maybe we should elope.”
“Elope?” Ben’s heart rose into his throat.
“Or maybe we should just call the whole thing off.”
Now Ben’s heart felt like it had been ripped from his chest and thrown onto the floor.
“You don’t want to marry me?” Ben couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks.
“Oh, no, baby, I do want to marry you.” Tom’s arms wrapped around him and pulled him close. “It’s just this whole planning thing is driving me crazy.”
“Every couple goes through this, Tom, it’s normal. We just have to keep our heads.”  Ben felt Tom wipe the tears away and kiss him.
“I’m sorry, baby. I can’t wait to be able to call you my husband.” 
“You sure?”  Ben asked him.
 The bulge in Tom’s pant rubbed against Ben’s ass cheeks.
“Absolutely. You’re mine forever and ever.”
They kissed again then decided to practice their honeymoon night in their bedroom.
My fellow Briefers:


  1. The floral discussion is wonderful, with perfect details. :) You capture the tension of planning a wedding perfectly.

  2. Thank you Tali, I'm glad you liked it :)

  3. LOL, loved the last line!

    And God yes, planning a wedding will make anyone crazy. :)