Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Release-Reluctant Romance

Here is the second in a series of book by the authors of Bigger Briefs
Sometimes true love is reluctant to blossom and needs a little bit of coaxing in order to come out. But a strong will and a heart filled with determination will triumph every time! The authors of the Bigger Briefs present to you these m/m tales of lovers who just need a gentle prod to push them into the relationship they’ve been yearning for.
Eight well known authors in a collaboration as hot as we are ;)

My story is "Laying the Foundation"  by Lily Sawyer
As an architect, Chester Jones loves seeing his drawings come to life. He enjoys his solitary life in the mountains of Colorado, close enough to Denver to see clients but far enough away to bask in Mother Nature’s glory. The last thing he wants or needs is love—been there, done that. Why would he choose to put himself through that kind of pain again?

Jesse Waters is a top-notch surgeon in Denver. He wants to build a getaway in the country, and for that he needs an architect.

Enter Chester Jones.

Jesse’s willing, but Chester’s reluctant—between them, can they build something more than a dream house?

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